• Kotlin symbol processing (KSP) alpha is now available


    Author / Software Engineer Ting yuan Huang and product manager David winer We are pleased to introduce youKotlin Symbol Processing(KSP), a new tool to help you build lightweight compiler plug-ins in kotlin. KSP provides functions similar toKAPTHowever, the speed is increased by 2 times, the kotlin compiler function can be accessed directly, and the multi […]

  • What is RPC?


    A series of articles: What is RPC? Grpc routine (zero) environment construction (Windows Environment) What exactly is RPC?RPC refers to remote procedure call, that is to say, two servers a and B, one application is deployed on server A. if you want to call the function / method provided by the application on server B, […]

  • Java code implementation of sorting algorithm (2) — bubble sorting


    Content: Bubble sort Bubble sort Algorithm idea: The principle of bubble sorting is to compare adjacent elements from left to right. Each round of comparison finds the largest or the smallest in the sequence. This number will come out from the far right of the sequence. Code implementation: /** * */ package com.cherish.SortingAlgorithm; /** * […]