• VI editor tips


    ‘vi is a UNIX like operationsystemOne of the most widely used text editors in. This tool is provided by default for UNIX, Solaris, or Linux. It can be said that as long as you are familiar with VI, in any kind of UNIXoperationsystemText editing is freely available on the platform. There are many materials about […]

  • Some basic problems in the use of Linux


    Beginner a how to access the partition of windows under Linux. #mkdir /mnt/win Create a load point directory win. The load point directories such as CDROM and floppy are under /mnt #mount -t vfat /dev/hda? /mnt/win /dev/hda? You can use \fdisk -l to view the corresponding windowsPartition, mount -t Option is to give the partition […]

  • XHTML Getting Started tutorial: XHTML hyperlinks


    Hyperlink <a> tagIt is no exaggeration to say that it is hyperlinks that connect the whole Internet. Hyperlinks can point to almost any resource on the Internet, such as another web page, a picture, an MP3 song, and so on. However, the syntax of using XHTML to create hyperlinks is very simple. You only need […]

  • Installation and uninstallation of software under Linux system


    1、 Understanding Linux applicationsinstallPackage: Generally, Linux application softwareinstallThere are three kinds of packages: 1) tar package, such as software-1.2.3-1 tar. gz。 It is packaged using tar, a packaging tool for UNIX systems. 2) RPM package, such as software-1.2.3-1 i386. rpm。 It is a package encapsulation format provided by RedHat Linux. 3) dpkg package, such as […]

  • HTML 5 Preview


    Original text: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/previewofhtml5By Lachlan HuntTranslator: zhaozy in 3user comoutline The network is constantly evolving New and creative websites appear every day, impacting from all aspectsHTMLThe boundary ofHTML4 has been around us for almost 10 years. Publishers are constantly looking for new technologies that provide more powerful functions, but they often have a rough road due […]

  • Unveil the mystery of HTML 5 working draft


    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released a draft specification for HTML 5, the first major revision of HTML 4 since it was released more than a decade ago During this period, as developers gradually transplant their applications to the web, it has developed from a major static media to an interactive application with rich […]

  • Mount rootfs on Linux startup


    1。 When Linux starts, after a series of initialization, the mount root file is requiredsystemTo prepare for the last init process, mount the root filesystemThere are several ways: 1) DocumentssystemIt already exists on a partition of the hard disk (or similar device). The kernel directly mounts it according to the command line parameters (root = […]

  • Markup language – List


    Standardized design solution – markup language and style manualWeb Standards Solutions The Markup and Style Handbook Part 1: get down with markup Chapter 1 List The list can be found on almost every page on the Internet Hyperlink list; Shopping cart item list; Your favorite movie list Even the navigation list of the whole website […]

  • Object oriented programming of XHTML and CSS


    If XHTML and CSS can be object-oriented.. The sun should rise from the north. However, we should look at everything with the idea of OO, and we can barely make up for it. In fact, OO style was proposed as early as a few years ago, but it has not been found.So how to OO? […]

  • The web page table or div layer is expanded in the web page


    When we design web pages, we will always encounter some unpleasant things. The most common thing is to find that the displayed pages are opened after adding content in the background, resulting in extremely unsightly web pages. In the past, we basically designed forms. Naturally, there are many solutions for forms on the Internet. Now […]

  • Detailed explanation of Linux system configuration network


    IinstallAnd configurationnetworkequipment IninstallIn Linux, if you have a network card,installThe program will prompt you to give the configuration parameters of TCP / IP network, such as local IP address, default gateway IP address, DNS IP address, etc According to these configuration parameters,installThe program will automatically compile the driver of the network card (first supported by […]

  • Introduction to XHTML common tags


    For some time, I found that many people can’t use XHTML, not only ordinary beginners, but also some programmers don’t know how to write XHTML. Here, I can summarize some common application problems, which can also enable us to form a tacit understanding in communication and cooperation.There are many tags in XHTML, but there are […]