• 56. QT – Seamless scrolling of subtitles


    1. Description Recently, we want to implement a scrollbar subtitle, but the series of articles we found use the timer qtimer to intercept and display the text at a fixed time. In this way, the scrolling is actually intermittent, because it is actually implemented by character displacement, but it is convenient to implement Therefore, only […]

  • Realize bilingual subtitle for your movie based on Python 3 (autosub) and fmpeg with Google translation


    The original text is reprinted from “Liu Yue’s technology blog”https://v3u.cn/a_id_169 Adding subtitles to a movie is actually a very time-consuming thing, especially for slow typing friends. Of course, it’s not only subtitles for films, but also similar verbatim drafts in other fields. For example, when writing a paper, if there is an interview in the […]

  • A new recyclerview adapter framework open source


    RecyclerViewAdapter Redefining the encapsulation of recyclerview adapter, pursuing simplicity and practicality, combining with kotlin’s advanced features, optimizing the code writing method, and truly achieving high cohesion and low coupling Open source address Github RecyclerViewAdapter The core idea of frame design Instead of notifydatasetchanged brainless operation, the observablelist is used to automatically match data and realize […]

  • How to optimize react functional components


    Personal blog preface objective This paper only introduces the specific performance optimization methods of functional components. There are both class components and functional components, such as the use of key. In addition, this article does not introduce the use of APIs in detail. It may be written later. In fact, it is quite difficult to […]

  • The interesting HTML5 tag of fried chicken


    Because there are so many tags, it’s hard for us to all use or realize we need to. But there are also a lot of interesting tags that we haven’t discoveredThere is one. What is it? A label similar toThe label can also pass through the packageThe only difference is thatNeed cooperationTo use, andIt does […]

  • Zooteam front end weekly issue 52


    Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.52 For more information on past tabloids, please visit: https://weekly.zoo.team Let’s make it more mobile resolution! -Dig for gold Foreword many of the company’s businesses are still in the stage of using PX and flexible layout for style processing. Sometimes it’s because of visual requirements, sometimes it’s afraid of online problems, […]

  • Implementation of swiftui – ios10 local push notification tutorial user notifications in swift


    brief introduction Message push believe in the eyes of many people are not strange, right? Like instant chat and wechat, when friends send you messages, they will pop up a small window at the top to remind you. It’s like booking a movie ticket in the cinema app, and you’ll get a reminder an hour […]

  • The method of making subtitle distortion effect with Vegas — win10 Professional Edition


    When Vegas processes video, do you find that sometimes plain and light subtitles are boring after watching for a long time? If you want to process the subtitles to a certain extent, so that the subtitles are no longer single, they look tall. At this time, you can use Vegas to make deformation effects for […]

  • (11) C ා WinForm custom control – List – hzhcontrols


    Official website http://www.hzhcontrols.com premise Has been in the industry for 7,8 years, has always wanted to do a set of beautiful custom controls, so there is a series of articles. GitHub:https://github.com/kwwwvagaa/NetWinformControl Code cloud: https://gitee.com/kwwwvagaa/net_ winform_ custom_ control.git If you think the writing is OK, please click a star to support it Welcome to discuss: Penguins […]

  • use iElevator.js Navigation of Article Title Simulating segment fault


    iElevator.jsIt’s a jQuery plug-in that my little brother wrote in his spare time. It’s just for self entertainment! Interested students can experience, have questions or suggestions can be put forward directly, we can discuss learning together! aboutiElevator.jsMy last article has been introduced. iElevator.js JQuery is a small plug-in of jQuery. It is easy to use, […]

  • Webmagic getting started with crawler


    This example implements the capture of the latest movie source name list and the download address of the detail page of a movie website. Webmagic is an open-source Java vertical crawler framework. Its goal is to simplify the development process of crawlers and let developers focus on the development of logical functions. Webmagic features: Fully […]

  • Online training tools collection


    Introduction Last time, I summarized some experience of online training, and this time I will give you some tools of online training. Some common necessary tools are not introduced in detail. For example, wechat is used for group chat, discussion and data sending. For example, nail is used for group chat, discussion and data sending. […]