• Simple use of gitbook


    Basic use install Note that users need to install nodejs first, so that they can use NPM to install gitbook. npm install gitbook -g //View installed versions gitbook -V initialization //Create directory mkdir pfinal-club //Initialize books gitbook init structure Use the following command to generate a_bookDirectory, the content of which is the resource file of […]

  • [redis5 source code learning] April 15, 2019 simple dynamic string SDS


    baiyan All videos: https://segmentfault.com/a/11… Today we officially enter the study of redis5 source code. Redis is a key value database written in C language, which is memory based, single process and persistent. It solves the problem of slow disk access and greatly improves the data access speed, so it is often used as a cache. […]

  • Combination pattern of design pattern


    Composite pattern Intro In combination mode, objects are combined into a tree structure to represent the “part whole” hierarchical structure. Combination mode makes users use single object and combination object consistently. Intention: to combine objects into a tree structure to represent a “part whole” hierarchy. The combination pattern makes the user’s use of single object […]

  • Maven’s configuration file path reading


    When using XML configuration to build the core class sqlsessionfactory of mybatis, we encountered the problem that the configuration file path is always written incorrectly. After the event, I didn’t look at the documents well, and I was always feeling the elephant for the blind. The code to read the XML configuration file is as […]

  • Dry goods | exploration of extending flutter to wechat applet


    Google flutter is an excellent cross end framework, which can not only run on Android and IOS platforms, but also support web and desktop applications. In China, small program is a very important technology platform. We have been thinking about whether we can extend flutter to small program? Our team has opened up the Alita […]

  • The types of user information obtained by claims principal of different APIs in identityserver4 are inconsistent


    Identityserver4 used in the microservice project, when adding authentication to each API, we can see the following two ways: one is the original way, the other is the encapsulated way of identityserver4, mainly because there are differences when obtaining user information according to the token. The type of claim when getting user ID is http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/nameidentifier […]

  • Go language specification


      1. The hump naming method is recommended for naming golang. It must start with a single letter (Unicode letter) or an underline, and can be followed by any number of letters, numbers or underscores. 2. In golang, the access permission is determined by the case of the first letter. No matter the method name, […]

  • Small pitfalls in golang programming


    1. Int type and float type cannot match Go language does not allow any mathematical operations between integer variables and floating-point variables. Examples of errors are as follows: var n, m = 21, 2.1 //The following line will report an error: invalid operation: n / M (mismatched types int and float64) fmt.Println(n / m) The […]

  • Analysis of inode structure file of table’t ‘


    Series articles: Row (1) from inside analysis of InnoDB InnoDB internal analysis page (2) Areas and segments of InnoDB’s internal analysis (3) Binary page analysis of inode structure Analysis of inode structure file of table’t ‘ Analysis of xdes entry structure file of table’t ‘ Analysis of a graph from theory preface Table structure index: […]

  • Error starting ApplicationContext


    Problem description Today, the project started to report an error. When I encountered this error, I checked it on the Internet and found that many people said it was if pom.xml If the dependency of the relevant data source is added, you need to write the corresponding configuration in the configuration file, otherwise, an error […]

  • Record of problems and solutions in angular2 project development (1)


    Record of problems and solutions in angular2 project development Recently, we are upgrading an angularjs1.4 project using angular2 framework. We also record the problems encountered in the daily development and the liberation plan. 1、Webstorm can’t find ‘@angular/core’; Solution: In webstorm : File->settings->Languages & Frameworks -> TypeScript ->enable typescript compiler & Use tsconfig.json 2、/ localhost:3000/node_ modules/ […]

  • Explain the use of CSS vars ponyfill in IE environment (nextjs build)


    css-vars-ponyfill In the process of changing skin through CSS variable, there will be compatibility problems.   In order to solve the compatibility problems of IE, QQ and Baidu browser, CSS vars ponyfill is introduced. However, in IE browser, CSS vars ponyfill does not perform well in nextjs. The main defect is that the page is […]