• Analysis of JSON data from Ajax background success


    Recently, when using the Ajax method of jQuery, the data to be returned is JSON data. In the success return, the data processing will adopt different methods to generate JSON data according to different return methods. How to deal with it in the $. Ajax method is simply explained. First, the JSON data to be […]

  • Successful backup of UNIX system


    SCO UNIX system is widely used in finance, insurance and other industries because of its stable and reliable characteristics, but its installation and maintenance is not an easy task for professional and technical personnel. The system maintained by the author is equipped with SCO UNIX operating system, Informix database and other application software. After installation, […]

  • Ajax Request Sending Successful but Not Successful Solution


    1. Description of the situation:Ajax sent successfully, the background also successfully responded to the request, and returned JSON data, through the chrome monitoring request can also see the response of JSON data, but instead of success method, it ran to error method. Front end: $.ajax({ type : “get”, data : {‘dbId’:node.dbId,’viewId’:node.id,’date’:new Date()}, url : “${ctp}/ViewOperate/ShowViewSql”, […]

  • Resolve error problem of Ajax submitting to background data successfully but returning without success


    The following is the Ajax code and the Controller layer code, initially thought that the background program was wrong. $(“#sourcefile”).ajaxSubmit({ type: “post”, dataType: “json”, // ‘xml’, ‘script’, or ‘json’ (expected server response type) url: “/springMVC/upload/up”, success: function (result) { if (result) { alert(result.col0); } }, error:function(data, XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown){ alert(1); } }); @RequestMapping(value=”/upload/up”) public @ResponseBody […]

  • Resolve the problem that AJAX return status 200 does not call success


    Today, when I was doing a demo, I found that the status of Ajax was 200, but I didn’t implement the correct method. SpringMVC + ajax +jquery When Spring MVC returned to String with the annotation @ResponseBody, the browser displayed 200 status codes, and the response header was in JSON format. The format Ajax did […]