• Start optimizing binary rearrangement – operation chapter


    1. Page missing interrupt time before optimization (first installation) If yes, please delete it first-fsanitize-coverage=func,trace-pc-guardto configure. Delete the app and clear the Xcode cache; Xcode menu bar > Product > profile (shortcut key command + I), wait for running to complete; appear InstrumentsInterface, selectSystem Trace ; Start the project, stop after the first interface appears, […]

  • Modern computer digital representation


    Modern computer digital representation 1 Overview Modern computers store and process information toBinary signalexpress. Binary signals can be easily represented, stored and transmitted, such as high voltage and low voltage on wires. The electronic circuit for storing binary signals and performing calculations is very simple and reliable. Manufacturers can integrate millions or even billions of […]

  • Roslyn embeds the source code into the PDB symbol file through embedallsources to facilitate developer debugging


    This article tells you how to add the embedallsources attribute to the project file and embed your code into the PDB symbol file, so that developers can see the source code of the library when debugging Do you remember the role of PDB symbol file? The symbol file will record the correspondence between the binary […]

  • Data structure — stack


    A go language implementation of stack package main import ( “errors” “fmt” ) type Stack struct { Maxtop int // maximum stack capacity Top int // stack top arr [5]int } func (s *Stack) Push(val int) (err error) { //Determine whether the stack is full if s.Top == s.MaxTop – 1 { fmt.Println(“stack full”) return […]

  • Centos6.7 Vue installation


    1. To install Vue, go to the nodejs official website to download nodejs,https://nodejs.org/en/download/ wget https://nodejs.org/dist/v10.15.3/node-v10.15.3-linux-x64.tar.xz xz -d v10.15.3/node-v10.15.3-linux-x64.tar.xz mv ./xz -d v10.15.3/node-v10.15.3-linux-x64.tar /usr/local/ tar -xvf node-v10.15.3-linux-x64.tar ln -s /usr/local/bin/node /usr/local/node-v10.15.3-linux-x64/bin/nodeln -s /usr/local/bin/npm /usr/local/node-v10.15.3-linux-x64/bin/npmGlobal installationSolving the problem of slow NPM installation is a reference articlehttps://www.jianshu.com/p/75d4d3b0d485?fro…npm install -g vue-cliInstallation Vue scaffold toolsvue init webpack my-project && cd […]

  • Pre machine learning (I): mathematical symbols and Greek letters


    This article is included inMachine learning pre tutorial series。 This paper lists the commonly used mathematical notations of machine learning, including algebra, calculus, linear algebra, probability theory, set theory, statistics and Greek letters. Algebra Symbol name describe example (f∘g) Compound function Nested function (f∘g)(x)=f(g(x)) ∆ Delta Change / difference ∆x=x_1-x_0 e Euler number e=2.718281828 $ […]

  • Ingerface {} type conversion summary


    Golang’s interface {} is powerful and can point to various types of data. There are several methods for data type conversion There are the following definitions type BaseService struct { IService serviceName string routineNum int } type MyEnum int const ( CAT MyEnum = iota DOG ) var unknowValue interface{} unknowValue = baseService Method 1: […]

  • Superscript and subscript problems in learnku


    Superscript and subscript in mathematical formula mathematical formula noMarkdown syntax is to put markdown’s ` ` ` math ` ` ` insideuse“`mathLatex syntax“`Formal embeddingFor example, superscript or subscript in mathematical formula x_ 2 (superscript), x ^ 2 (subscript) If there are both superscripts and subscripts, then go down first and then go up. As shown […]

  • Linux modifies elf to solve glibc compatibility problem


    Linux glibc problem It is believed that many Linux users have encountered glibc compatibility problems when running programs released by a third party (not the system’s own software source). This is generally caused by the relatively old version of GNU C library (glibc) on the current Linux system. For example, when I run a third-party […]

  • Force buckle 227-227. Basic calculator II


    This problem is similar to the general computational solution, which can be solved by stack. When optimizing, we can take advantage of the particularity of the problem itself. Original title Implement a basic calculator to calculate the value of a simple string expression. String expressions contain only non negative integers, +, -, *, / operators […]

  • How to redirect the information output by the terminal into the file?


    How to save the terminal output to a file when using bash / KSH / CSH / tcsh on Linux, MacOS, * BSD or UNIX like operating systems? standard output 2> Error output< standard inputHow to save terminal output to a fileUse the > standard output symbol to import the output information into the time.txt […]

  • CentOS 8 ways to change the run level


    System D is a modern initialization system for Linux: a system service manager compatible with the popular SYSV initialization system and LSB initialization scripts.On the Linux system, the current operating state of the operating system is called the running level; It defines the running system services. Systems before centos6 use SYSV init, and the operation […]