• Uploading and checking out Maven project in SVN


    Preface In enterprise development, SVN is often used to control code version for us, and Maven is often used to manage projects. Next, I’ll show you how to upload Maven projects to SVN and check them out from SVN. Upload to SVN There is no difference between Maven project upload and normal project upload. Here […]

  • A particularly strange hbuilder to use


    1. Open Hbuilder development tool and select “tools” -> “install plug-in”Picture description 2. Select and install SVN plug-inPicture description 3. Restart Hbuilder, how to open SVN of Hbuilder3.1 open “view” -> “display view” -> “other” successivelyPicture description 3.2 expand SVN and click “SVN resource library”Picture description 3.3 open the SVN panelPicture description 4. Use SVN […]

  • SVN Update Error Please execute the ‘Cleanup’ command solution


    Problem – SVN Update Error: Please execute the ‘Cleanup’ command A detailed description When updating a file with SVN, you will encounter a failure (perhaps due to a forced interrupt during the last pull, etc.), prompt to cleanup, but when you cleanup, you will prompt that the folder is locked, and then you will release […]

  • Please execute the ‘cleanup’ command.


    There is a file conflict during the pull-down update. Open the online version of the conflict, click the mark to resolve the conflict, and then click “Cancel” manually to report an error before SVN loading and processing. Previous operation has not finished; run ‘cleanup’ if it was interruptedPlease execute the ‘Cleanup’ command. Use the cleanup […]

  • The graphic management tool of SVN: cornerstone


    When using SVN, the common graphical interface management tool, cornerstone, is as follows The backstage staff of the company gives the SVN address (for example: name / IOS) and personal SVN account number. Click the plus sign in the lower left corner to select Add repository, as shown in the following interface 3. Add […]

  • Svn operation process and specification


    Installation instructions:Download path: https://tortoisesvn.net/downl… Select the corresponding version: To install the Chinese language pack: Right click to enter setting settings, and select simplified Chinese. instructions: Check out items: If the project is already in the server’s warehouse, you need to check it out locally. First create an empty folder locally. Select the created folder and […]

  • Quick installation of subversion service with urlos


    Environmental needs The minimum hardware configuration: 1 core CPU, 1G memory (1 + 1). Note: if you have more applications, but the hardware configuration of the host node is low, it is recommended to enable virtual virtual memory when deploying the node; 2G or more memory is recommended for production environment; Recommended installation system: 64 […]

  • Fast installation and configuration of Subversion (SVN) in Ubuntu


    If you are a software developer, you must be familiar with subversion. Subversion is a free and open source version control system. Under subversion management, files and directories can go beyond time and space. Subversion stores files in the central version library, which is very similar to a normal file server. The difference is that […]

  • Version control — idea integrates SVN


    Original: https://segmentfault.com/a/11…Because the original picture is gone, we need to reprint the original.https://juejin.im/entry/59be9…

  • GitHub, gitee create, connect, clone remote warehouse, generate and configure SSH public key


    1. Install git, register guthub account, and register code cloud account. This process will not be repeated. 2. Create a warehouse in GitHub and code cloud for testing 2.1. GitHub operation: 2.1.1 click the plus sign on the left side of the avatar, expand and selectNew repository(new warehouse) 2.1.2 fill in the warehouse name, description, […]

  • The conflict between SVN and Git causes the project files pulled down remotely by Idea to be all red.


    The conflict between SVN and Git causes the project files pulled down remotely by Idea to be all red. Under the project path. idea / vcs. XML file, SVN can be changed to Git<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><project version=”4″> <component name=”VcsDirectoryMappings”> <mapping directory=”$PROJECT_DIR$” vcs=”Git” /> <mapping directory=”$PROJECT_DIR$/activity” vcs=”svn” /> <mapping directory=”$PROJECT_DIR$/activity/src/main” vcs=”svn” /> <mapping directory=”$PROJECT_DIR$/app_base” vcs=”svn” /> […]

  • SVN updates static files synchronously through hooks and uploads OSS


    SVN updates static files synchronously through hooks and uploads OSS Demand: The contents of different directories of multiple buckets on OSS need to be updated with high frequency. Solution Description: Create one or more independent libraries on SVN and add commands to post-commit files under hooks for each library edit. matters needing attention: You need […]