• An analysis of the hang up of. Net WPF linen management system


    1: Background 1. Tell a story I’ve seen a lot of dumps these days. It’s a bit nerve racking. I dream about dumps at night. When I got to the company this morning, I heard my colleagues complain that the WPF program he was in charge of was dead, and then the little girl who […]

  • Yum source aliyun


    #yum repo ali [[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo # CentOS-Base.repo # # The mirror system uses the connecting IP address of the client and the # update status of each mirror to pick mirrors that are updated to and # geographically close to the client. You should use this for CentOS updates # unless you are […]

  • Light head r-cnn: a universal structure for accelerating the two stage detector is proposed by Kuang, with a speed of 102 FPS


    In this paper, light head r-cnn, a simplified two stage target detector design criterion, is proposed. The lightweight r-cnn subnet is used on the reduced feature map with strong expression ability, which not only greatly reduces the reasoning time, but also improves the accuracy. The backbone network combined with xception like can achieve 30.7map and […]

  • My blog development (009)


    Add new features:However, due to the large amount of code, annotate can be used to simplify it Using annotate to improve simplification:code: from django.db.models import Count def get_blogs_list_common_data(request, blogs_all_list):     …     # context[‘blog_types’] = BlogType.objects.all()     # context[‘blog_types’] = blog_types_list     context[‘blog_types’] = BlogType.objects.annotate(blog_count=Count(‘blog’))     … The details are shown in the […]

  • FB supported pytoch in-depth learning books


    The python tutorial supported by FB chief scientist has been released, Look at the screenshot The entire PDF is 141 pages, which is quite simplified compared with other tutorials, Let’s take a look at the directory structure Because this book mainly uses python, so the author wrote a separate sheet of Python. According to the […]

  • Alpine installs telnet and other tools


    Alpine is really simple, but it’s really not used to people who are familiar with CentOS and ununtu.Therefore, record some package installation and operation details about Alpine(Gradually supplement)。 1. telnet >>> docker exec -it CONTAINERID /bin/sh /app # telnet /bin/sh: telnet: not found /app # apk update fetch http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/main/x86_64/APKINDEX.tar.gz fetch http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/community/x86_64/APKINDEX.tar.gz v3.7.0-243-gf26e75a186 [http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/main] v3.7.0-229-g087f28e29d [http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/community] […]

  • Light head r-cnn: Kuangshi proposed a general structure for accelerating two stage detector, with a speed of 102 FPS


    In this paper, light-head r-cnn, a simplified design criterion of two-stage target detector, is proposed. Using lightweight r-cnn subnet on the simplified feature map with strong expression ability, not only greatly reduces reasoning time, but also improves accuracy. Combining with the concept like backbone network, it can reach 30.7map and 102fps  Source: Xiao Fei’s algorithm […]

  • Type of LVM logical volume


    There are many types of logical volumes that can be created in LVM volume groups. The following describes different types of logical volumes Linear volume Linear volumes aggregate space from one or more physical volumes into a logical volume. Physical storage is linearly connected. Creating a linear volume sequentially assigns a series of physical extents […]

  • Managing storage configuration with stratis


    Introduction to stratis Stratis is a local management storage solution for integrated management of complex storage configurations. Used to simplify storage configuration initialization and take full advantage of advanced storage features. The core concept of stratis is storage pool, which is built on disk or partition and has the characteristics of file system snapshot, thin […]

  • PHP and JS determine whether the access device is an instance of Wechat browser?


    PHP and JS judge whether the access device is an instance of Wechat browser. The code is very concise and suitable for beginners to learn.   JS judges whether it is a Wechat browser:? 1 function is_weixin() { 2 var ua = window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); 3 if (ua.match(/MicroMessenger/i) == ‘micromessenger'{); 5 } else{); 7 } 8 } […]