• Typescript generic parameters default type and new strict compilation options


    catalogue summary Create type definitions for component classes Defining props and states using generic types Generic parameter default type Other examples New — strict main compilation options Improved — init output –Under checkjs Error in JS file summary Typescript 2.3 adds support for declaring the default type of generic parameters, allowing you to specify the […]

  • XHTML tutorial: the difference between transitional and strict


    In fact, XHTML 1.0 is also divided into two types (including frameset DOCTYPE, which is not discussed in this paper), transitional and strict DOCTYPES. And HTML 4.01 has the same document declaration.In today’s promotion of web standards, those who advocate web standards often say that XHTML is more strict than HTML. Of course, in a […]

  • Using strict mode in JavaScript


    Preface The strict mode introduced in ecmascript5 enables developers to have a “better” JavaScript language by making the JavaScript running environment handle some of the most common and hard to find errors in the development process differently from the current ones. For a long time, because only Firefox supports strict mode, I doubted strict mode. […]