• HTML5 canvas drawing foundation (source code of business card generator)


    Create canvas Your browser does not support canvas Foundation setup var canvas = document.getElementById(‘myCanvas’); var ctx = canvas.getContext(‘2d’); canvas.width=100; canvas.height=100; Draw a straight linemoveTo(x1, y1)lineTo(x2, y2) ctx.moveTo(0, 0); ctx.lineTo(100, 100); ctx.stroke(); Draw circlesctx.arc(x,y,radius,0,2*Math.PI,true) ctx.beginPath(); ctx.arc(300,300,50,0,2*Math.PI,true); ctx.strokeStyle = ‘#000’; ctx.stroke(); Draw rectanglectx.strokeRect(x1, y1,x2, y2) ctx.strokeRect(300,100,200,100); Beginpath() starts a new pathClosepath() closes the current pathNot in pairs […]

  • Re learn the HTML of the front end (2) a detailed explanation of the structure tag of HTML page


    This article is mainly about the function of the structure tag of an HTML page. The tags involved are: <! DOCTYPE >, < head >, < meta >, < title >, < link >, < body >, < script >, < noscript >. Detailed explanation of labels The role of <! DOCTYPE >: tells the […]

  • Requirement collection platform of node project (3) – using cookies to achieve likes


    It is also a temporary YY function to be added. The requirements collection platform aims to collect users’ requirements, then give basic replies and update the requirements status. However, for those repeated requirements, it is not necessary to require different users to submit them repeatedly. However, in order to let collectors know which requirements are […]

  • How to modify the style of El select: Popper append to body and Popper class


    How to modify the style of El select component provided by elementui There are many online solutions to this: 1. Find the class name of the drop-down box and write aGlobal style overlayJust drop it.2, modify.el-select-dropdown__itemStyle3. Provided through the official websitepopper-classMake style changes However, the above method does not mention the point. The method of […]

  • Why sass instead of less?


    It mainly answers the following questions: 1. What are sass and less?2. Why use CSS preprocessor?3. Comparison between sass and less4. Why use sass instead of less? What are sass and less? Sass and less are both CSS preprocessors, so what is CSS preprocessor? CSS preprocessor defines a new language. Its basic idea is to […]

  • Manual for writage, a powerful word plug-in


    Witage user manual The markdown offline editor I have always wanted has the following function: when I copy a picture to the clipboard elsewhere, I go back to the markdown editor, just press Ctrl + V,The picture comes naturally. Specifically, create a folder under the same path of the current markdown file,The pictures are automatically […]

  • Comparison and setting of standard model and IE model of CSS box, obtaining of box size


    CSS box modelInclude:Content content + padding inner margin + border border + margin outer margin 1. Standard model and IE model and their comparison Standard / W3C box modelThe scope ofmargin、border、padding、contentAndcontentNo other parts included. Ie box modelThe scope ofmargin、border、padding、content, different from the standard box, ie box’scontentContainspaddingandborderPart. 2. How to set standard model and IE model […]

  • Record of problems encountered


    1、 CSS style problems 1. One line ellipsis and multi line ellipsis One line omitted style: Width: 200px; // must be fixed width Overflow: hidden; // beyond hidden Text overflow: ellipsis; // the hidden part is replaced by ellipsis White space: nowrap; // no line wrapping for text content (by default, line wrapping is performed […]

  • CSS + comment component in react react


    A small case to consolidate the use of stateful and stateless components Generating multiple components through a for loop Data: CommentList = [ {user: ‘Zhang San’, content: ‘ha ha, sofa’}, {user: ‘Zhang san2’, content: ‘ha ha, bench’}, {user: ‘Zhang SAN3’, content: ‘ha ha, mat’}, {user: ‘Zhang San 4’, content: ‘ha ha, brick’}, {user: ‘Zhang San […]

  • Build a markdown document parser in five minutes


    Word: 790 Reading time: 5 minutes Preface The purpose of this article is to show how to build a markdown document presentation tool from scratch. The whole process is very simple. We can build a customized MD document parser in five minutes. Isn’t it cool! First, let’s take a picture of the results to see […]

  • Tutorial: laravel + vuejs + tailwind CSS building a todo app Part 1


    The article was forwarded from the professional laravel developer community. Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t Today, we build a simple todo application through vue.js, laravel, and tailwind. In order to save time, we do not provide any data interaction. But don’t worry, the next part will be more exciting. Preparation for development First, we run through the […]

  • Markdown typesetting tool for official account: Md2All


    WeChat official account: Yan Jia Da XiaoIf there are any questions or suggestions, please official account message. The typesetting tool used in this article: md2all, http://md.aclickall.com Official account typesetting tool The official account is really quite different in typesetting and editing tools, but its functions are very similar. Most of them are for the typesetting […]