• Using HTML5 stream to develop real-time monitoring system


    These days, we are trying to use RTSP (real time streaming protocol) to complete the function of real-time transmission and display of camera images. After all, Hikvision’s web controls do not support high-level chrome. If we use this technology, it will be difficult to optimize and upgrade the subsequent system. RTSP protocol has some H5 […]

  • Laravel access error prompt: ` warning: require (/ vendor / autoload. PHP): failed to open stream: no such file or di solution


    The example of this article describes the error prompt of laravel framework access: ` warning require (vendorautoload. PHP) failed to open stream no such file or dire solution. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Error message: `Warning: require(/http/www.mywakavLee.cn/bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /http/www.mywakavLee.cn/bootstrap/autoload.php on line 17 […]

  • The perfect combination of redis streams and spark


    Source: redislabsBy Roshan KumarTranslation: Kevin (public No.: Middleware) Recently, I was honored to present the topic of “spark + AI” at the spark + AI summit.“Redis + Structured Streaming:Expand the perfect mix of your continuous applications”Speech. My interest in this topic is driven by the new features that Apache spark and redis have introduced in […]

  • Introduction to Flutter Stream and the Use of Some Operators


    Preface For new contactsFlutterFor students,Stream(flow) is a relatively abstract and relatively difficult thing to understand. To be exactStreamNot at allFlutterCharacteristic, butDartThe Library of language itself.StreamandFutureAll locateddart:asyncCore libraries are two masters of asynchronous operation in Dart. So it can be used more than justFlutterIt can be used for anything.DartLanguage implementation. When we first started learning Flutter, […]

  • Stream module of weex encapsulated twice


    Weex Network Request Weex network request, using its built-in module Stream. Stream API fetch(options, callback[,progressCallback])Initiate network requests Note: 1. The body parameter only supports string-type parameters. Do not pass JSON directly. You must first convert it to a string.2. The body parameter does not support Get requests. If you use Get requests, you need to […]

  • Lebyte-Java 8 Core Feature Stream (Stream)


    Hello, everyone. I’m Lebyte’s Xiaole. Speaking of flow, we will associate with mobile phones, computer assembly lines, logistics warehouse commodity packaging lines and so on. If mobile phones, computers, parcels are regarded as the final result, then all kinds of parts before processing commodities can be regarded as data sources, while a series of processing […]

  • [kafka KSQL] Game Log Statistical Analysis (1)


    [kafka KSQL] Game Log Statistical Analysis (1) Taking game settlement log as an example, this paper shows the process of statistical analysis of log using KSQL. Start confluent cd ~/Documents/install/confluent-5.0.1/ bin/confluent start View the list of Kafka topics bin/kafka-topics –list –zookeeper localhost:2181 Create a topic that accepts the game settlement log bin/kafka-topics –create –zookeeper localhost:2181 […]

  • The Elegant Posture of Processing Sets in Java 8-Stream


    In Java, collections and arrays are the data structures that we often use. They need to be added, deleted, changed, checked, aggregated, counted, filtered and so on. By contrast, these operations are also available in relational databases, but before Java 8, the processing of collections and arrays was not very convenient. However, this problem has […]