• Can’t you remember the scattered MySQL foundation? How to save you


    preface In daily development, some knowledge that is not commonly used and relatively basic is always easy to forget or become a bit ambiguous after a period of time. This article mainly records some basic knowledge about MySQL database, so as to quickly view it in the future. SQL command SQL commands can be divided […]

  • Alexa has a major security vulnerability, hackers can use false identity to obtain user sensitive information


    With the “Alexa skills” voice command, users can load many additional functions on Amazon voice assistant. However, these skills often have security vulnerabilities and data protection issues. Researchers from the University of Bohong (rub) and the Horst g ü RTZ Institute of IT security at North Carolina State University found these problems and presented their […]

  • Why do enterprises need a set of purchasing management system?


    For manufacturing and other types of enterprises, such as wholesale, warehousing, retail, computers and accessories, the types of equipment need to be managed are more complex. In the traditional management mode, most of the data collection of goods and equipment procurement is done by special staff. The purchaser is either in the procurement or on […]

  • Maven Scala plugin uses. MD in jvmargs configuration – D parameter of tutorial notes


    Maven Scala plugin uses the jvmargs configuration of tutorial notes, and custom properties are used in the jvmargs – D parameter What is jvmargs for instance: $JAVA_ARGS.=“-Dresin.home=$SERVER_ROOT-server -Xms2048M-Xmx2048M-Xmn512M-XX:PermSize=256M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=7-XX:GCTimeRatio=19 -Xnoclassgc-Xloggc:log/gc.log-XX:+PrintGCDetails -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps-XX:+UseCMSCompactAtFullCollection -XX:CMSFullGCsBeforeCompaction=0” This is some configuration for tuning JVM parameters Java System.getProperty Java System.getProperty The default value of () method is: | Key | […]

  • Notes on slow SQL optimization


    1、 Existing problems We found the following types of slow query in the system 1. No index: the whole table is not indexed; 2. Index Miss: there is an index, but the index Miss under some query conditions; 3. Additional unnecessary fields are searched, leading to return to the table; 4. Sorting and aggregation lead […]

  • Provide in angularjs


    AngularJSuse$provideTo define a supplier, this$provideThere are five ways to create suppliers: constant value service factory provider decorator Constant To define a constant, the value it defines cannot be changed. It can be injected anywhere, but it cannot be decorated(decorator)Decoration var app = angular.module(‘app’, []); app.config(function ($provide) { $provide.constant(‘movieTitle’, ‘The Matrix’); }); app.controller(‘ctrl’, function (movieTitle) { […]

  • (3) SQL Server table partition


    1. Introduction When a table has a large amount of data, it is natural that we will think of splitting the table into many small tables. When executing the query, we will search each small table, and finally summarize the data set and return it to the caller to speed up the query. For example, […]

  • Five ways of improving customer satisfaction with inventory management software


    Customer satisfaction is very important for any enterprise. SMEs have been looking for new ways to improve customer service, which is based on the following knowledge: satisfied customers, high loyalty, usually a long-term source of income. If the customer’s ordering process is difficult to obtain the required inventory or often fails to receive the product […]

  • The financial voucher triggered by SAP mm transaction code mrko will not appear in Po history


    The financial voucher triggered by SAP mm transaction code mrko will not appear in Po history   The following vendor consignment purchase orders,     There is no data in the invoice tab.   Migo + 411k transfers the vendor consignment stock to the material voucher number of unrestricted use stock,       Invoice […]

  • Differences between factory, service and provider in angularjs


    Angularjs supplier ($provide) $provideService responsible for informingAngularJSHow to create a new injectable thing: a service. Services are defined by something called a provider, and can be used$provideTo create a supplier. How to create a supplier: Use$provideMediumprovider()Method to define a supplier; By request$provideInjected into an applicationconfigFunction to get$provideService; How to define suppliers constant value service factory […]

  • SAP mm supplier has no English name, but ME21N has English name?


    SAP mm supplier has no English name, but ME21N has English name? Recently, I received a question from the customer business user that said, when ME21N is used, how is the name of supplier 101071 in English? In fact, there is no such English name in the supplier master data,   Transaction code BP displays […]

  • What kind of system is a pit


    Recently, I am honored to be the main person in charge of a project. The name is project manager. The former project manager basically didn’t hand over anything until he was about to leave. In fact, there was nothing to hand over. I have some paper materials for the project. I briefly talked with him […]