• Introduction to the core concepts of Python object oriented programming


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. The following article comes from the Tao of immeasurable testing, author: the Tao of immeasurable testing   The core concepts of object-oriented […]

  • Analysis of Objective-C design pattern adapter


    The pattern of picture recognition A simple overview of the adapter model is: what you need is in front of you, but you can’t transform it in a short time, so we try to adapt it. For example, now a mobile phone without electricity and a 110v50hz socket are in front of you, you obviously […]

  • Python is the most magic method, I think it is!


    stayIn the last articleI have a core discovery:Special methods of Python built-in types (including magic methods and other methods) are implemented independently by C language, and there is no calling relationship at Python level. However, there is an exception: a very mysterious magic method. This method is so humble and narrow-minded that I almost never […]

  • Deep exploration of C + + object model reading notes


    Chapter 1 – about objects (table driven model) Two points: table driven model and virtual inheritance. 1 c + + memory layout Nonstatic data members are configured in each class object; Static data members are stored outside all class objects; Static and nonstatic function members are also placed outside all class objects; 1.2 virtual function […]

  • Six common inheritance methods of JavaScript


    preface An important aspect of object-oriented programming is object inheritance.A object can directly own all the properties and methods of B object by inheriting B object. This is very useful for code reuse. Most object-oriented programming languages implement object inheritance through class. Traditionally, the inheritance of JavaScript language is not implemented through class (ES6 introduces […]

  • Object oriented programming (OOP) guide in Perl


    Object oriented programming: as the name suggests, object-oriented programming or OOP refers to the language that uses objects in programming. Object oriented programming aims at realizing real-world entities such as inheritance, hiding and polymorphism in programming. The main purpose of OOP is to bind data to the function that operates on it, so that no […]

  • How to turn the back-end development of JS and JQ to the front-end happily


    A series of articles: How to turn the back-end development of JS and JQ to the front-end happily Will JS and JQ back-end development, how happy to turn the front-end: Part II – Section I: ES6 – object-oriented – play OOP flower – constructor and prototype Will JS and JQ back-end development, how happy to […]

  • Java object oriented programming


    Three characteristics 1. Encapsulation, encapsulating related data into a “class” component2. Inheritance is a kind of relationship between classes, which means that subclasses automatically share the properties and methods of the parent class3. Polymorphism enhances the flexibility and reusability of software class 1. The basic unit of Java language is class, similar to type.2. Class […]

  • Java IO


    IO summaryIn refers to the process of reading from disk to program. Out refers to the process of writing from program to disk. Whether it is in or out, it is subject to the program. In Java, it is divided into byte stream and character stream according to different data units. Byte stream: can only […]

  • Abstract class of Java object oriented


    Java abstract class   Java abstract class: 1. Abstract modifier can be used to modify a method or a class. If you modify a method, the method is an abstract method; if you modify a class, the class is an abstract class 2. Abstract classes may not have abstract methods, but classes with abstract methods […]

  • Ocmock principle


    Ocmock principle In ocmockOCMStubThis macro is very powerful. It can specify the return value of a mock class method // create a mock for the user defaults id userDefaultsMock = OCMClassMock([NSUserDefaults class]); // set it up to return the specified value no matter how the method is invoked OCMStub([userDefaultsMock stringForKey:[OCMArg any]]).andReturn(@”http://testurl”); Isn’t it amazing? Let’s […]

  • Java basic knowledge, do you really know it


    Java basic knowledge Math.round (VaR);   for rounding If (1) is not allowed in Java, C / C + + can. Void is also one of the basic data types. All basic data types have an initial value of 0 or 0.0, and the initial value of reference type is null. This can only be […]