• High precision calculation


    The simulation column vertical method is used for high precision calculation.Generally, positive numbers are used for calculation, and sign bits are used for negative numbers. 1. High precision data storage basic thoughtHigh precision integers are stored and represented by arrays. An array element that holds one bit of a high-precision integer.In order to facilitate the […]

  • Physical layer of computer network


    physical layer The main task of the physical layer is to define standards Four characteristics (standard) Physical characteristics, such as specification, interface shape, number of pins, number of pins and arrangement; Electrical characteristics, data such as voltage range, transmission rate and distance limits on the line; Function limitation: function, such as indicating the meaning of […]

  • Summary of solutions to all IntelliJ idea cannot resolve symbol XXX problems


    When using IntelliJ idea to develop, there are often various problems of cannot resolve symbol XXX, cannot resolve symbol string, log and so on. You can click to view the summary of solutions to the problems of IntelliJ idea cannot resolve symbol XXX and solve all the problems of cannot resolve symbol XXX at one […]

  • Refer to page 1 / 2 for the function of symbols under super detailed CMD DOS


    1、 Single symbol~① In for, it means to use enhanced variable extension.② In% var: ~ n, M%, represents a string that uses the extended environment variable to specify the location.③ In set / A, it represents a unary operator and negates the operands bit by bit. !① In set / A, the unary operator represents […]

  • Go: data type


    Go language has a wealth of data types, in addition to the basic integer, floating-point, Boolean, string, as well as array, slice, structure, function, map, channel and so on. The basic types of go language are similar to other languages. 1. Basic data types integer Integers can be divided into the following two categories: int8, […]

  • C language to achieve a simple calculator small project


    Yesterday just installed DEVC + +, thinking about practicing C language in the middle of the night So I saw a calculator project in the experimental building I’ve done it once before, but this time it’s mainly about ideas First of all, let’s think about Jia from the principle. To realize a simple calculator, we […]

  • JavaScript replace method


    JavaScript string method replace is still relatively powerful, make a note summary. The first parameter The first argument to replace is a string or regular expression. The second parameter is the substitution character, or a callback function. javascript’aadbbbd’.replace(‘a’,’1′) //”1adbbbd” ‘aadbbbd’.replace(/a/,’1′) //”1adbbbd” The second parameter 1.The second parameter is the special symbol $1、$2、…、$99: text that matches […]

  • Go series – Types


    Here are the basic types of go support: bool Number type int8, int16, int32, int64, int uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64, uint float32, float64 complex64, complex128 byte rune string bool 1. The bool type represents a Boolean value with a value of true or false. 2. Signed integer Int8: indicates 8-bit signed integer size: 8-bit range: […]

  • Interviewer: what happens when the self added ID of the database is used up?


    Seeing this problem, I remember that when I played world of Warcraft, the 25h difficulty brain disabled roar’s blood volume had exceeded 2.1 billion, so at that time, the boss of the copy was designed to turn stage and return blood mode, because the blood volume of Warcraft was int type, which could not exceed […]

  • Prompt under linux / usr / lib64 / libstdc + +. So. 6: version ` glibcxx_ 3.4.14′


    1. Check which libraries are included in the GCC version. My version has been upgraded to 3.4.13 strings /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6 | grep GLIBC 2. Download higher version from the Internet, such as 6.4.0.Version download:http://mirror.hust.edu.cn/gnu/gcc/ wget http://mirror.hust.edu.cn/gnu/gcc/gcc-6.1.0/gcc-6.1.0.tar.gz tar -zxvf gcc-6.1.0.tar.gz 3. Copy gcc-6.1.0 to / usr / lib64. cp gcc-6.1.0 /usr/lib64/ 4. Delete libstdc + +. So. […]

  • Does the program have to start from the main function?


    Does the program have to start from the main function? This article deals with static link related knowledge. For static links, we first propose two questions Q: Each target file has many segments. When the target file is linked to an executable file, how can the segments in the input target file be merged into […]

  • CSS: the fun of focus within


    I believe some people have seen this picture of station B entering the password to cover their eyesHere we play with: focus within The layout is like thisThere is a CTN outside that can be ignored, just a fixed position in the middleThe image of “Suo” in xpassword is hidden before clickingThe “R6m” after xpassword […]