• Types of learning in the scenarios of Java business projects


    This is to parameterize the type from the original specific type, which is similar to the variable parameters in the method. At this time, the type is also defined as a parameter form (which can be called a type parameter), and then a specific type (type argument) is passed in during use / call.StarpoolAbstract class […]

  • Object – inheritance


    inherit Class screenshot code Parent class package com.oop.demo04; //In Java, all classes inherit the object class directly or indirectly by default //Person: parent class public class Person { //public //protected //default //private private int money = 10_0000_0000; public void say() { System. out. Println (“speak”); } public int getMoney() { return money; } public void […]

  • What is “overloading” in PHP?


    Many interviewers will ask some object-oriented questions during the interview. Among the three characteristics of object-oriented, the most important implementation of polymorphism is method overloading and rewriting. However, in PHP, there is only rewriting, and there is no complete implementation of overload capability. Override, subclass overrides parent method. //Rewrite class A { public function test($a) […]

  • Flutter gets started quickly, and the second becomes larger


    Introduction:In the past two years, the popularity of flutter has been increasing. More and more people participate in the ecological construction of flutter, whether in Ali or external companies. As a cross end UI framework, fluent is also likely to be used as a DSL for the group’s marketing campaign pages like rax in the […]

  • 2-spring container creation


    Important category BeanFactory: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory, is a very pure bean container. It is a necessary data structure for IOC, and beandefinition is its basic structure. Beanfactory internally maintains a beandefinition map, and can create and manage beans according to the description of beandefinition. BeanDefinition: org.springframework.beans.factory.config.BeanDefinitionIt is used to describe bean objects in spring, such as the […]

  • [Architecture] compiled a general MVP framework example code


    Recently, I reviewed the MVP framework. Combined with several good blogs I read, I sorted out a sample code of MVP framework that can be used for practical work. Here is a record and share it with netizens. The code example demonstrates a scenario where the employee information is queried and displayed by entering the […]

  • What is the difference between Es5 inheritance and ES6 inheritance? Let Babel tell you


    If you asked me beforeES5Inheritance andES6What’s the difference in inheritance? I will confidently say that there is no difference, but it’s just a grammatical sugar. At best, there are differences in writing, but now I will pretend to think about it, and then say that although it’s just a grammatical sugar, it’s also a little […]

  • Java object-oriented summary


    Overview: OOPClass, object, abstract class, interfaceCharacteristics: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism Class: type in reality, general conceptA collection of objects with the same properties and methods Object: a specific individual, a specific thing, and everything is an objectProperties – various characteristics of the objectMethod – the operation performed by the object Class is the abstraction of object, […]

  • IOS MVVM Architecture – Practice of separating interface and data I / O logic


    After reading more than ten articles about MVVM, I finally began to have confidence to try to adopt the architecture of MVVM in my own projects. Explain the background At first, it was because the company asked to write unit tests. Writing unit tests is a painful thing, especially after the project has been formed. […]

  • IOS uicollectionview slides horizontally and loads data horizontally


    preface Recently, when making a tab selection page, I encountered such a demand that 8 tabs are displayed on one page, and more than one page is displayed when it exceeds. At first, I used uicollectionview confidently and adjusted itscrollDirectionbyUICollectionViewScrollDirectionHorizontalIt is found that the requirements are basically met. However, when the number of labels is […]

  • [IOS metal] using metal to customize cifilter leads to the problem that vertex function cannot be found


    Generally, cifilter can be used to process images. If we are not satisfied with some effects and need to implement them ourselves, we can customize cifilter by writing metal. Similar to fragment shader, the processing object is a pixel. There are many tutorials on how to use metal shader to customize cifilter online, which I […]

  • New syntax in ES6 (4) — object oriented


    Two changes of JSON in ES6 Shorthand: JSON can be shorthand when the name and value are the same let a=12,b=5; let json = { a, b } console.log(json) // { a:12 , b:5 } Omit function: functions in JSON can be abbreviated let persen ={ Name: ‘Qianqian’, age:18, showName(){ alert(this.name) } } persen.showName() ES6 […]