• Grep of three swordsmen


    Basic usage of grep Search criteria keyword tool grep[OPTIONS]PATTERN[FILE…] –Color: highlight the matching string -v: Display cannot be matched by pattern -i: Ignore character case -o: Show only strings that match -q: Silent mode, no information output -A: after, the last line matched -B: before, the first line matched to -C ා: context, matching to […]

  • The most complete wechat applet development solution in history


    The most complete wechat applet development solution in history We have talked a lot about wechat small program development solutions. In summer, sunflower e-commerce summarized the common problems of small program development into a small collection, hoping to help you. 1. Number of applets registeredEnterprises, governments, media and other organizations can register 50 small programs, […]

  • An overall analysis of the future development trend of e-commerce system


    An overall analysis of the future development trend of e-commerce system Wechat distribution mall system, B2C mall system, o2o e-commerce system and so on. These terms are full of the network, and also reflect the popularity of e-commerce system from the side. This summer, Kui e-commerce will analyze the future development trend of the e-commerce […]

  • Git is so easy to use, why don’t some people know how to use it to submit code?


    Changes of client code management tools: from SVN to Git Up to now, the new version of apicloud Studio 2 is still in the public beta. The code management client of apicloud Studio 2 is changed from SVN to GIT. The company code server is still SVN server, and the front end uses git as […]

  • Build SVN under Ubuntu, and use hook to synchronize to web directory


    Preface Recently, version control has been used to build the server, and many problems have been encountered in the process of building the server. Write it simply step 1. Install SVN $ sudo apt-get install subversion 2. Create project directory $sudo MKDIR SVN // creates a folder to hold one or more items $CD. / […]

  • Migration from SVN to Git


    Prepare authors mapping file The migration includs the commit history from svn, so we need an account mapping file between svn and github accounts. Here’s the sample content of mapping file: ts32145 = James Lu <[email protected]> cm56426 = Catalin Mike <[email protected]> The svn account should be set on the left and the github account should […]

  • The replacement of all evils in SVN


    There are many potholes in the world road, so I’m afraid I’ll fall into them. After entering the company, I discarded the GIT I learned before and changed to SVN, which has been used smoothly without any major problems. But!!! Today, the group shared the problem summary of the last upgrade. A little partner shared […]

  • Alicloud server centos7.0 installation of SVN


    1, environmentcentos72. Install SVN yum install subversion View version svnserve –version 3. Create a version LibraryFirst built directory mkdir /var/svn Create a version Library cd /var/svn svnadmin create /var/svn/svnrepos cd svnrepos You will see the automatically generated version library file: Subversion directory description:DB Directory: all version control data storage files.Hooks Directory: the directory where the […]

  • Svn synchronously updates static files and uploads OSS through hooks


    Svn synchronously updates static files and uploads OSS through hooks Demand: The contents of different directories of multiple buckets on OSS need to be updated frequently. Solution Description: Create one or more independent libraries on SVN, and edit the post commit file under hooks in each library to add commands. matters needing attention: You need […]

  • Basic icon and operation of SVN


    Common icons for SVN: Version conflict of SVN: making changes on the old version will cause version conflict. Applocationcontext.xml.mime file: I modified Applicationcontext.xml.r7: represents an older version of a file Applocationcontext.xml.r9: represents the new version file Applicationcontext.xml represents version conflict file Version conflict file <<<<<<< .mine <bean id=”customerService” class=”com.itheima.customer.service.CustomerServiceImpl”/> <bean id=”customerDao” class=”com.itheima.customer.dao.CustomerDaoImpl”/> ||||||| .r7 <bean […]

  • Node remains in conflict, SVN displays conflicts on the server


    Symptom:After the index page is modified, a title is submitted to SVN, and no error is reported and no conflict is displayed, but it is found on the access line that it has not changed…. embarrassed, the transfer is deleted, the transfer is deleted, checked out again, uploaded again…. It doesn’t work.. Find the reasons:Check […]

  • Svn uses those things


    1. How to clear the user authentication information after connecting SVN with tortoise under Windows 2 the parameters in the SVN warehouse will take effect immediately after being modified, and there is no need to restart them after adding new items; 3 modify the port number of SVN server svnserve -d -r /home/declan/svnproject –listen-port 21 […]