• How to set the tab in sublime text3 to be indented by four spaces by default?


    Every time I edit a file with sublime text3, I feel that the code is very crowded when I see that the entire code is indented with only two spaces, so I think about how to adjust the tab indentation to four spaces. The following is a brief introduction to adjusting the tab indent. How […]

  • How to set the font size of code in sublime text3?


    Based on its powerful functions and charm, sublime text3 has already occupied the hearts of beautiful and handsome men in the IT industry. And I have to "face-to-face" with it almost every day. One day at work, I suddenly found that it became smaller – the code font suddenly became smaller, what's going on? Advanced […]

  • Sublime text 3 file path does not prompt how to set it?


    When you first start using sublime text 3, you may find that when you write the src path to an img, there is no prompt, and you have to manually go to the local folder to find the file. In fact, sublime text 3 is a very powerful editor, but many of its functions need […]

  • How to set the left column directory to open in sublime text 3?


    Today, I was worried. When I opened sublime text3, the left menu bar disappeared. It was so strange. After a round of exploration, I realized that it can be set in the menu bar. The following is a brief introduction to the method. Code editing software (Sublime Text 4) v4.0.0.4086 Chinese green version 64/32 type:text […]

  • How to quickly find and replace code in sublime text3?


    The sublime text3 find and replace method, although very simple, can also be helpful for newbies who are just starting to use sublime. Code editing software (Sublime Text 4) v4.0.0.4086 Chinese green version 64/32 type:text text size:43.78MB language:Simplified Chinese time:2020-09-17 check the details 1. Find 1. Open the sublime editor and open the file at […]

  • How to set the automatic closing of Emmet input tags in sublime text3?


    We know that the emmet function is too powerful, and we cannot bear to abandon it, but when we write html code, we will find that tags such as img, link, source, input will not be closed, and there will be no slashes. Let's take a look at how to set it up so that […]

  • How to use advanced regular search and replace in sublime text?


    Today, I encountered a large-scale job of replacing file copywriting. I wondered for a while, and I thought about how to quickly replace all the content. I suddenly remembered the regular replacement method of sublime, so I started to implement it… Code editing software (Sublime Text 4) v4.0.0.4086 Chinese green version 64/32 type:text text size:43.78MB […]

  • Sublime text2 how to create an HTML header file?


    Using sublime text code editor is simple and convenient. For how to quickly generate the header of an HTML document, some people may encounter the same problem as Xiaobian. Pressing and holding the tab key doesn’t respond at all. In fact, it’s some step-by-step errors. Let’s do it together. Code editing software (sublime text 4) […]

  • Sublime text2 how to configure ctags plug-in?


    This article explains in detail how to configure the ctags plug-in of sublime text in Mac OSX and realize the development environment of function tracking and jumping. The demonstration uses Mac OSX 10.09 64 bit operating system and sublime text 3 64 bit version. Please ensure that the package control plug-in manager is installed before […]

  • What are the tips for using sublime text?


    Xiaobian provides you withSublime editorTake a look at the powerful functions behind this simple code editor. A good editor is the sharp weapon of a development engineer. Sublime text 4 (code editor) v4.0.0.4092 cracking Chinese Special Edition Type:Text text size:17.70MB Language:English software Time:2020-11-17 View details 1、How to create a new project。 First, you can directly […]

  • How does eclipse configure the sublime text editor?


    Sublime text is a powerful code editing tool. It is especially convenient to use it to write front-end languages. If we use eclipse for java web related development, we can use eclipse to write java code, and front-end codes such as HTML, CSS and JS can be completed with sublime text. In addition, we can […]

  • Sublime texthow do I set auto completion?


    What software is sublime text? In fact, sublime text is a text editing software, so how to set automatic completion of sublime text? The following small series will bring you the method of setting automatic completion of sublime text. Let’s go and have a look! Sublime text 4 (code editor) v4 0.0.4092 crack Chinese Special […]