• What can garment ERP system do?


    We all know that the business processes of the garment industry are generally divided into manufacturing, sales, order generation, logistics management, inventory management, etc. with the continuous increase of garment styles, the management of these business processes will become extremely complex. Relying solely on pure manual management may not be able to achieve timeliness, At […]

  • CSS Basics (1)


    Why CSS? HTML can’t meet the needs of designers HTML operation attribute is inconvenient Adding styles to HTML brings bloated and cumbersome CSS CSS: cascading style sheets to style the appearance of web pages CSS writing method Inline style sheet Set the style of the element through the attribute value of style < tag name […]

  • Display report data in react application


    Create react app Create a reference link for react application, such as using NPX package to run tools: npx create-react-app arjs-react-viewer-appIf you are using yarn, execute the command: yarn create react-app arjs-react-viewer-appFor more ways to create react, please refer to the official documentation Install activereportsjs NPM package The react report viewer component has been placed […]

  • Try vue3.0 – understand change (2)


    background After the last articleTry vue3.0 – start with todolistYou can have a preliminary understanding of the simple writing method of vue3.0. Next, I’ll describe the overall changes in Eugene summary and the current mature RFCs (syntax changes). Overall change Performance Rewriting vdom improves the performance of static tags Compile time optimization Better initialization performance […]

  • Did your less parent selector & play out?


    I don’t know if you feel that CSS is becoming less and less popular in the front circle.The reasons may be as follows: It’s hard to modularize and maintain. There’s nothing to study I don’t know how to ask in an interview Some companies also have CSS engineers, so the front end doesn’t need to […]

  • Selector priority


    1. Introduce the concept of selector priority When using different selectors, selecting the same element and setting the same style. At this time, there is a conflict between styles, and the final style defined by the selector is determined by the priority (weight) of the selector. The high priority will be displayed first. 2. Priority […]

  • Chrome version 89 does not support less deep style penetration


    problem Chrome version 89.0.4389.90 does not support less/deep/Style penetration solve We should not only take care of the previous version, but also be compatible with the new version. It is recommended to write two CSS styles .main{ .el-dialog__headerbtn{ top:-5px!important; right:0px!important; } /deep/.el-dialog__headerbtn{ top:-5px!important; right:0px!important; } } be careful:/deep/Only for less and sass::v-deepbe careful:/deep/It’s better to […]

  • Object length changes obtained through document. Getelementsby * and document. Queryselectorall


    Today, when dealing with a style modification, we plan to use js native method to select elements and modify their styles, and then use the following method const active:HTMLCollectionOf<Element> = document.getElementsByClassName(‘is-active’) for (let i = 0; i < active.length; i++) { active[i].classList.remove(‘is-active’) } Then it is found that the next element will always be left […]

  • Richtext of flutter widgets


    Note: without special instructions, the version of flutter and dart are as follows: Flutter version: 1.12.13 + hotfix. 5 Dart version: 2.7.0 Basic usage Applications cannot do without the display of text, so text typesetting is very important, usuallyTextComponent can fulfill most of the requirements. It can display different sizes of text, fonts, colors, etc. […]

  • Applet comments / handwriting


    This chapter mainly introduces how to make handwriting / picture annotation in small programs. Introduction to small program documents Canvas:Canvas, drawing context:CanvasContext 1. Create a canvas in the front end, and the canvas ID of the front end’s canvas,Using Wx. Createcontext to get the drawing context var context = wx.createCanvasContext(‘myCanvas’) 2. Set properties / styles. […]

  • What should we pay attention to in architecture


    Definition of Architecture Architecture first appeared with architecture. After entering the software industry, its meaning has changed, but the most basic meaning has not changed. In essence, architecture is a design action and an implementation action; Design action describes the products that meet the needs of customers’ strategic planning; Implementation action describes the process of […]

  • On API design style


    API style is a controversial topic, and most developers are familiar with rest and APIGraphQLIt’s a debate, not to mention other styles. This article introduces eight different API styles. What are the styles of API? According to different characteristics, it can be divided into five categories as follows: Web API:RESTandso-called REST Query API:GraphQL Publish subscribe […]