• There is no solution to chromedriver using angular.js on Mac


    This installation is in accordance withOfficial tutorial of angular.js Since Git is used in the front installation, it is recommended to provide its own ladder. At this point: npm run protractor Will always report errors: Error: Could not find chromedriver The key to this step is to have chromedriver.exe on the MAC system. You’re right. […]

  • Reverse engineering of mybatis


    Reverse engineering of mybatis 1: What is retrograde engineering. Mybatis is an excellent persistence layer framework, which supports customized SQL, stored procedures and advanced mapping. Mybatis avoids almost all JDBC code and manually setting parameters and getting result sets. Mybatis can use simple XML or annotations to configure and map native information, and map interfaces […]

  • How to use third-party libraries in C + + projects in Windows system


    To use a third-party library, you first need to install it. In novcpkgIn the past, the installation of third-party libraries needed to be compiled and linked locally. If we are novices, we will inevitably encounter problems that are difficult to solve in one way or another. But yesvcpkgIt will be different in the future,vcpkgWill automatically […]

  • shell_ Test project introduction


    shell_test The project mainly uses scripts (shells) on Alibaba cloud server to select and operate after displaying the service list: for example, there are four jar packages in the example. After starting the script, four services are displayed, numbered 1-4. After selecting the corresponding number, you can choose to start or stop the service. Project […]

  • Webpack packaging performance optimization checklist


    speed-measure-webpack-plugin You can use the speed measure webpack plugin to measure the packaging time Optimization list Optimize loader configuration Since the file conversion operation by the loader is time-consuming, it is necessary to let as few files as possible be processed by the loader.The file to which the loader applies rules can be hit through […]

  • [go] go language actual combat project – image file uploaded by gin framework


    When uploading pictures for Gofly customer service, you need to upload pictures in the gin framework and limit the suffix of the file Uploading a file is relatively simple in gin, that is, you can call C. saveuploadedfile () in the HTTP processing function   It is necessary to limit the file suffix, automatically create […]

  • How does deepinv20 Linux modify file suffixes? Skills of modifying file suffix in Linux system


    Today, I need to rename the file of deepin V20 Linux system, but I found that the suffix name of the file is missing when I rename the file with the right mouse button. In fact, this is because the default suffix name of deepin cannot be edited and the configuration needs to be modified. […]

  • C # get all files in a directory


    using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; private List<string> finded_files = new List<string>(); private void RecursiveGetFiles(string parent_path) { string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(parent_path); foreach (string file in files) { //Here you can filter files, such as the specified suffix finded_files.Add(file); } string[] paths = Directory.GetDirectories(parent_path); foreach (string path in paths) { RecursiveGetFiles(path); } }

  • Go carbon version 1.3.0 is released, and xxxnooverflow () series methods are added


    Carbon is a lightweight, semantic and developer friendly golang time processing library, which supports chain calls, lunar calendar, Gorm, xorm and other mainstream orm If you feel good, please give a star github:github.com/golang-module/carbon gitee:gitee.com/go-package/carbon //Yesterday at this moment carbon.Yesterday().ToDateTimeString() // 2020-08-04 13:14:15 //Yesterday and now of the specified date carbon.Parse(“2021-01-28 13:14:15”).Yesterday().ToDateTimeString() // 2021-01-27 13:14:15 //Now […]

  • ThinkPHP 5 model usage history – folder structure


    Series articles: ThinkPHP 5 model usage history – inherit first and then extend ThinkPHP 5 model usage history – replication ThinkPHP 5 model usage history – global definition ThinkPHP 5 model usage history – ide friendly ThinkPHP 5 model usage history – Single Responsibility ThinkPHP 5 model usage history – sorting code ThinkPHP 5 model […]

  • practical! One click generation of database documents can be called swagger in the database industry


    This article is included in the personal blog:www.chengxy-nds.top, technical data sharing and progress Recently, the Department’s order business has been adjusted to close the order entry of other business lines and build a unified large order platform. It is necessary to sort out the data tables of each business line, but each business line library […]

  • Convert pictures to ICO format


    Reasons for demand: Today, I want to add an icon to the left of the page title. The effect picture is as follows: But forget how to use it? Demand objectives: Add an icon to the title bar of an HTML page Specific practice: 1. Right click – select opening method – select drawing tool, […]