• An API hang analysis of a cloud procurement platform based on. Net


    1: Background 1. Tell a story I haven’t written a blog for about two months. My friends who pay attention to me should know that I have recently spent my energy on the planet. In the past two months, there have been friends asking for help on how to analyze dump. Some friends are too […]

  • A burst height analysis of Mrs CPU in an intelligent robot control system of a manipulator based on. Net


    1: Background 1. Tell a story This is the story of a friend who asked Wx for dump in mid June. His programCPU burst height ➕ UI stuckHow to solve the problem? The screenshot is as follows: After getting the dump, I found that this is an MRS program about the manipulator. Ha ha, inMechanical […]

  • An analysis of UI hanging of a lithium battery detection program for a new energy vehicle based on. Net


    More high quality dry goods: see my GitHub:dotnetfly 1: Background 1. Tell a story It’s strange in this world. In the past two months, three friends came to me and asked me to help analyze his program hangon phenomenon. The three dumps are related to medical treatment, new energy and POS system. The screenshot is […]

  • IOS 15 beta upgrade is stuck in the update process and cannot be started. What should I do?


    After the 2021 Apple global developer conference, a large number of fruit fans couldn’t wait to try to upgrade the IOS 15 beta version and want to experience new features at the first time. However, many users reported that the upgrade has been stuck in “prepare for update” and “verify update”, or the device cannot […]

  • (Introduction) environment construction of keystone JS introduction tutorial


    Basic environment Node.js 0.10 + and mongodb V2.4 +; Basic knowledge JavaScript, nodejs, NPM, database, CMS; Execute command Installation of scaffold npm install -g generator-keystone Create the project and enter the directory mkdir my-test-project cd my-test-project Installation of yeoman (scaffold is made of yeoman) npm install -g yo Operating scaffold yo keystone Environment construction completed […]

  • How to deal with Hadoop MapReduce job stuck for a long time?


    From @ TWT community, by Meng Yang. 1. Problem description At present, we write Hadoop MapReduce program to preprocess the source data files from upstream. After the source data files are sent to Hadoop cluster, our preprocessing program will carry out code conversion, data De duplication, adding time zipper, data cleaning, error data processing and […]

  • Raspberry pie uses PWM control fan


    Using GPIO readall to view pin names $ gpio readall +—–+—–+———+——+—+—Pi 4B–+—+——+———+—–+—–+ | BCM | wPi | Name | Mode | V | Physical | V | Mode | Name | wPi | BCM | +—–+—–+———+——+—+—-++—-+—+——+———+—–+—–+ | | | 3.3v | | | 1 || 2 | | | 5v | | | | 2 […]

  • React uses swiper carousel component


    First of all, I use 5.3.0 here npm i [email protected] –save Then, it is introduced in the component head import Swiper from ‘swiper’; import ‘swiper/css/swiper.css’; Here I use the class componentInitialize the carousel component componentDidMount() { this.instanceSwiper() } instanceSwiper() { this.swiperObj = new Swiper(‘.swiper-container’, { slidesPerView: 1, loop: false, Autoplay: {// Auto slide Delay: 3000, […]

  • Share: shell script of Linux one click installation of PowerShell


    I’ve written n shell scripts for Linux one click installation of PowerShell. It seems that there is no similar script project in the world. https://gitee.com/chuanjiao10/kasini3000_agent_linux One click Install PowerShell Linux The following systems are supported: centos7 centos8 debian9 debian10 ubuntu 16.04 ubuntu 18.04 ubuntu 20.04 alpine 3.08——3.12     It should be noted that: This […]

  • Implementation of electron playing RTMP stream (Mac version)


    When packing the Mac version, it is found that RTMP stream can be played under windows, but cannot be played. The reasons are analyzed as follows:1. The Flash Plug-in under widnews is a DLL file, which cannot be used in MAC. Under Mac, it is a plug-in with the suffix plugin. This needs to be […]

  • Promise all asynchronous usage


    The difference between synchronous and asynchronous: Synchronization: The idea of synchronization is: all operations are completed before returning to the user. In this way, users wait too long online, giving users a feeling of being stuck (that is, in the process of system migration, after clicking migration, the interface will not move, but the program […]

  • Global exception capture in WinForm or WPF


    In WinForm or WPF projects, it is inevitable to encounter code blocks that forget to catch exceptions. C ා provides us with a mechanism to catch exceptions globally In WinForm, the Program.cs It’s written like this in Chinese static class Program { [STAThread] static void Main() { Application.SetUnhandledExceptionMode(UnhandledExceptionMode.CatchException); //UI thread exception Application.ThreadException += Application_ThreadException; //Non […]