• Install SVN and configure Apache under centos7


    Install apahce, SVN and necessary Dav modules yum install -y httpd subversion mod_dav_svn Create SVN project and configure Create repository mkdir -p /web/svn/myrepo #Apache users and groups are created automatically by installing httpd chown -R apache:apache /web/svn/myrepo svnadmin create /web/svn/myrepo configuration file Passwd account ### This file is an example password file for svnserve. ### […]

  • Svn practice notes (theoretical concepts) – version control


    Preface Version control tool is a tool to record every change of project code folder and file, and number each change (also called version number), which is used to store and track the modification history of folder and file. Version control allows you to recover old versions of files and view history – who made […]

  • Two ways to share git hooks with your team


    Git hooks is a very useful feature of GIT. In my own project, I need to ensure that all my go source files can be correctly formatted before they can be committed. So I used a simple git hook to do this. You can save the contents of this file to.git/hooks/pre-commitTo achieve this function. It’s […]

  • Version management evolution


    I believe that we have more or less used SVN, GIT and other version control tools in our work. However, how do SVN and git store data? What’s the difference between SVN and git? The evolution of version management 1. Localized version management RCS His principle is to save and manage the file pudding locally […]

  • Code auto update: SVN hook free your hands


    What is a hook? In fact, and callback is a concept, when something happens, you will call the methods you provide, using the SVN hook can greatly facilitate your development.Web developers need to manually update the code to the server every time they submit the code to see the effect.Today I will teach you how […]

  • 3 minutes to learn SVN: SVN quick start


    Select SVN client Windows platform TortoiseSVN: it’s also called tortoise SVN. It’s the most popular SVN client on windows. After you install it, your right-click will add several SVN related menus, which is very convenientEclipse Plug-in: integrate SVN plug-in in eclipse. It is suitable for users who develop with eclipse. Check the tutorial Mac platform […]

  • 90% don’t know: some misunderstandings and truth of SVN and Git


    There are many comparisons between SVN and git on the Internet, but most of them are wrong and misunderstood. Here are some common misunderstandings and truths. Although this doesn’t mean which system is better, it can help you better understand the differences between the two systems 1. For the same content, GIT warehouse is much […]

  • No longer afraid of SVN conflict: easily resolve SVN conflict


    When is conflict prone? Multiple people modify the same line of code in the same file at the same time Binary files that cannot be compared, such as pictures How to resolve conflicts? As shown in the figure above, there are conflicts in the test ﹐ conflict.py file, and there are several more files. Among […]

  • Design and implementation of serial communication system


    backgroundIn industry, when the equipment can not be connected through the network, usually there is a serial port on the equipment which can be used to transfer data. The system uses the serial port of the equipment to achieve the purpose of transferring files Protocol interaction design: Transmission protocol frame design: The implementation only posts […]

  • Common commands arrangement and description of GIT version management tools


    Author: heart leafTime: April 20, 2018 23:20 Workspace: the directory you can see in your computer. Staging area: stage or index in English. Generally, it is stored in the index file (. Git / index) under the “. Git” directory, so we sometimes call the temporary storage area index. Version Library: the workspace has a […]

  • 3 minutes to become SVN command master: SVN common commands


    First of all, I recommend you a best SVN warehouse at home and abroad. It is not limited to private ownership and members: http://svnbucket.com #Checkout code svn co svn://svnbucket.com/xxx/xxx #Update code svn up #Add new file to version Library svn add filename #Add all PHP files in the current directory svn add *.php #Recursively add […]

  • Svn migrates to GIT and keeps the commit log


    First, Download git for windows Prepare an empty onegitlabWarehouse Create a new directory locally(GIT_CODE)To install our source code LocallysvnUnder directory, press and holdshiftKey, then blankRight clickChooseOpen command window here And then startSvn account and git account mappingIn the command window, enter: svn log -q | awk -F ‘|’ ‘/^r/ {sub(“^ “, “”, $2); sub(” $”, […]