• Less cycle


    In this section, we will learn the loop in less. Loops should be very common in programming languages. There are loops in general programming languages, such as in JavaScriptforCirculationwhileHowever, there are no such two kinds of syntax in less, but they are used to realize the loop through its own call. The use of recycling […]

  • What are the plugins


    html-webpack-pluginAutomatic package to generate HTML const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require(‘html-webpack-plugin’); module.exports = { // … plugins: [ new HtmlWebpackPlugin() ], }; clean-webpack-pluginClean up the / dist folder before each build.The official example does not work in the new version. The correct configuration is as follows const { CleanWebpackPlugin } = require(‘clean-webpack-plugin’); module.exports = { … plugins:[ […]

  • Video dynamic setting width and height


    The video is uploaded in the background through the editor. When uploading the video, the editor must input the width and height of the video, and it must be a number, not a percentage It’s really not intelligent. How to transmit specific numbers to fit various types of equipment???   When the video is displayed […]

  • The interactive tool library of nodejs — chalk pipe and chalk


    Nodejs interactive tool library series library effect chalk-pipe Create a chalk style scheme using simpler style strings chalk Handle terminal string style correctly Commander.js complete node.js Command line solution Inquirer.js A common set of interactive command-line user interfaces. slash System path character processing minimist Parse parameter options dotenv Load environment variables from. Env file into […]

  • Using zeplin to automatically generate CSS from design drawings to improve the efficiency of front-end style development


    One of Amway’s software for you today is zeplin, which is used to connect designers and front-end developers. For independent developers, it is also a artifact. This software has web version and client (MAC / win). With it, we can use zeplin to automatically generate CSS from design drawings, improve the efficiency of front-end style […]

  • Record the embarrassment of using @ media


    In the past, when writing HTML with vs code, the shortcut keys were smooth. What commonly used tags are generated for you, so a careless rookie encountered an embarrassing thing when using the default webstrom.1. First of all, min width and max width are commonly used in media query; Min width, literally, minimum width, which […]

  • Kiss — simple CSS animation display


    This case is the learning result of the class. This article is only used as the learning summary record. Welcome to learn and exchange. 1、 Display 2、 Conception Using technology: HTML + CSS Div box model Position positioning fixed element position Pseudo class manufacturing elements (blush part) 3、 Implementation HTML partial three-tier structure (container + […]

  • HTML beginner 2


    CSS Style Classification and disadvantages There are three ways to introduce CSS style In line style sets the style of the element inside the label through the style attribute Structure and style are not separated, which affects the maintenance of code It can only take effect on one label and cannot be set uniformly, which […]

  • From the need for a custom sharing page


    Thoughts on a custom sharing page introduction I believe that most people have used or are using Umeng to share, but often the sharing style provided by Umeng can not meet our needs. For example, we want to add some additional buttons (copy link, report, etc.).At the beginning of the project we are doing is […]

  • Do you really know CSS? [CSS selector Series 1]


    Do you really know CSS? [CSS selector Series 1]   Selector, selector priority, selector scope /*Offspring relationship*/ .box div {background: #fff;} /*Father son relationship*/ .box > div {background: #fff;} /*Neighboring brotherhood*/ .box + div {background: #fff;} /*Fraternity*/ .box ~ div {background: #fff;} The above four are common selectors in CSS style file writing. In addition, […]

  • The long road of react


    Learning react is not an easy thing, and it seems that the introduction is not so simple. But I think it’s all worth it.This is my experience in learning react, I hope to help you! React can use two styles, one is normal CSS, the other is the style defined in react.Common CSS style, which […]

  • React server rendering road 07 — adding CSS Style


    All source code, documents and images are in GitHub’s repository. Click to enter the repository Related reading React server rendering road 01: project infrastructure construction React server rendering road 02 — the simplest server rendering React server rendering road 03 — routing React server rendering road 04 — redux-01 React server rendering road 05 — […]