• Open source summer is coming, welcome to sign up for Apache APIs IX project!


    Activity introduction Open source summer (full name: open source software supply chain lighting program – Summer 2021) is a summer activity for college students jointly sponsored by Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and openeuler community. It aims to encourage college students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software, […]

  • Learning summary and sharing of excellent students (1)


    preface Before learning, I ask students to use XMIND to summarize knowledge points. This kind of beneficial skills can improve our ability of editing mind map. Doing mind map is an essential skill in future work. Through daily summary, we can achieve the purpose of practicing mind map. In the future work, we can save […]

  • Quickly understand the language features of nullable reference type in C # 8.0


    Visual C # 8.0 introducesNullable reference type(nullable reference type), through the powerful functions provided by the compiler, helps developers to avoid the code problems caused by null references as much as possible. Here I’ll give you a brief introduction to the basic content of nullable reference types.It may not be easy to understand when you […]

  • Fifty SQL statements (MySQL version) problems


    ————————–Table structure————————– Student (studid, studname, studage, studex) student table Teacher (TID, tname) teacher table course(CId,Cname,C_ TID) curriculum sc(SId,S_ CID, score) ———————————————————- Question 17: according to the average score from high to low, all students’ scores of “database”, “enterprise management” and “English” courses are displayed in the following forms: Student ID, database, enterprise management, English, number […]

  • Fifty SQL statements (MySQL version)


    ————————–Table structure————————– Student (studid, studname, studage, studex) student table Teacher (TID, tname) teacher table course(CId,Cname,C_ TID) curriculum sc(SId,S_ CID, score) ———————————————————- Question 22: query the transcripts of students from the third to the sixth place in the following courses: business management (001), Marx (002), UML (003), database (004) format: [student ID], [student name], business management, […]

  • Java   Version of student performance management system, with source code!


    preface For students majoring in computer science, they must be very impressed by the course design of student performance management system. Design, computer, coding, report writing, defense and a series of processes, although very simple, but we can also use some of our knowledge. Today, let’s review the following topic, using java se to realize […]

  • [industry sharing] dingdong classroom Qiu Mingfeng: Exploration of the final form of online education


    On November 24, the education and technology sub forum of 2020get conference sponsored by Jigou technology was successfully held in Beijing. Six senior education / technology celebrities from dingdong classroom, Xiaobing, 360os, tomato field art and Jigou technology shared in-depth at the forum. The following is a speech by Ding Dong classroom CEO Qiu Mingfeng […]

  • SQL exercise 1 (50 with answers)


    SQL exercises 1. Table structure – 1. Student table Student(s_ id,s_ name,s_ birth,s_ Sex) – student number, student name, date of birth, student gender – 2. Curriculum Course(c_ id,c_ name,t_ ID) –– course number, course name, teacher number – 3. Teacher list Teacher(t_ id,t_ Name) – teacher number, teacher name – 4. Score sheet Score(s_ […]

  • Detailed teaching and practical analysis of MySQL trigger


    All knowledge system articles have been included in GitHub. Welcome to star! GitHub address: https://github.com/Ziphtracks/JavaLearningmanual MySQL trigger 1、 What is a trigger Trigger is a method provided by MySQL for programmers and data analysts to ensure data integrity. It is a special stored procedure related to table events. Its execution is not called by program […]

  • (4) Django model operation


    Model operation The common operation of model corresponds to the addition, deletion, modification and query in the databaseReference documenthttps://docs.djangoproject.co… Sample file from django.db import models class Students(models.Model): Students table username = models.CharField(max_length=64, null=False, unique=True) age = models.IntegerField() cls = models.ForeignKey(‘ClassInfo’, on_delete=models.DO_NOTHING) class ClassInfo(models.Model): “Class table” title = models.CharField(max_length=64, null=False, unique=True) teachers = models.models.ManyToManyField(“Teachers”) class Teachers(models.Model): […]

  • Course design C language student achievement management system


    Student achievement management system Tips: notes should be written are written, suitable for beginners reference.The maximum number of students in a class is not more than 30 (the specific number is input by the keyboard), and the maximum number of examination subjects is not more than 6 (the specific number is input by the keyboard). […]

  • 100 cases of C programming (30): deletion problem


    Example 30   Censoring problem Problem description Enter a high-precision positive integer num (Num no more than 250 bits) from the keyboard. After removing s digits, the remaining digits will form a new positive integer according to the original order. Write a program, for a given num and s, to find a solution, so that […]