• Fluent custom radio control


    In the development of fluent application, we often encounter various radio effects. Although the radio component is officially provided, it can not meet our actual development needs, so we often need to customize the control to meet the usual development needs. The following describes the radio options used in normal development: Custom segmentbar You will […]

  • Isn’t paging enough? Why segment? And paragraph page style?


    Hello, I’m yes. You’ve probably heard of segmentation, paging, and page segmentation about memory access. But why segment? Why pagination? With paging, why segment? This requires a look at the development of history. After knowing history, you will know that all this is natural. These concepts are not forced out. text On November 15, 1971, […]

  • Can we only use distributed locks to optimize the high concurrency of thousands of orders per second?


    Let’s talk about an interesting topic today   How to optimize the concurrency of distributed locks in the scenario of thousands of orders per second? Background introduction First of all, let’s look at the background of this problem? Some time ago, a friend was interviewing outside. Then one day, he came to me and said: […]

  • Analysis and solution of pulsar storage space not released


    This article is reproduced from the official account No. StreamCloudNative, author Xue Song, who has been granted permission by the author. About Apache pulsar Apache pulsar is the top project of Apache Software Foundation. It is the next generation of cloud native distributed message flow platform. It integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. It […]

  • Java set topology


    Java collectionList, set, queue and map interfaces.There are mainly the following implementation classes. List->Vector->Stack(c) ->ArrayList(c) ->LinkedList(c) Set->HashSet->LinkedHashSet(c) ->TreeSet(c) ->EnumSet(c) Queue->Deque->ArrayDeque(c) ->LinkedList(c) ->PriorityQueue(c) Map->HashMap(c)->LinkedHashMap(c) ->TreeMap(c) ->HashTable(c) ->Identityhashmap (C, stores the reference, the equal sign determines whether the key exists, null is not allowed) ->ConcurrentHashMap(c) Thread safe: vector, stack, hashtable, others are not thread safe. In addition, […]

  • In R language, standard least squares (OLS), generalized additive model (GAM) and spline function are used for logistic classification


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=21379  In this paper, we introduce logistic regression and spline curve. Logistic regression is based on the assumption that given covariates x, y have Bernoulli distribution,  ​ The purpose is to estimate the parameter β. Recall that using this function for this probability is   ​ Likelihood function Log likelihood   […]

  • Practice and application of distributed ID


    In the business system, it is necessary to generate non duplicate IDS in many scenarios, such as order number, payment slip number, coupon number, etc. This article will introduce the causes of distributed ID, as well as four commonly used distributed ID implementation schemes in the industry, and introduce in detail the implementation of two […]

  • Cache optimization practice of (forwarding) record once review system


    These two days, I suddenly want to sort out some impressive points in my daily work and make a record.The first project that pops up in my mind is a rich media social platform of my former owner, which I participated in shortly after graduation. This paper records the cache optimization of the review system […]

  • Markdown learning notes


    Headline ===== Dividing line _________ #level1 title# ### level3 title ### *Italics* **Bold** >This is a reference block >>* other labels can be used** >>>Support reference nesting 1. The number + “. In the ordered list is empty The list can be aligned with one tab segment mi posuere lectus. Vestibulum enim wisi, viverra nec, […]

  • Go IP segment range verification


    Friendly tips:This article takes about 3 minutes and 21 seconds to read. Please give more advice on the shortcomings. Thank you for your reading.Subscribe to this site background Recently, a requirement has been made, which is to detect whether an IP is in a number of IP segments and conduct IP screening at fixed locations […]

  • Apache Flink advanced (12): deep exploration of Flink SQL


    Author: he Xiaoling (Xiaoling)Organized by: Zheng Zhongni This article is based on the Apache Flink Advanced Series live broadcast, shared by Alibaba technical expert he Xiaoling. The article will explain the relevant principles of Flink 1.9 version and some function changes from the user‘s point of view, hoping to deepen everyone’s understanding of the new […]

  • Breakpoint download, here is what you want to know


    When you want to use onprogress to display progress in a recent download request, it is found that the total displayed in onprogress is 0. Why? I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered some downloads when you download files with download software. Some downloads can display the total size, while others can’t be displayed. It […]