• Based on the source, grasp the law


    “Multiplication distribution law” is an important operation law in primary school, which is used in the solution of many problems. “Multiplication distribution law” is the knowledge basis for learning algebraic simplification and formula induction in the future, which has important value and position in mathematics learning. Its biggest difference from multiplication exchange law and combination […]

  • Mybatisplus multi table connection query


    Logo picture ppt backplane 16_ 9 2.001. png 1、 Preface (1) Background content The most common selection component of Dao layer in software application technology architecture is mybatis. Friends who are familiar with mybatis know how beautiful mybatis was in the past. XML files are used to solve the problem of complex database access. Today, […]

  • Mybatis notes: XML Mapping File


    The XML Mapping file refers to the XML configuration file for configuring SQL. It configures the mapping relationship between the interface method of the operation entity class and the corresponding SQL. This article just takes a few learning notes. For more information, please refer to the mybatis Chinese documenthttps://mybatis.org/mybatis-3/zh/sqlmap-xml.html 1. Parametertype configuration Parametertype indicates the […]

  • Sql45 questions


    1、 Data preparation Exercise data data sheet–1. Student form (SID, sname, sage, ssex)Sid student number, sname student name, sage date of birth, ssex student gender–2. Course (CID, CNAME, TID)CID course number, CNAME course name, TID teacher number–3. Teacher (TID, tname)TID teacher number, tname teacher name–4. Score sheet SC (SID, CID, score)Sid student number, CID course […]

  • Baidu Wu Tian: the chief AI architect training plan continues to deliver high-end composite AI talents for the industry


    On October 15, the fifth phase of AICA chief AI architect training program jointly initiated by the National Engineering Laboratory of deep learning technology and application and Baidu ushered in the opening ceremony in Beijing. 66 enterprise CTOs and technical executives from 13 industries such as energy, manufacturing, finance, Internet and retail officially started the […]

  • Reading and secondary development of student information management system on CSDN


    About the content of this blog, I am roughly divided into three parts: the interpretation of the source code, the introduction of the program after secondary redevelopment, and some of my feelings after reading and redeveloping other people’s code. IInterpretation of source code The interpretation of this part is mainly divided into three parts: the […]

  • Knowledge distillation of Bert model: Study on the theory and mechanism of distilbert method


    If you have ever trained a large NLP model like Bert or Roberta, you will know that the process is extremely long. Due to its large scale, training such models may last for several days. When you need to run them on small devices, you will find that you are paying for increasing performance at […]

  • Python implements a simple example code of graduate information management system! It’s simple


    The graduate information management system realizes the basic addition, deletion, modification and query of students’ personal information, I thought about the list I just learned some time ago. It’s simple. Design a student information list, and then save a list of each student’s detailed information in the list, and then realize a basic addition, deletion, […]

  • P2158 [sdoi2008] explanation of honor guard


    Travel portal:https://www.luogu.com.cn/problem/P2158 Title Description As a sports committee member, C Jun is responsible for the training of the honor guard of the sports meeting. The honor guard is an n * n square array composed of students. In order to ensure that the team is neat and uniform during the journey, Mr. C will follow […]

  • Vue – data transfer from parent component to child component


    Transfer data from parent component to child component (prop) Sub component code example: view code {{msg}} Student Name: {name}} Student gender: {sex}} Student age: {{age}} export default { name: ‘Student’, data () { return { MSG: “I’m a student” } }, //Props takes precedence over data //Props: [‘name ‘,’age’,’sex ‘] // simple declaration receiving —————————– […]

  • MySQL practice case (practical operation)


    Recently, I wanted to go back to review MySQL statements, so I found some case exercises on the Internet. At first, I found them scattered. Later, I made a practical case with reference to this blog.Eric_Squirrel:MySQL student table classic case 50 questions. The first is to build tables. I use mysql5 7. Basically no problem […]

  • Swiftui and core data


    Recommended viewing Recommended reading picture SwiftUIandCore DataThe difference is nearly ten years – swiftuiiOS 13Core data is the product of IPhoneOS 3; A long time ago, it wasn’t called IOS because the iPad hasn’t been released yet. Although time is far away,AppleOr has a lot of work been done to ensure that these two powerful […]