• Reliable messages are ultimately consistent (asynchronous guaranteed)


    preface Consistency design is an important problem in distributed systems. If a system uses multiple data systems to store and read data at the same time, it is necessary to design a consistent definition to meet the functional requirements. If the results of different data subsystems are inconsistent, not only users may be confused, but […]

  • Harmonyos source code access complete


    Source code acquisition For details, please refer to:https://gitee.com/openharmony/docs/blob/master/get-code/%E6%BA%90%E7%A0%81%E8%8E%B7%E5%8F%96.md Introduction to openharmony Openharmony is an open source version of harmonyos, donated by Huawei to the open atom foundation. The first open source version supports running on 128KB ~ 128MB devices. Welcome to join the open source community and continue to evolve together.    code warehouse address:https://openharmony.gitee.com […]

  • Just one step! Using Linux directly under Windows


    Win 10 system is relatively powerful. After it is updated, it has such a function as Linux subsystem, which makes us fans, we can say we can’t put it down. In a word, we can throw away the virtual machine. Before, I also saw a lot of similar articles on the Internet, either lying trough […]

  • SQL Server wait event pageiolatch_ EX


    What is?PAGEIOLATCH_EXWaiting for events? Now we’re going toPAGEIOLATCH_EXWait for the relevant information of the event to do a simple summary, collation. aboutPAGEIOLATCH_EXThe official documents are as follows:   PAGEIOLATCH_EX:   Occurs when a task is waiting on a latch for a buffer that is in an I/O request. The latch request is in Exclusive mode. […]

  • [Amway] WSL Linux subsystem, really fragrant! Complete practice attached


    WSL first experience WSL Linux subsystem experience native docker, really fragrant! The Linux subsystem of windows has been out for a long time. Have you experienced it? I’ll take you to the trouble today,After all, they want to get rid of the massive VMS that take up too much hardware resources, such as VMware This […]

  • Facade pattern


    How Tomcat works, Chapter 2. establishRequestandResponseRespectivelyServletRequestandServletResponse, and then pass the two objects to the implementationServletInterfacePrimitiveServletClass. In the following code, the request and response are implemented in addition toServletRequestandServletResponseThe geturi and sendstaticresource methods are also customized for the methods in the interfaceServletRequestandServletResponseIn primitive servlet, if it is turned down to request and response, geturi and sendstaticresource […]

  • Design of settlement system based on microservice architecture


    1、 Background The account funds of the company’s business system are connected with the third-party deposit business. The third-party deposit refers to the customer transaction settlement fund management service provided by banks and securities companies for investors according to relevant laws and regulations. According to the bank’s requirements, the business system will generate a clearing […]

  • DDR memory system is the core of consumer electronics


    In today’s consumer electronics market, it is not uncommon for designers to face a design window of six months to achieve production in 12 months. One of the problems faced by designers in these consumer segments is that marketers simply don’t know which features will win. As for the consumer domain, a rapidly changing feature […]

  • Appearance mode of PHP design pattern


    Series articles: Appearance mode of PHP design pattern Appearance mode The facade class provides a unified interface for the calling end. The facade class knows which subsystem is responsible for processing the request, so it can proxy the request of the caller to the appropriate subsystem Appearance pattern masks the details of subsystem, so skin […]

  • LNMP: win10 builds ubuntu18.04 subsystem and LNMP


    Open developer mode System Settings > update and Security > for developers > select developer mode Enable Linux subsystem components System Settings > Application > programs and functions on the right > start or close windows functions > check the windows subsystem applicable to Linux.After setting, restart the update Change alicloud source Alicloud Ubuntu 18.04 […]

  • “You in me” — windows subsystem for Linux


    1、 I wanted to set up a virtual machine in hyperv and learn shell. I found the function of “windows subsystem for Linux” by accident. So I searched the Internet about how to make fat four. It turned out that win10 added it. Now the virtual machine doesn’t need to be installed. I’m in a […]