• How to make root sign in computer? Four methods of inputting root sign in computer


    In fact, there are many ways to type root in the computer. As long as you know it once, I believe you can type it in the future. Here are some common root typing methods: Method 1Press and hold the shift key with your left hand(Alt key)Don’t let it go,Press 41420 with your right hand(don’t […]

  • Python re regularly takes the character between two characters


    import re str = ‘hihihi>abcdefgid=testgogogo<movemove&’ #Symbols need to be escaped with an extra “before” and “before and after” title1 = re.findall(r’\>((?:.|n)*?)\<‘, str)[0] #Only the symbol is behind it title2 = re.findall(r’id=((?:.|n)*?)\&’, str)[0] print(‘title1 — ‘,title1) print(‘title2 — ‘,title2) Output results title1 — abcdefgid=testgogogo title2 — testgogogo<movemove

  • Leetcode-7. Integer inversion


    Leetcode-7. Integer inversion. Given a 32-bit signed integer, you need to reverse the number on each of the integers. Example 1: Input: 123 Output: 321 Example 2: Input: – 123 Output: – 321 Example 3: Input: 120 Output: 21 be careful:Assuming that the environment can only store the lower 32-bit signed integers, the value range […]

  • Golang basic data type


    1、 Details of integer usage The size of int unit depends on the system Var a int = 6 // the symbol of 64 bit operating system a is Int64 Integers are declared int by default Var a = 100 // A is of type int Byte is equivalent to int8, no sign, range 0-255, […]

  • Naming rules of Windows API data types and common Windows Data Types


    Naming rules of Windows API data types Basic data attacks include: Byte byte Char character Word Short short Int integer Pointer type naming is usually preceded by LP or P /*The letter P is an abbreviation for pointer, such as the pointer type to word, They are usually “lpword” and “PWORD”, (LP and P used […]

  • New wine in old bottles of strlen


    Preface – overview of strlen I accidentally scan the code in glibc strlen. C, and I can’t forget it for a long time Programming is not a joke, some difficult, but also some reluctant. And strlen seems to be still in the school age, still so green and attractive~ /* Copyright (C) 1991-2020 Free Software […]

  • Xiaobai’s regular introduction


    summary As a metalanguage tool, regular is built into various programming languages, especially suitable for text processing, data validation and other fields.Its advantage is that the code is short, the expression is huge, the disadvantage is difficult to read, difficult to understand, almost impossible to debug.As a rookie, I hope to find out the way […]

  • Pat (basic) 1027 print Hourglass (Python Implementation)


    Print hourglass You are required to write a program to print the given symbol into the shape of an hourglass. For example, given 17 “*”, it is required to print in the following format ***** *** * *** ***** The so-called “hourglass shape” refers to that each line outputs an odd number of symbols; the […]

  • Java Foundation (1) eight basic data types


    Since the release of Java, the basic data types have been part of the Java languagebyte, short, int, long, char, float, double, boolean. Among them: Integer: byte, short, int, long Character type: char Float, double Boolean: Boolean Before we introduce it in detail, let’s talk about it first. The smallest calculation unit in Java isbyte, […]

  • C ා the corresponding value range of basic type and. Net framework type


    C ා type name explain Value . net framework type Default value sbyte 8-bit signed integer -128~127 System.SByte 0 byte 8-bit signed integer 0~255 System.Byte 0 short 16 bit signed integer -32768~32767 System.Int16 0 ushort 16 bit unsigned integer 0~65535 System.UInt16 0 int 32-bit signed integer -2,147,483,648~2,147,483,647 System.Int32 0 uint 32-bit signed integer 0~4,294,967,295 System.UInt32 […]

  • Android linker and so shell technology Part 2


    On the home page, you can search for “Android linker and so shell technology Part 1″ 2.4 linksThe linking process is controlled by soinfo_ link_ The image function can be divided into four main steps1. Positioning dynamic sectionBy the function phdr_ table_ get_ dynamic_ Section is completed, the function will traverse the program header and […]

  • Do you know how to use JavaScript symbol types


    Symbol type According to the specification, the property key of an object can only be of string type or symbol type. It’s not number, it’s not Boolean, it’s only string or symbol. So far, we’ve only seen strings. Now let’s take a look at what symbols can do for us. Symbol The “symbol” value represents […]