• Pay tribute to Uncle Da’s self-cultivation as an Android programmer


    preface “There are no small roles, only small actors”, which is from the book “actor self-cultivation” carried by Yin Tianqiu played by Stephen Chow in Stephen Chow’s film the king of comedy. The recent death of Uncle DA has filled me with emotion. As a post-90s born and raised in China, I grew up watching […]

  • Kafka stream errorlog alarm instance


    KafkaAppender log4j-core-2.7-sources.jar!/org/apache/logging/log4j/core/appender/mom/kafka/KafkaAppender.java public void append(final LogEvent event) { if (event.getLoggerName().startsWith(“org.apache.kafka”)) { LOGGER.warn(“Recursive logging from [{}] for appender [{}].”, event.getLoggerName(), getName()); } else { try { final Layout<? extends Serializable> layout = getLayout(); byte[] data; if (layout != null) { if (layout instanceof SerializedLayout) { final byte[] header = layout.getHeader(); final byte[] body = layout.toByteArray(event); data […]

  • Join instance of Kafka streams


    order This paper briefly introduces the join operation of Kafka streams join A join operation merges two streams based on the keys of their data records, and yields a new stream. A join over record streams usually needs to be performed on a windowing basis because otherwise the number of records that must be maintained […]

  • An attempt at JSX syntax in Vue 3.0


    Vue 3.0 is officially released, and hi Da puben. The new syntax needs to be learned for a while, but it needs to be used in a large area in the production environment. It may need to wait until its peripheral tools: vuex, Vue router, etc. are all upgraded. Vue 3.0 uses a new compile […]

  • If you don’t understand bean in spring, you must have a good look at this article


    Scope of bean Bean life cycle Bean assembly code Entity class package com; import java.util.List; public class User { private String username; private String password; private List<String> list; /** *Set value injection requires bean class: *1. The default parameterless construction method must be provided *2. Provide setter methods for properties */ public User() { } […]

  • A review and experimental evaluation


    Title: overview and experimental evaluation of correlation filtering UAV air tracking technology Author: Changhong Fu, Geng Lu Link: correlation filter for UAV based aerial tracking: a review and experimental evaluation code: https://github.com/vision4robotics/DCFTracking4UAV?utm_ source=catalyzex.com Paper PDF please get back to the official account [computer vision alliance] backtracking [object tracking review]. Aerial tracking is one of the […]

  • Display PDF in browser (ie compatible)


    I’ve inserted the urgent task. Now I don’t have the energy to summarize it. I’ll list the title first, and then I’ll sort it out.

  • Collection of laravel


    Laravel’s collection class actually has many very practical methods, which are very useful for us to optimize loops. Our goal is to:No more writingforeachCycle! 1、 Sum price sum      We’ll learnflatMap map sumAnd so on collect($arr)->pluck(‘order_products.*.price’)->flatten(1)->sum(); 2、 Format gate      Hope to deepenmapUnderstanding and understanding ofmapApplication scenarios of 3、 Calculate GitHub activity      After getting […]

  • Summary of 20 companies including lianfake Xiaomi in autumn 2020


    There are 23 autumn recruitment delivery companies, and 1 resume has been brushed. Three failed in the written examination / evaluation. So far, there are no news of 8. The companies that have been offered include Xiaomi, Zhaoyi innovation, Quanzhi technology, Zhejiang Dahua, Haige communication, Jingxin communication, Jingjia microelectronics, Guangzhou langguo electronics, Beijing Huada electronics, […]

  • How to catch dump when. Net program crashes? I summed up three options


    1: Background 1. Tell a story In recent days, I have received several requests for help from crash. Maybe these friends haven’t played how to generate dumps, so they can only teach them by hand, which is not a good way. So it’s necessary to summarize. If there is a friend’s consultation in the future, […]

  • Python brush questions: common binary operation (bit operation)


    1. Variable value exchange Title Description:In the premise of not using the third variable, the binary method is used to exchange the values of two integer variables. Solution code: >>> a = 1234 >>> b = 5678 >>> a = a ^ b >>> b = a ^ b >>> a = a ^ b […]

  • Interview string completion


    demand Converts the given number to a binary string. If the length of the string is less than 8 bits, 0 will be filled to the full 8 bits. Examples input 65 output 01000001 solution Mode 1 uses the cycle to fill the left zero function convertToBinary(num) { var str = num.toString(2); while(str.length < 8) […]