• dice game


    topic:The dice is a cube with six sides, and each side is printed with small dots between 1 and 6 to represent the number of points. Suppose the rules of this game are: two people take turns rolling the dice 6 times and add up the points for each roll. The one with the most […]

  • (Details) Design ideas of student management system


    The student management system is essentially a complex, combining many functions and the application of many skills….. Beginning: Student Information Entry First of all, it is the input link of student information. Considering that the student information includes name, age, grades of each subject, etc., I use the structure to realize the beginning part. struct […]

  • Employee management system design ideas


    Requirements overview: Since the design of this system, it is necessary to consider the corresponding needs. The employee management system, as the name suggests, is designed to manage employees, and the most basic “addition, deletion, modification and inspection” in the system is naturally indispensable. First design the header file First, we define multiple header files […]

  • Reasons and solutions for the problem of “cout is not clear” in C++


    If you are lucky enough to see this blog, then I guess you should have encountered this problem and are eager to find a solution, so I will first write the solution in the simplest sentenceThe solution is:**Replace the original using namespace std in the file;Save the cpp file after deleting,Plus using namespace std; save […]

  • C language classic topic: insert characters at a specified position in a string


    topicWrite a program that does the following: Add a $ character in front of all numeric characters in a string. For example, input A1B23CD45, output A$1B$2$3CD$4$5. Ideas:Observing the law, it can be found that the inserted letters will only be in front of the numbers and will not affect the letters. So the complete code […]

  • August 2022 NEAR Certified Developer Chinese Course


    Completing the course will receive a scholarship of up to $500, welcome to start the journey of Learn to Earn! NEAR is an open network infrastructure based on blockchain and a development platform for the release of next-generation decentralized social, financial, game and other applications. In addition to its extremely high performance, the biggest feature […]

  • Design and Realization of Address Book Management System


    When we think of “management system”, four words usually come to mind, adding, checking, deleting, and modifying. This is also an essential part.I will first list the parts I want to implement in this system (of course, there are many deficiencies in my thinking, please correct me, criticize, I am very grateful) cout << “***********1. […]

  • Can’t open header file in vs2022: “sys/socket.h” solution


    Error phenomenon:Error reason and solution:The header files are different on different platformsUnder windows:winsock.h/winsock2.h Under linux:sys/socket.h Therefore, change socket.h to winsock32.h. Refer to the detailed usage of this function header file:https://docs.microsoft.com/en…

  • VS2022 prompts “The solution has not been analyzed yet” or the solution to the problem of slow loading


    The reason for this problem (or the loading time of the files in the solution is too long) is usually due to too many cached files, which leads to the previous solution identified by vs. Therefore, the files in this solution are not analyzed in time. The solution is: find the cache folder in the […]

  • Pure c implements tcp protocol


    Since we want to implement the tcp protocol in C language, let’s first look at what the tcp protocol is, and then go to practice. Introduction of tcp protocol: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP, Transmission Control Protocol) is a connection-oriented, reliable, byte stream-based transport layer communication protocol, defined by RFC 793 of the IETF.TCP is designed […]

  • The meaning of “_T” and “_L” in C++ language


    This blog is aimed at beginner classmates and classmates who have already worked but accidentally forgot this knowledge point. I hope to provide them with some help. Let’s look at a piece of code first. if (ifp == NULL) { MessageBox(NULL, _T(“The file already exists, please re-enter”), _T(“Error”), MB_ICONEXCLAMATION); return; } A keyword “-T” appears […]

  • The solution to the flashback of the VS console program


    Cause of flashback: usually caused by the abnormal exit of the written programThere are three solutions: method one: 1. Open the project -> Properties Configuration Properties->Linker->System->Subsystem->Console Add the “/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE” link option and configure it to get it done. Method Two: Add getchar(); in front of the return value Method Two: Add system(“pause”) in front of […]