• The construction of svn server


    Service-Terminal 1. Log in to the server to execute the command yum install subversion -y svnserve –version //View version 2. Create a new warehouse mkdir -p /opt/svn/repo svnadmin create /opt/svn/repo/ 3. Configure svn 1 Modify the main configuration fileExecute this command to modify the filevim /opt/svn/repo/conf/svnserve.confModify the following five places [general] anon-access = read //Anonymous […]

  • I have been in contact with Git for so long, let’s talk about my understanding of Git and related things


    1. The birth of Git and related history 1.1 Definition of Git ​ Git fordistributedThe version control system is currently the most advancedversion controlsystem. think: What does version control mean? Wikipedia: Version control (English: Version control) is a standard practice for maintaining engineering blueprints, which can track the process of engineering blueprints from birth to […]

  • svn implements DingTalk code submission notification


    Welcome to join the front-end exchange group:749539640 In fact, svn also has its own hooks like github, let’s look at the effect first DingTalk robot configuration (generated by webhook) Settings => Add Robot Add a custom robot, add keywords here#can copy webhook svn settings When we enter the server code directory of svn, we will […]

  • svn learning record


    Skill finishing SVN version automatic update reminder SVN supplementary log Configure SVN to support http protocol access svn install The first step is to build the svn server (in the centos7 environment) First check whether svn is installed svn –version if not, then yum intall subversion -y run oncesvn –versionconfirmed success Next, we will create […]

  • svn configuration on centos7


    Reproduced:https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_39218464/article/details/104093559https://blog.csdn.net/jctian000/article/details/80623621 Toss a bit, so it’s better to record it for later use (svn needs to be installed first) For future planning, multiple warehouses can be configured 1. First create the general warehouse directory: mkdir -p /home/svn/project 2. Create a warehouse folder in the general directory, and use the command to create a version library: […]

  • SVN : E230001: Server SSL certificate verification failed



  • Make good use of Git and SVN to easily control version management


    This article starts with the comparison between Git and SVN, introduces how to start using Git through Git-SVN, and summarizes the commonly used Git commands that are frequently used in daily work. 1. Git vs SVN Git and SVN are better, and everyone has a different experience. Git is distributed, SVN is centralized This is […]

  • Record several common SVN commands


    svn infowarehouse information svn stcheck version status svn revert . -Rrevert all changes svn cleanup . –remove-unversionedClean up unversioned files

  • svn file partial commit


    used togitWhen , the code can be partially staged and then submittedcut tosvnLater, I found that there is no such function. After searching around, I found that the little turtle provides a similar function: this humble option It probably means that after choosing this option, he will help you back up a copy according to […]

  • What? You work as a programmer and you don’t know how to use Git


    git manages the use of files and code Author: hackett WeChat public account: Overtime ape Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to large projects quickly and efficiently. Git is easy to learn, has a small footprint, and has lightning-fast performance. It features SCM tools […]

  • Full-featured JAVA&.NET rapid development platform


    ​I have been engaged in web development for so many years, and the UI has always been my pain. The first one I used was Ext, not to mention the high licensing fee, the front-end framework is really bloated, and it is so bloated that I need to use the Chrome browser to run smoothly. […]

  • SVN use


    Access to permissions Send an email request to open svn permission code acquisition Create a new folder in the personal directory fill in url url: http://svnedge.ebaotech.com/svn/aica Right-click Checkout in the code directory that needs to be downloaded complete download