• On laravel and nginx current limiting strategies to prevent malicious requests


    1、 Problem background Recently, the company’s recent online servers often have too high CPU coverage, which affects the response timeout of some applications, resulting in a large number of SMS and email alarms. After checking the database logs and access.log , it is found that the API interface has been brushed and maliciously requested. The […]

  • asp.net The concept of core 3. X authorization


    preface It is expected to be clear through three articles asp.net Authorization in core 3. X: 1. Introduction to basic concepts; 2 asp.net The default process of authorization in core 3. X; 3. Extension. In the case of no concept at all, I feel dizzy whether I read official documents or source code. I hope […]

  • asp.net Core 3.x authorization default process


    1、 Foreword Next《 asp.net The concept of core 3. X authorization asp.net The process of core default authorization. From two aspects, we can see how the whole authorization system works:Configuration during startup、Processing flow of Middleware in request phase。 because asp.net Core 3. X currently uses endpoint routing, so the authorization framework can be used for […]

  • Architecture design ideas


    Preface When we do architecture design, we usually go through three stages: requirement analysis, outline design and detailed design. Demand analysis stage: it mainly combs all use cases and scenarios, abstracts the users and roles of the system, and combs out which functional and non functional requirements the requirements provide to these users. General design […]

  • Gartner: enterprise data analysis strategy needs to be modernized and upgraded


    Gartner, an independent research organization, pointed out in a recent report that the traditional data analysis and mining strategy can no longer meet the actual business environment of modern enterprises, and enterprises need to change the existing data analysis and mining strategy as soon as possible, which is a crucial step. From the data point […]

  • NPM private library building – install MySQL in Linux Environment


    install By default, MariaDB is installed in CentOS, which is a branch of MySQL. However, in order to meet the needs, MySQL should be installed in the system, and MariaDB can be directly overwritten after the installation. WGet – I – C http://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql57-community-release-el7-10.noarch.rpm ා download the yum repository for installation Yum – y install mysql57-community-release-el7-10.noarch.rpm […]

  • Memory cache and disk cache in Chrome


    I mentioned chrome caching strategy by accident today and found that I never explored chrome usagememory cacheanddisk cacheSo I went home and studied this easy to be ignored problem and shared it with you. Just like the name,memory cacheIt accesses the cache information from the memory space (RAM) of the browser, so it is faster […]

  • Hyperledger fabric 1.4 endorsement and endorsement strategy


    Endorsements in the hyperledger fabric are a more complex concept. If you need to learn fabric through video, you can refer to video tutorials. Endorsement is the process of digital signature before performing some operations. All operations of the upper block in fabric need to be endorsed.The node for endorsement is the endorsement node.The rule […]

  • Cache read write policy – cache aside


    Scenario description For example, a piece of data exists in the database and cache at the same time. Now you want to update this data, how will you update it? Update database first? Or update the cache first? In fact, there are problems in both ways. (1) Update database first, then cache This will result […]

  • Netflix ribbon load balancing of spring cloud series


    Original link:https://mrhelloworld.com/posts/spring/spring-cloud/ribbon-loadbalance/ What is ribbon    Ribbon is a customer service load balancing tool based on HTTP and TCP, which is implemented based on Netflix ribbon. It is not deployed independently like spring cloud service registry, configuration center and API gateway, but it exists in almost every spring cloud microservice. Including the declarative service call […]

  • Objective-C design pattern analysis strategy


    Pattern of picture reading Today, let’s start with the example of the cash register Shopping malls need a set of cash register system, which not only calculates the increase and decrease of commodity prices, but also deals with promotional activities in various holidays: I believe that even a novice programmer can be competent for the […]

  • PowerShell is forbidden to run scripts on this system


    Recently, the following error occurred in the use of react native initialization project on your own computer. It is speculated that it should be caused by Microsoft Update React native: the file C: \ users \ sunseekerx \ appdata \ roaming \ NPM \ react native.ps1 could not be loaded because running scripts is prohibited […]