• Htnl5 using Gaussian blurring of SVG pages


    Place this code in any area of the page first StdDeviation sets ambiguity, minimum 0 <svg style=”display:none”> <filter id=”blur-effect-1″> <feGaussianBlur stdDeviation=”1″/> </filter> <filter id=”blur-effect-2″> <feGaussianBlur stdDeviation=”2″/> </filter> </svg> Calling ambiguity on DOM Document. body. style. filter =’url (# blur-effect-2)’/// call level 2 ambiguity Document. body. removeAttribute (“style”); // Close the ambiguity effect The above is […]

  • XML Schema: FIXML and SVG


    FIXML FIX is one of the data exchange formats among many enterprises, which is used to exchange information in business activities. Such exchange of information is often important, such as exchange of transaction payment data, stock prices and business information.The information that needs to be transmitted is sometimes very small packages and sometimes large pieces […]

  • Svg series: 1. basic knowledge of SVG & different world of SVG animation


    1. Knowledge Literacy in SVG Svg introduction SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), scalable vector graphics, has the characteristics of zooming in and out without distortion, can be used to create vector graphics. SVG 1.1 became the W3C recommendation standard on January 14, 2003. SVG is essentially described in XML language, so it can be controlled by […]

  • The Method of Writing SVG Arrangement Canvas, Coordinate System and Windows


    analogy Imagine an infinite canvas. You can draw whatever you want anywhere on the canvas. You can also draw whatever size you want. This is the SVG canvas. Now imagine someone building the same infinite wall right in front of your canvas. The width and height of the wall extend infinitely, blocking all the canvas. […]

  • An example of how HTML5 uses SVG


    Code optimization is always a constant requirement of programmers, and the rational use of SVG pictures to replace some PNG/JPG formats is an important part of front-end optimization. Since it is optimization, let’s first see what advantages SVG pictures have: SVG can be read and modified by many tools (such as notepad) Compared with JPEG […]

  • Svg animation animation application


    Recently, when introducing background color MP4 animation into homepage animation, the background color of the animation can not be well integrated into different browsers and monitors with the same background color. This embarrassing situation arises as follows: There is always a root demarcation line at the boundary of the motion picture. Even if the background […]

  • Application of SVG animation – edge-tracing effect


    strokeIt is an important branch of SVG attributes Stroke-width denotes the thickness of the stroke Stroke-line join denotes the expression of edge and corner miter, round, bevel, inherit Stroke-dasharray denotes dashed lines Stroke-dashoffset represents the initial offset of dashed lines The protagonist isstroke-dasharray&stroke-dashoffsetDetailed effect: Zhang Xinxu. Pure CSS to achieve handsome SVG path edge-tracing animation […]