• How to migrate Flink tasks to real-time computing


    Introduction: This article is shared by Alibaba technical expert Jing lining (Yantian). It mainly introduces how to migrate Flink tasks to real-time computing Flink. Usually, users mainly use Flink run offline, which will cause some problems. For example, the same configuration changes due to the version; Unable to quickly switch between different versions; Cannot recover […]

  • Several stack operation and maintenance security cases: security escort of a media enterprise during the two sessions


    The stack is a cloud native one-stop data center PAAS. We have an interesting open source project on GitHub and gitee: flinkx. Remember to point us a star! star! star! Gitee open source project:https://gitee.com/dtstack_dev… GitHub open source project:https://github.com/DTStack/fl… Flinkx is a unified batch stream data synchronization tool based on Flink. It can collect both static […]

  • 99% of people can understand the “compensation” mechanism of distributed systems


    Summary:Let’s talk about how to digest the “internal injury” through the “compensation” mechanism while ensuring high external availability. 1、 What is the significance of the “compensation” mechanism? Take the shopping scenario of e-commerce as an example: Client – > shopping cart micro Service – > order micro Service – > payment micro service. This call […]

  • 17. Design mode – status mode


    When it comes to state mode, as the name suggests, it should be a state related design mode. However, we are the same as before. First, no matter what the state mode is, let’s start with a small example to see what problems the state mode can solve for us. Example Now we need to […]

  • 27000 star! The most comprehensive collection of Python design patterns


    [introduction]: design pattern is a summary of code design experience that is repeatedly used, known by most people, classified and catalogued. The purpose of using design patterns is to reuse code, make code easier to be understood by others and ensure code reliability.python-patternsIs a collection of design patterns implemented in Python. brief introduction Learned a […]

  • Springboot ehcache configuration and usage


    POM introduces dependency <!– Ehcache –> <dependency><groupId>net.sf.ehcache</groupId><artifactId>ehcache</artifactId></dependency>2. Put a file ehcache.xml directly in the resources directory <ehcache xmlns:xsi=” xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=” updateCheck=”false”> <diskStore path=”java.io.tmpdir”/> <!– Defaultcache: default cache policy of echcache — > <defaultCache maxElementsInMemory=”10000″ eternal=”false” timeToIdleSeconds=”120″ timeToLiveSeconds=”120″ maxElementsOnDisk=”10000000″ diskExpiryThreadIntervalSeconds=”120″ memoryStoreEvictionPolicy=”LRU”> <persistence strategy=”localTempSwap”/> </defaultCache> <!– Menu cache policy — > <cache name=”menucache” maxElementsInMemory=”10000″ eternal=”false” timeToIdleSeconds=”120″ timeToLiveSeconds=”120″ maxElementsOnDisk=”10000000″ […]

  • Redis persistence quick start


    What is persistence? All redis data is stored in memory. Data updates will be saved asynchronously on disk. When the redis instance is restarted, data recovery can be realized by using the previously persistent files. Persistence methods of mainstream databases: snapshot Mysql dump Redis rdb journal Mysql binlog Redis aof RDB What is RDB? Redis […]

  • JavaScript performance optimization [inline cache] V8 engine features


    javascriptIs a single threaded, dynamically typed language, so how do we write code with the best performance when coding? This will be explained belowV8Inline optimization of the engine. Using inline caching, we can write better code. What is inline caching Quote the official description: inline caching is an optimization technology adopted by the runtime system […]

  • The p7 boss of Ali shared the unknown skills of spring retry for the first time


    Today’s sharing begins. Please give us more advice~ External services are generally unreliable to callers, especially in the case of poor network environment, network jitter can easily lead to exceptions such as request timeout. At this time, it is necessary to use the failure retry strategy to call the API interface again to obtain. Retry […]

  • Practice and understanding of k8s health examination mechanism


    IbackgroundRecently, Devops (integration of development, operation and maintenance) was implemented in the company, and the original docker swarm cluster was migrated to k8s cluster. In case of inconsistency between the health check of the original cluster and the health check of the existing cluster, here is a summary.IIPrinciple and necessityApplication health check, as the name […]

  • Strategy + IOC destroy ifelse, bring it


    preface Strategy modeIn short, it defines a large family of algorithms and encapsulates them separately so that they can replace each other. The change of the algorithm will not affect the users using the algorithm In short, your girlfriend 618 buys things on Taobao. There are many discount activities, such as full discount, discount and […]

  • About laravel and nginx current limiting strategies to prevent malicious requests


    1、 Problem background Recently, the CPU coverage of the company’s recent online servers is often too high, which affects the response timeout of some applications, resulting in a large number of SMS and email alarms. After checking the database log and access.log, it is found that the API interface is brushed and maliciously and madly […]