• React learning


    Event system React implements a synthetic event layer based on virtual dom. The processor we defined will receive an instance of synthetic event object, which fully conforms to W3C standard and will not have any ie compatibility problem. It also has the same interface as native browser events and supports event bubbling mechanism. We can […]

  • The basic components of angular2 learning notes and ngfor


    The idea of angular2 is very advanced. It abandons the complex construction mode of angular1 and adopts the method of component-based prescription. Let’s take a look at what a basic component looks like.angular2-demo 1、 Introduction 1. Directory structure .tsComponent code .scssstyle .pngdesign sketch .htmltemplate file 2. Renderings 2、 Code instance https://github.com/qq83387856/angular2-demo/tree/master/src/ts/component/basic 3、 Detailed interpretation 1. […]

  • Blog transformation and upgrading


    start The personal blog I wrote before is really a bit too ugly. I recently rewritten it. We have done mobile adaptation, added article tags and photo albums.It looks good. talk is cheap,show me you code。 A picture is better than a thousand words Personal blog address:http://www.baijiawei.top Project GitHub address:https://github.com/bjw1234/bl… Custom scroll bar Currently, chrome […]

  • Advanced front end technology of web front end development (advanced development program)


    (add star to dada’s front end to improve its front end skills) ​ The content is a little too much, please calm down and read slowly, and pay more attention in the future. When it comes to advanced web front-end development, we must master the optimization of HTML and CSS code. Front end optimization is […]

  • Pure CSS adds style (no script) to select


    Change the default style of select. In general, it can be simulated by UL and Li.Many jQuery plug-ins change the default style of select in this way.According to the reflection of the program, this method is unable to obtain data after the form is submitted. Later, through experiments, different JS / jQuery plug-ins are used, […]

  • position:fixed Location based on parent element


    position: fixed It’s browser basedIf you want to set the positioning based on the parent element, you need to set the style for the parent elementtransform:translate(0)Can also give the parent element superior, superior… In the upper layer of the element can, pro test effective.

  • Chrome set black mode


    background Set on MACDark Mode (System Preferences = > General = > dark), many apps can automatically replace the theme with dark mode, but Chrome browser has no update mode (white background). I’m used to the black theme when I write code. The contrast between white and black is too strong, and it really hurts […]

  • CSS inline style


    In this section, we want to learn several forms of CSS style. There are three ways to introduce CSS style into HTML in practical application, namely, in line style, internal style and external style. We will learn the advantages, disadvantages and application scenarios of these three methods in turn. In this section, we will talk […]

  • CSS Chapter 7 – CSS3 (3)


    CSS Chapter 7 – CSS3 (3) CSS3 3D conversion That is, you can do some operations in the three directions of XYZ div { transform: rotateY(130deg); -WebKit transform: rotatey (130Deg); / * Safari and chrome*/ -moz-transform: rotateY(130deg); /* Firefox */ } Others include scale translate, which can be implemented in three directions. CSS3 transition CSS3 […]

  • React uses swiper carousel component


    First of all, I use 5.3.0 here npm i [email protected] –save Then, it is introduced in the component head import Swiper from ‘swiper’; import ‘swiper/css/swiper.css’; Here I use the class componentInitialize the carousel component componentDidMount() { this.instanceSwiper() } instanceSwiper() { this.swiperObj = new Swiper(‘.swiper-container’, { slidesPerView: 1, loop: false, Autoplay: {// Auto slide Delay: 3000, […]

  • Marker tag of CSS list model


    Marker tag of CSS list model In this paper, we mainly focus on the::masterPseudo elementslist-itemNextlist-style-image、list-style-typeThis paper introduces the style property and how to use it in practice.list-itemThere are other style properties that are not commonly used in this article. Those who are interested can move by themselvesCSS standard document ::markerWhat is it? ::markerIs a tag […]

  • Overview of basic HTML div and CSS


    What is a div <div></div>Html is a common tag for region divisioncharacteristic Alone in a line It can’t achieve complex effect alone, so it must be rendered with CSS style Line level elements In line elements <div> <span> <!– Div tag: block tag, line level element, which will occupy one line of HTML –> Data […]