• Java8 method reference and construction reference code instance


    This article mainly introduces the java8 method reference and construction reference code examples. The example code is introduced in great detail, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it An overview of method reference Method reference is a kind of abbreviation of specific lamda […]

  • The use of variable deconstruction assignment in JavaScript


    introduction Deconstruction assignment is a fast and convenient variable assignment method introduced in ES6, which is mainly divided into deconstruction and assignment. The destructor, that is, matches the structure, and then decomposes the structure for assignment. Deconstruction assignment of arrays use const arr = [1,3,5] const [a,b,c] = arr; console.log(a) // 1 console.log(b) // 3 […]

  • Five tips to improve your C code (2)


    In this article, I’ll show you five best practices of C # programming. I learned these practices from my everyday programming experience. I tested all the code in release mode and took a screen capture after the development environment was stable. I think you’ll like the suggestions. Select a data type before using it For […]

  • Reflection in detail


    -Basic introduction *Reflection can dynamically obtain all kinds of traversal information at runtime, such as the type and kind of variables *If it is a structure variable, you can also obtain the information of the structure itself (including the fields and methods of the structure) *Through reflection, you can modify the value of the variable […]

  • Go language under Windows environment configuration and simple program structure explanation


    Local environment settings Here we introduce how to set up the go programming language environment. You need to prepare the following two softwares on your computer: (a) text editor and (b) go compiler. text editor This will be used to type the program. Some examples of editors include Windows Notepad, OS edit command, brief, epsilon, […]

  • The way of C / C + + Learning


    First of all, explain the problem of heap corruption deleted. The compiler reported an error mainly due to improper memory new / delete. If the compiler prompts heap corruption deleted and CRT detected that the application write to memory after end of Heap Buffer, the following aspects should be checked first: 1) Whether the space […]

  • Rust programming, option learning


    Video address Headline address:https://www.ixigua.com/i676544267458235648…Station B address:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av78062009?…Netease cloud classroom address:https://study.163.com/course/introduction…. GitHub address GitHub address introduce The option type represents an optional value. Each option is either a value contained in a some or a none. Option is defined as follows: pub enum Option<T> { None, Some(T), } usage Option mainly has the following usages: Initialization value; […]

  • CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 11: network programming


    A series of articles: CSAPP English Learning Series: Preface Chapter 1: a tour of computer systems CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 2: data representation Chapter 8: exceptional control flow CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 11: network programming CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 12: concurrent programming Network applications rely on many of the concepts that you […]

  • Spring data redis best practices!


    Springboot real e-commerce project Mall (30K + star) address: https://github.com/macrozheng/mall abstract Spring data redis is a way to operate redis provided by the spring framework. Recently, I sorted out its usage and solved some difficulties and pitfalls encountered in the process of using it. I hope it will be helpful to you. This article covers […]

  • Trees and binary trees (2)


    Storage structure of binary tree Sequential storage Because binary tree is more flexible, sequential representation will waste a lot of space, so it is generally not used, unless it is full binary tree or full binary tree Chain representation Static linked list It is stored in a linear structure, so the allocation of storage space […]

  • Discuss the difference between PHP and node. JS development


    For a long time, deciding to choose between node.js and PHP is a laborious task, but it has always been laborious for back-end programmers, but it has never affected developers. But the job quickly changed, and now developers need to pick one of them. Recently, the battle between node.js and PHP has become an appropriate […]

  • Constructors in JavaScript


    Background analysis How to define multiple objects with the same structure (for example, the same attribute name and different attribute values)? For example:var p1={x:10,y:20}var p2={x:30,y:40}var p3={x:50,y:60} In the above code, if there are many attributes, we need to write the attributes repeatedly when building the object, the amount of code repetition is relatively large, which […]