• [Yurun daily crazy test-007] comparison between swoole process and traditional FPM synchronization mode


    If you say that arrays are the essence of PHP, if you don’t play 6 arrays, you can’t use PHP at all. It’s the same for swoole. If you don’t understand how to use swoole, you are just using it. First of all, swoole can only run in the command line (CLI) mode, so we […]

  • New features of mix PHP V2: CO program and timer


    Association Mix PHP V2 is based on the PHP stream hook collaboration technology development of swoole 4. The usage of collaboration is almost the same as that of golang, including the framework encapsulated collaboration pool, connection pool and Command-line processing, which refer to the system library style of golang. In addition to the lack of […]

  • Swoole process structure


    1、 Basic knowledge of process What is a process? The so-called process is actually a running program in the operating system. We run a PHP file through PHP in a terminal, which is equivalent to creating a process. This process will reside in the system, apply for its own memory space system resources and run […]

  • Part of the document code of query PHP v1-beta.1 is decoupled, version PHP 7.3.2


    After one month’s development, query PHP v1.0.0-beta.1 can be released, which is also the beginning of the three beta versions. This version is mainly code decoupling and performance improvement, document development. About queryphp Queryphp is a modern high-performance PHP 7 resident framework. It takes the engineer user experience as its historical mission, so that every […]

  • Mix PHP V2 instance: cooperation pool asynchronous mail sending Daemons


    Last year, when mix PHP V1 was released, I wrote a multiprocess email sending instance: use mixhp to create multiprocess asynchronous email sending. This year, mix PHP V2 was released. With comprehensive collaboration support, we can use one process to achieve higher IO performance that cannot be achieved by multiple processes before. So today, we […]

  • (2) Single process blocking multiplexing network server


    Basic concepts At the beginning of this paper, some knowledge is added to the brain, which is helpful for reading. This paper mainly focuses on select, introduces the implementation principle of select, and uses select to realize a single process blocking multiplexing network server. IO multiplexing means that once the kernel finds that one or […]

  • Homestead install the swoole extension


    Execute the following command vagrant ssh sudo pecl channel-update pecl.php.net sudo pecl install swoole You will see the following promptThis means that the extension has been installed and needs to be configured in php.ini.Input command php -i|grep php.ini The directory where php.ini is located will be displayedVIM / directory / php.ini, where extension = swoole.so […]

  • Remanufacturing


    Please wait for the article to be rebuilt

  • 🚀 hyperf releases multiple components v1.0.12 | enterprise PHP microservice collaboration framework


    Update content This week’s update mainly adds a useful context to the processoverrideMethod, add the configuration form of multiple handlers for the logger configuration, and fix the bug of some other components, which is published in version 1.0.12. It is recommended to use theGRPC、WebSocketandFile uploadUser update for.The documents of related components can be viewed through […]

  • IMI v1.0.8, new support for swoole tracker and Smarty


    IMI is based on PHP cooperative application development framework, which supports httpapi, websocket, TCP, UDP application development. It is strongly driven by swoole. Swoole has the features of memory resident, CO programming and non blocking io. The framework complies with PSR standard specifications, and provides common components such as AOP, annotation, connection pool, request context […]

  • PHP & swoole, Java and go


    Questions from a member of the swoolevip group feelSwooleIt’s getting more and more complicated. Although the features are also getting stronger, it’s a pity that they can’t be pushed in the project team at all, and there are many precautions to be taken after the cooperation process. A little carelessness may be the risk of […]

  • PHP source installation for swoole learning (1)


    Before learning about swoole, we first install PHP and swoole from the source code. Here we introduce two methods of environment installation. The first is to install directly in MAC system, the second is to install Ubuntu image through docker, and then install PHP source code in the container. 1、 Introduction to swoole Swoole official […]