• How to mod a large project with multiple main subprojects


    Take XXX go ninge (with code in the picture) as an example. The project contains 5 subprojects and 2 public classes, as shown in the figure below, The red box selects even the common module The others are independent sub projects main.go We can put this project in any folder, whether it is in gopath […]

  • Through webpack require.context , decentralized routing management


    What is webpack require.context ? The official website explains: You can use the require.context The () function creates its own context. It allows you to pass in a directory to search, a flag indicating whether subdirectories should also be searched, and a regular expression to match files. At build time, webpack parses the require.context ()。 […]

  • Electron packaging


    Electron packaging Delete useless files For example: delete all the directories and subdirectories*.mapDocument: del /S *.map electron-packager npm install electron-packager –save-dev #Global installation npm install electron-packager -g pack: electron-packager <sourcedir> <appname> –platform=<platform> –arch=<arch> For example: electron-packager ./app <name> –platform=win32 –arch=x64 –overwrite –ignore=dev-settings –prune Parameter Description: parameter explain prune Run before packagingnpm prune –productionOrders,devDependenciesNone of the […]

  • Using Python script to uniformly rename the training picture file name


    Yolo algorithm often uses VOC data format in model training. To copy the image file to the jpegimages directory, you need to rename the file name with VOC standard format number, such as 2020_ 000001.jpg,2020_ 00000 2.jpg, which is convenient for VOC_ label.py For subsequent processing. If this work is done by hand, it is […]

  • Bash tip: you can batch shell scripts with numbers in front of multiple directory names


    This article introduces a shell script that can batch add numbers to multiple directory names. Suppose the name of the shell script isdigitname.sh。 In the actual development work, the number will be added in front of the commonly used important catalog. For example, name the directory in the form of “1-development document” and “2-department document”. […]

  • Linux tips: CP command automatically creates nonexistent directory and only copies modified files


    Automatically create nonexistent subdirectories during replication In Linux, you can usecpImperative–pathOption specifies that non-existent subdirectories are automatically created at copy time. For example, execute the following command: $ cp –path java/com/server/Service.java target/ IftargetDirectory does not existjava/com/server/This list of subdirectories,cp –pathThe command is created automaticallyjava/com/server/Then copy the files to the corresponding subdirectories. be careful: in the […]

  • Linux tip: the LS command only lists subdirectory names and prints one file name per line


    Only the subdirectory names under the specified directory are listed Only subdirectory names are listed in the LS command In Linux,lsBy default, the command lists all file names in the given directory, including subdirectory names. If you only want to list the subdirectory names under the current directory, you can use thels -d */Command. Specific […]

  • C ා file copy help class


    Take notes about copying files:      /// ///File help class /// public class FileHelper { /// ///Copy all files in one directory to a new directory /// ///Original catalogue ///New directory generation method ///Copy files in subfolders ///Optional: whether to override (default overlay) public static void CopyFileList(string copyPath, Func newFilePathFunc, bool isCopySubFolder = true, […]

  • C ා basic knowledge series – operation of 14 IO documents


    Preface This chapter is the second set of Io. In the previous chapter, we introduced the basic concepts and some basic methods of IO in C ා. Next, we will introduce the method of operating files. In the world of programming, manipulating files is an important skill. 1. File, directory and path Before we start, […]

  • Notes on using fish shell


    Install fish shell brew install fish Install oh my fish curl -L https://get.oh-my.fish | fish Installing Fisher curl https://git.io/fisher –create-dirs -sLo ~/.config/fish/functions/fisher.fish Configure autojump clone autojump git clone https://github.com/wting/autojump.git Install autojump to local~/.autojumpcatalog: cd autojump ./install.py Open the file ~ /. Config / fish / config in the fish configuration. Find and add the following […]

  • NPM package.json Parse and execute


    About npm? The world’s largest software registry. All open source developers use NPM for share and borrow packages, and many organizations also use NPM to manage private development. NPM consists of three distinct components (different components) Websites: to find open source packages The command line interface (CLI): terminal used to interact with NPM server The […]