• Rust learning summary – write rust function, free raspberry pie


    Updated at 16:53:50, September 8, 2020The domestic image of SSVM has been released. When the first build of users in mainland China fails, they will automatically transfer to the domestic image the second time. Learn from rust and get raspberry pie for free This time we learn rust from 0, and we haven’t tried virtual […]

  • Using WSL (win10linux subsystem) to build the coexisting development environment of windows and Linux in golang


    I’ve talked about how to deploy go language development environment and IPFs debugging environment on Ubuntu, but there are still many people using Windows system. After all, many software is not provided on Linux, so it’s a little inconvenient to use it daily. A compromise method is to use virtual machine to run Linux environment […]

  • Appearance pattern of design pattern


    Facade Intro Facade provides a consistent interface for a group of interfaces in a subsystem. This pattern defines a high-level interface, which makes the subsystem easier to use Prototype Facade: appearance class. It knows which subsystem classes are responsible for processing requests and delegates requests to corresponding subsystem objects Subsystem classes, which implements the functions […]

  • 16-01 design of mobile bar tourism ecosystem – overall design


    1 project introduction1.1 overviewAccording to the needs of high-end users in the market, we decided to develop such a tourism system, which includes the tourism e-commerce system (recommendation subsystem), Advertising subsystem, evaluation subsystem, commodity subsystem, order subsystem, etc., tourism distribution system (distributor management), tourism business system (product development, scheduling service, system authority management subsystem), etc.1.2 […]

  • Facade code examples of PHP design patterns (16)


    objective The original purpose of facade pattern is not to prevent you from reading complex API documents, it is just a side effect. In fact, it is intended to reduce coupling and follow Demeter’s law. Facade decouples visitors and subsystems by embedding multiple (and sometimes only one) interfaces, while reducing complexity. Facade will not prohibit […]

  • Redis6.0 source reading (3) redis-server starts aclinit of the main process


    In the process of reading redis server initialization, we can use theinitServerConfig()After that, you’ll see a question aboutACLInitAnd the note reads: The ACL subsystem must be initialized because the basic networking code and client creation depends on it. So what exactly is this ACL subsystem and what role does it play in network communication and […]

  • Using win10 built-in Linux to start the spring boot project


    1. Install win10 built-in Linux subsystem 1.1. Install Linux subsystem 1.1.1. Upgrade or reload Linux system 1. System requirementsYou need to upgrade win10 to the first anniversary, or reload the system2. Re install the systemThe test results show that the following system can be re installed to enable the Linux subsystemcn_windows_10_enterprise_version_1607_updated_jul_2016_x64_dvd_9057083.isocn_windows_10_multi-edition_vl_version_1709_updated_sept_2017_x64_dvd_100090774.iso 1.1.2. Enable Linux subsystem […]

  • Asp.Net Container deployment of core Blazer


    Write it at the front As an open source application container engine, docker can make it easy for us to build a lightweight and portable container. Continuous delivery, testing and deployment through docker are extremely convenient. Moreover, for our development, the most intuitive advantage is to solve various difficulties caused by the differences between the […]

  • Building Linux subsystem in win10


    The Linux subsystem of win10 is called WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux). The advantage is that the Linux system and windows system are connected, and the isolation phenomenon of the two systems caused by the traditional virtual machine / dual system is changed. The disadvantage is that it is not stable enough, but it is […]

  • Reliable messages are ultimately consistent (asynchronous guaranteed)


    preface Consistency design is an important problem in distributed systems. If a system uses multiple data systems to store and read data at the same time, it is necessary to design a consistent definition to meet the functional requirements. If the results of different data subsystems are inconsistent, not only users may be confused, but […]

  • Harmonyos source code access complete


    Source code acquisition For details, please refer to:https://gitee.com/openharmony/docs/blob/master/get-code/%E6%BA%90%E7%A0%81%E8%8E%B7%E5%8F%96.md Introduction to openharmony Openharmony is an open source version of harmonyos, donated by Huawei to the open atom foundation. The first open source version supports running on 128KB ~ 128MB devices. Welcome to join the open source community and continue to evolve together.    code warehouse address:https://openharmony.gitee.com […]