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  • Talk about over windows of flynk table


    order This paper mainly studies the over windows of the flick table example Table table = input .window([OverWindow w].as(“w”)) // define over window with alias w .select(“a, b.sum over w, c.min over w”); // aggregate over the over window w Over windows is similar to the over clause of SQL. It can be based on […]

  • Create application quality that meets user expectations


    Author / Android application quality department Hoi Lam Since Android was released more than 10 years ago, the platform has been growing and users’ expectations have been rising. fromMaterial DesignreachImportance and promotion of privacy protection, the user experience has been significantly improved. Like you, we want to provide users with an excellent application experience. At […]

  • Join instance of Kafka streams


    order This paper briefly introduces the join operation of Kafka streams join A join operation merges two streams based on the keys of their data records, and yields a new stream. A join over record streams usually needs to be performed on a windowing basis because otherwise the number of records that must be maintained […]