• Super dry! Experience sharing of large rust projects | databend makes progress with you


    Large rust project workspace Original text:https://matklad.github.io/2021/08/22/large-rust-workspaces.html In this article, I will share my experience in organizing large rust projects. But this is by no means authoritative, just some tips I found through trial and error. Cargo, as the build system of rust, follows the principle that convention is greater than configuration. It not only provides […]

  • A low-level mistake that can’t be made with go struct!


    Wechat search【Fried fish in my head】Pay attention to this fried fish with fried liver. this paperGitHubgithub. COM / eddycjy / blog has been included, including my series of articles, materials and open source go books. Hello, I’m fried fish. Some time ago, I shared “hand tear go Interviewer: can go structures be compared and why?” […]

  • The list component scrolls and retains scrolling


    Light JavaScript can be recognized / processed, and other programming languages Java, PHP… Can also be recognized / processed On data is an array in an object, and there is a nested structure of objects in the array. Facing the complex JSON data above,StarpoolWe often can’t see its structure clearly. At this time, we can […]

  • Use of kotlin let, with, run, apply, and also functions


    sketch: Compared with Java, kotlin provides many advanced syntax features. For a kotlin beginner, he often writes some code that is not elegant enough. Source code standard library in kotlin(Standard.kt)Some built-in functions of kotlin extension are provided in to optimize kotlin coding. Standard. KT is part of the kotlin library, which defines some basic functions. […]

  • To be a better javaer — data structure & algorithm Vol.1: basic concept of data structure


    Basic concepts and terms 1. Data Data is the carrier of information. It is a collection of numbers, characters and all symbols that can be input into the computer and recognized and processed by the computer program. 2. Data elements Data element is the basic unit of data, which is usually considered and l processed […]

  • A practice of SAP Spartacus module hierarchy design


    Reference App Structure This recommended Spartacus application structure is intended as a reference when you set up your own Spartacus application. Spartacus is an angular library, which means that it can be used alone in angular applications or integrated into existing angular projects. Instead, you can add any other angular solution or library to your […]

  • Redistemplate batch operation


    1. Incr auto increment of redistemplate public Integer incr(String key, Date expireDate) { key = getKey(key); RedisAtomicLong entityIdCounter = new RedisAtomicLong(key, redisTemplate.getConnectionFactory()); entityIdCounter.expireAt(expireDate); Long increment = entityIdCounter.incrementAndGet(); return increment.intValue(); } 2. Query the key list containing a character scan public Set<String> scan(String matchKey) { Set<String> keys = (Set<String>) redisTemplate.execute((RedisCallback<Set<String>>) connection -> { Set<String> keysTmp = […]

  • Explain three usage scenarios of go empty structure in detail


    Hello, I’m fried fish. In go language, there is a special type, which is often asked by friends who have just come into contact with go or do not understand. This is the use of empty structures in go, which is often used by people: ch := make(chan struct{}) Pay off the same use of […]

  • 016 utilitarian learning method ③: knowledge crystal-03 online learning transition


    [Key words] knowledge, crystal, extraction, extraction [knowledge description] We often encounter such problems. We have read a lot of books and learned a lot of knowledge, but we can’t express it. Knowledge crystal The stable structure between knowledge becomes a knowledge crystal, which is not easy to wear and easy to extract as a whole. […]

  • Go reflection class instance


    Internal mechanism of variables Type information: static meta information, predefined Value information: it is dynamically changed during program operation Use of reflection Get type information: reflect.typeof, which is static Get value information: reflect.valueof, which is dynamic Get interface value information by reflection package main import ( “fmt” “reflect” ) //Get interface value information by reflection […]

  • 0x02. Processing window closed


    In the previous article, we used sdl2 to display a window. At that time, we made the thread sleep for 10 seconds and looked at the appearance of a window. Now we want to close the window through our active trigger event. Otherwise, it will run all the time Keep the window displayed It’s easy […]

  • Swift advanced 08: closure & capture principle


    closure closurecanCapture and storageOf any constants and variables defined in their contextquote, this is the so-calledClose and wrap those constants and variablesTherefore, it is called“closure”Swift can handle everything for youCaptured memory managementOperation of. Three forms of closure [global function is a special closure]: a global function is a closure that has a name but does […]