• Mac uses SVN


    Recently, we used MAC for development. Because we are familiar with some operation modes of windows all year round, we suddenly changed to IOS, which can’t be converted.In the process of development, there are project management tools such as SVN and GIT. Here are some pits I encountered when using SVN on Mac. Now they […]

  • Make a function similar to assistivetouch in applets


    First of all, let me introduce what kind of project function we want to make The project function is an audio Click to play. When the click is in the play state, an audio motion picture appears, and it can slide with the fingers. Moreover, when sliding the motion picture, the current page can’t scroll […]

  • Compared with GIT and SVN, this article is easy to understand


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ This article was published by Tencent gongfeng in the column of cloud + community Introducer Starting from the comparison between GIT and SVN, this paper introduces how to start using git through git SVN, and summarizes the common commands of GIT […]

  • The process and experience of initial installation of SVN


    This is my experience in the whole process of completing the after-school experiment assignment of software project and process management. I hope it will be helpful for you to use SVN for the first time. Software project and process management is a course that I only studied when I was a junior in my major,. […]

  • How to solve the problem of not displaying the small green icon of SVN


    background After the new English system is installed, SVN needs to be reinstalled. After checking out the project, it is found that the icon of the project folder has not changed (Figure 1). Most of the solutions in the Chinese community are copy and paste articles on “solving the problem of SVN not displaying green […]

  • Linux Installation subversion


    I’m used to SVN, but do you know how to build SVN server on Linux? This article will introduce how to create an SVN server on Linux install zypper in subversion My server is openSUSE, so the installation command is zypper. If it’s CentOS, it’s yum. Different Linux distributions have different installation commands. Please refer […]

  • Using hook function of SVN – WIN platform


    Note: be sure to update the server site root code to the latest version before testing Mandatory submission instructions First, in the hooks directory of the corresponding version Library (myC:\svnRepositories\fsmtestsvn\hooks)Create a new file:pre-commit.bat The contents of the document are edited as follows: @echo off setlocal set REPOS=%1 set TXN=%2 REM svnlook.exe under bin in the […]

  • Svn prompt has been locked


    In previous projects, when updating resources from SVN, you can directly update them, which is not a big problem. However, the content of the file is often modified, and saving and other operations will cause the file to be locked during the second update.Share a solution:TortoiseSVN – > select clean up – > check break […]

  • Python advanced: comprehensive interpretation of advanced features of the slice!


    Introduction: three articles in the series of slicing have been written consecutively. This article is a summary of them. Why do you want to merge sequential articles? In this note, this paper does not simply merge them, mainly corrects some serious errors (such as the part of custom sequence slicing), and also makes a lot […]

  • GIT and SVN of version management tools


    1. introductionGit is free and open sourceDistributedVersion control system, designed tofast、High efficiencyManagement of all projects from small to large. Svn is an open sourceCentralized version control system。 The data is placed in a central repository. This archive is much like a normal file server, but it remembers every file change. In this way, you can […]

  • What encoding style does the famous requests library use?


    Original: https://www.kennethreitz.org/… By Kenneth Reitz Original title: Kenneth Reitz’s code style ™ Requests code base uses pep-8 encoding style. In addition to the standards listed in pep-8, we have some guidelines: If it is convenient, the line length can exceed 79 characters and reach 100 characters. If line breaks cause serious inconvenience, the president can […]

  • One key implementation of automatic deployment (gray level release) practice


    In the wave of Devops in the past few years, the concepts of automation and continuous integration have been deeply rooted in people’s minds (Internet technologists). Mr. Bill Gates once said: “the first rule of any technology used in a business is that applying automation to an efficient operation will enlarge the efficiency. The second […]