• CSS Repeating Linear Gradient Drawing


    Before starting the article, look at the pictures first. What do you think of when you see the pictures below? Is it the standard for programmers, plaid shirt. Yes, today's content is to draw grids with CSS. foreword Seeing the various grids above, how would you implement it? Due to the changeable size, gap and […]

  • CSS to achieve oblique stripe progress bar + gradient + animation


    Let’s start with a rendering: Animation gif To do the progress bar effect above, just look down! First, let’s analyze that the rendering consists of three parts: oblique stripe + gradient + animation Effect 1 — oblique stripesUse CSS3 to complete background: linear-gradient(-45deg, #0278ee 36%, #7db9e8 28%, #7db9e8 67%, #0278ee 25%); background-size: 24px 12px; Effect […]

  • Two lines of code, pure CSS to achieve stripe pattern


    In some clothing websites, you can often search the corresponding striped shirt by searching the keyword “stripe”. However, there is an option to select stripe style under the striped shirt, as shown in the following figure is a screenshot of UNIQLO. Through F12, we can see that their front-end personnel directly stick a picture on […]

  • [CSS advanced] use CSS gradient to make gorgeous gradient texture background effect


    preface I’ve always been interested in gradient background, but because I’m too busy working overtime every day, I have a lot of tasks. Therefore, I can only study the knowledge of gradual change background in my off-duty time. On the one hand, I can satisfy my curiosity, and on the other hand, I can have […]

  • CSS revealed


    preface “CSS revealed” is a book written by lea verou. It contains a lot of CSS skills, such as our commonly used gradient colors. The author can use gradient colors to achieve many interesting CSS effects. I really admire the author’s CSS skills. Now I put the effect that I think can be used normally […]

  • FPN correction of image processing


    1 introduction of FPN noise FPN (fixed pattern noise) is short for fixed pattern noise. According to the formation mechanism of FPN noise, it is divided into row FPN and column FPN. Line FPN: in tdi-cmos image sensor based on analog domain accumulation. Due to the parasitic resistance and capacitance in the analog accumulator circuit, […]

  • Linear gradient knowledge you don’t know


    Two position grammar Suppose we want to get the following result: a gradient with a bunch of vertical stripes of equal widthThe hexadecimal values of the color are:#5461c8,#c724b1,#e4002b,#ff6900,#f6be00,#97d700,#00ab84and#00a3e0。 If we use linear gradient to implement: linear-gradient(90deg, #5461c8 12.5% /* 1*12.5% */, #c724b1 0, #c724b1 25% /* 2*12.5% */, #e4002b 0, #e4002b 37.5% /* 3*12.5% */, […]

  • A simple method to realize LED digital clock


    This should be something that has been done by many people. I just want to write about it. So I spent some time on this, and added the processing of dark mode. First of all, it can be very clear that there is no technical content, just a little patience. Led number includes two lines […]

  • ORACLE ORION tests IO performance


    https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/cn/topics/index-088165-zhs.html to download the address OrionisOracleProvides IO performance testing tools that do not require installation to runoracleDatabase software or create a database. It can simulateOracleDatabase IO load is also availablewithTo simulate ASM banding function Download after decompression can be used directly Write the device you want to test to a file in the same path, […]

  • Upgrading Ports Tree and Port Installation in FreeBSD LAN


    The FreeBSD system in the local area can use the following steps to update your Ports Tree and install Port The following steps assume that you have installed Ports under FreeBSD1. Modify / etc / make. conf if you don’t create it yourself         MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE=                  ftp://freebsd.csie.nctu.edu.tw/pub/FreeBSD/ports/distfiles/                  ftp://ftp.hk.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/distfiles/                  ftp://ftp.freebsdchina.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/distfiles/ FETCH_ENV = HTTP_PROXY = \ Set proxy […]