• [moonlight box get √] replace space with time and talk about sparse arrays


    background Data structure refers to the collection of data elements with structural characteristics. In the data structure, the data are related together through a certain organizational structure, which is convenient for computer storage and use. In terms of classification, data structures can be divided into linear structure and nonlinear structure, which are suitable for different […]

  • Table correlation


    1.Create table #Create table create table Table name(       field1Name, field1type       field2Name, field2type       field3Name, field3type   )   create table t_uesr(   id int,   name varchar(4),   age tinyint,   sex varchar(2),   phone varchar(11),   score double(5,2)   );      #(2)View all tables   show tables; (3)Delete tabledrop table Name of the table; #Delete name as:t_user Table ofdrop table t_user; ##View the structure of the tabledesc Name of […]

  • Block implementation principle


    It mainly introduces the type of block and the underlying analysis Block type Block mainly consists of three types NSGlobalBlock: Global block, stored in the global area void(^block)(void) = ^{ NSLog(@”LTD”); }; NSLog(@”%@”, block); No external variables are captured in the current block, which belongs to the global block. Screenshot: 11.49.58 am, July 16, 2021 […]

  • S2-mlp V1 & V2 of vision MLP: spatial shift MLP


    S2-mlp V1 & V2 of vision MLP: spatial shift MLP architecture for vision Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… Two articles on s2-mlp will be summarized here. The core idea of these two articles is the same, that is to replace spatial MLP based on spatial offset operation. Understand the article from the abstract V1 Recently, visual Transformer (ViT) […]

  • Judge the 0-1 of a and B respectively


    If the upper eight bits are not greater than, it is possible that the second eight bits are still a large. It should have output 1, but 0 is output. This is wrong, so it is necessary to judge whether the upper eight bits are equal to,StarpoolIf equal, continue to judge the last eight digits […]

  • Lean react – 3.3 understanding Redux Middleware


    Complete catalogue of books 3.3 understand Redux Middleware This section will explain the principle of Redux middleware and pave the way for the next section to explain Redux asynchronous action. The main contents are as follows: What is Redux middleware Using Redux Middleware Analysis of logger middleware structure applyMiddleware Execution process of Middleware 3.3.1 what […]

  • Map with easy understanding of data structure


    The map structure is similar to the set structure syntax we explained in the previous section“Understanding the set of data structure, only 5 minutes”The difference is that map syntax is an array key value pair format, and map also handles the problem of preventing object key value from being cast. Map is solved by using […]

  • Shell (bash) script programming 7: a brief analysis of the source code


    The source code of bash (version:4.2.46(1)-release)Make a brief analysis. data structure Bash is written in C language, and only a few data structures are used in its source code:array,tree,Unidirectional linked list,Bidirectional linked listandHashtable 。 Almost all bash structures are implemented with these basic structures. The main structures in the source code are defined in the […]

  • Why do you want to learn data structure and algorithm? Code up!


    The status of data structure and algorithm is self-evident for a programmer.However, few programmers can learn and use well. In addition to the weak foundation, another reason is that there are not many tutorials for Java programmers to learn. Today, the data structure and algorithm tutorial that Java programmers dream of is finally going to […]

  • As IOS development, you can answer this interview question, which shows that your foundation is OK!


    Author: gdcoderLink:https://juejin.cn/post/6946507569535909919 Recently, there should be a lot of young partners going to job hopping interview. I believe some of you have successfully received offers, while others have hit a wall. Then I have prepared relevant interview materials and relevant algorithm materials for you here. You can ask me for what you want to know […]

  • This paper understands the basic algorithm from union search set to graph


    Joint search set Combination of ideas: There are several samples a, B, C, D Assume that the type is v In the parallel search set, each sample is considered to be in a separate set at the beginning Users can call two methods at any time: Boolean issameset (V x, V y): query whether sample […]

  • What is your understanding of W3C standards?


    Web Standard Web standards are mainly divided into three parts: structure, performance and behavior Structure: refers to the tags we usually write in the body, which is mainly composed of HTML tags Performance: refers to richer HTML tag styles, mainly composed of CSS styles Behavior: refers to the interaction between pages and users, which is […]