• Xuecheng online project summary – Day2 CMS front end development


    Series articles: Summary of Xuecheng online project – Day1 CMS server building Xuecheng online project summary – Day2 CMS front end development Xuecheng online project summary – day3 CMS page management development Xuecheng online project summary – day4 page static Xuecheng online project summary – Day5 rabbitmq message queue Vue.js is used for the construction […]

  • [case50] talk about fscheckpointstorage in flick


    order This paper mainly studies fscheckpoint storage of Flink CheckpointStorage flink-runtime_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/runtime/state/CheckpointStorage.java /** * CheckpointStorage implements the durable storage of checkpoint data and metadata streams. * An individual checkpoint or savepoint is stored to a {@link CheckpointStorageLocation}, * created by this class. */ public interface CheckpointStorage { boolean supportsHighlyAvailableStorage(); boolean hasDefaultSavepointLocation(); CompletedCheckpointStorageLocation resolveCheckpoint(String externalPointer) throws IOException; […]

  • Summary of slow loading data optimization code


    background start At the beginning of the story, there is a need to solve the problem of very slow loading data. The key program has been running in the production environment for quite a long time. It is reasonable that there will be no problem, at least in terms of the stability of online operation. […]

  • Nginx notes – (1) – Comparison between alias and root


    Use separatelyaliasAnd root configuration accessb.html 1.1 root – > URL is added to root and located Root configuration in nginx: location ^~ /app1/ { root /web; } #Access: localhost / app1 / b.html b. HTML directory on the server: / Web / app1 / b.html What is the URL when accessing? localhost/app1/b.html Where does the […]

  • Talk about flynk’s statettlconfig


    order This paper mainly studies the statettlconfig of Flink example import org.apache.flink.api.common.state.StateTtlConfig; import org.apache.flink.api.common.state.ValueStateDescriptor; import org.apache.flink.api.common.time.Time; StateTtlConfig ttlConfig = StateTtlConfig .newBuilder(Time.seconds(1)) .setUpdateType(StateTtlConfig.UpdateType.OnCreateAndWrite) .setStateVisibility(StateTtlConfig.StateVisibility.NeverReturnExpired) .build(); ValueStateDescriptor<String> stateDescriptor = new ValueStateDescriptor<>(“text state”, String.class); stateDescriptor.enableTimeToLive(ttlConfig); Here, use the builder to create statettlconfig, and then pass the config through the enabletimetolive method of statedescriptor StateTtlConfig flink-core-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/api/common/state/StateTtlConfig.java /** * Configuration […]

  • Talk about flynk’s abstractttlstate


    order This paper mainly studies the abstractttlstate of Flink InternalKvState flink-runtime_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/runtime/state/internal/InternalKvState.java /** * The {@code InternalKvState} is the root of the internal state type hierarchy, similar to the * {@link State} being the root of the public API state hierarchy. * * <p>The internal state classes give access to the namespace getters and setters and […]

  • Talk about the window operation of Flink


    order This paper mainly studies the window operation of Flink window DataStream flink-streaming-java_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/datastream/DataStream.java public AllWindowedStream<T, TimeWindow> timeWindowAll(Time size) { if (environment.getStreamTimeCharacteristic() == TimeCharacteristic.ProcessingTime) { return windowAll(TumblingProcessingTimeWindows.of(size)); } else { return windowAll(TumblingEventTimeWindows.of(size)); } } public AllWindowedStream<T, TimeWindow> timeWindowAll(Time size, Time slide) { if (environment.getStreamTimeCharacteristic() == TimeCharacteristic.ProcessingTime) { return windowAll(SlidingProcessingTimeWindows.of(size, slide)); } else { return windowAll(SlidingEventTimeWindows.of(size, slide)); […]

  • RMI usage learning summary


    Four years ago   Java    of   Fans have also been pursuing in full swing   Sun, pursuing   java.   of course   RMI   I won’t let it go, but I haven’t used it in any project so far. I heard one yesterday   java   I didn’t want to listen to […]

  • Talk about Flink’s global window


    order This paper mainly studies the global window of Flink GlobalWindow flink-streaming-java_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/windowing/windows/GlobalWindow.java @PublicEvolving public class GlobalWindow extends Window { private static final GlobalWindow INSTANCE = new GlobalWindow(); private GlobalWindow() { } public static GlobalWindow get() { return INSTANCE; } @Override public long maxTimestamp() { return Long.MAX_VALUE; } @Override public boolean equals(Object o) { return this […]

  • Collection of mybatis source code analysis series articles


    1. Introduction I started reading the source code of mybatis in July and updated 7 articles in the next 40 days. At first, I just planned to share in the form of blog. However, in the process of writing, it is found that there are too many codes to analyze, so that the length of […]

  • Super detailed: This Kafka technical manual launched by the whole network has everything from foundation to actual combat


    What is Kafka?Kafka is usually used in real-time streaming data architecture to provide real-time analysis. Kafka is growing explosively. More than a third of Fortune 500 companies use Kafka. These companies include the top ten travel companies, seven of the top ten banks, eight of the top ten insurance companies, nine of the top ten […]

  • Implementation of SMS verification code registration and login, three methods of PHP access (with examples)


    Last week, a friend needed help to do a function about SMS verification code registration and login, which has not been done before, so I checked the data and summarized three methods of PHP accessing SMS verification code. Now I share with you: 1、cURL `<?php $curl = curl_init(); curl_setopt_array($curl, array( CURLOPT_URL => “https://vip.veesing.com/smsApi/verifyCode”, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER => […]