• Liquor – Divide into k equal subsets


    1. Topic: Given an integer array nums and a positive integer k, find out if it is possible to divide the array into k non-empty subsets whose sums are all equal. Example 1: Input: nums = [4, 3, 2, 3, 5, 2, 1], k = 4 output: True Explanation: It is possible to divide it […]

  • Teach you how to encapsulate a flexible and highly reusable vue framework?


    Foreword:Generally, when we create vue projects, we use the official vue-cli2 scaffolding to build projects. Generally speaking, projects created in this mode can be used without too much configuration, but one pain point is that each project All need to be rebuilt and configured. Is there a way to save these tedious processes? For example, […]

  • Online JS/JavaScript-Object to JSON tool


    Online JS/JavaScript-Object to JSON tool Online JS/JavaScript-Object to JSON tool This tool can convert JSON objects to Go, support copying and downloading. JSON: (JavaScript Object Notation, JS Object Notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (the js specification developed by the European Computer Association) and uses a […]

  • NLP Open Source Shape Near Word Algorithm Completion Plan (End)


    foreword All stories have a beginning and an end. This article will be the end of the NLP Chinese character similarity, and draw a full stop to the series. Qi-NLP Chinese Shape Near Word Similarity Calculation Ideas Inherit-Chinese shape and near-character similarity algorithm implementation, do a little bit for Chinese character NLP Zhuan-What are the […]

  • Tuoduan tecdat|Dating data dynamic visualization analysis: animation diagram made by R language using ggplot and ganimate


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=23440 Did you know that you can turn a normal static ggplot graph into an animated graph? With the help of the R package ganimate, you can do this, and it works really well. My colleagues and I were very impressed with the effortless transformation of all types of geometry into super smooth animations. […]

  • Scatter fitting circle —ransac


    1、 Algorithm principle Random sample consistency(Random Sample Consensus RANSAC)It is an iterative method used to estimate a mathematical model from observed data containing outliersparameterTherefore, it can also be understood as aOutlier detectionmethod. One of RANSACBasic assumptionsYes, the data isinterior point(“inliers”) andOuter point(“outliers”), whereinterior pointIt is data that can be explained by some model parameters within […]

  • Set power series correlation


    CHANGE LOG 2022.2.28 reconstruct the whole article. See the original chapterBit operation convolution, subset convolution and high-dimensional prefix sum。 In the noi outline, the knowledge points of bit operation convolution such as FMT, FWT, subset convolution, etc. are not listed separately, but high-dimensional prefix sum (sosdp) is an important algorithm widely used. To learn the […]

  • Recursion is understood in this way, and you will suddenly be enlightened


    Recursion understands this way, you will suddenly be enlightened; Method 1: no return value method @GetMapping(“/index6”) Method 2: with return value /** Method 3: /** This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • Advanced SQL tutorial 1.7 set operation


    Set operation considerations Set that needs to keep duplicate entries, use all Set operations have priority,Intersect has higher priority than Union and except Different DBS support different set operations Division operationNo standard definition The sum union/ difference intersect/ product cross join is added to the set standard, but there is no division operation Usage 1: […]

  • Force buckle 77 combination


    77. Portfolio 77. Portfolio Difficulty: medium Given two integers n and K, returns the combination of all possible K numbers in the range [1, n]. You can return answers in any order. Example 1: Input: n = 4, k = 2 Output: [ [2,4], [3,4], [2,3], [1,2], [1,3], [1,4], ] Example 2: Input: n = […]

  • R language stringr package handles strings


    stringrPacket is an R data processing artifactTidyverseOne of the tools in the package is a very useful tool for processing strings, combined withregular expression , can play a huge role. String length stringrThe operation object of the package isvector,str_length()Function to determine the length of a string. > x <- c(“why”, “video”, “cross”, “extra”, “deal”, “authority”) […]

  • [yibentong 1700] PFS set


    Title Description There is a special set called PFS (prefix free set). A PFS set consists of several strings, and there is no one string is the prefix of another string. Empty sets are also considered PFS sets. For example{\(“hello”\)}And{\(“hello”, “goodbye”, “giant”, “hi”\)}Is a PFS set, but{\(“hello”,”hell”\)}And{\(“great”,”gig”,”g”\)}No. Now I’ll give you a set. Please find […]