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  • Chapter three: pythagorean array and unit circle


    We describeda^2 + b^2 = c^2All integer solutions ofa,b,c, ifc^2Divide by this equation (\frac{a}{c})^2 + (\frac{b}{c})^2 = 1 So rational numbers are right(\frac{a}{c},\frac{b}{c})It’s an equationx^2 + y^2 = 1The solution ofequationx^2 + y^2 = 1Represents a circle C with a center at (0, 0) radius of 1. How to find the points on circle C […]

  • Array of algorithms — the maximum number of points in a common line


    The maximum number of points on a line difficultydifficulty Given a two-dimensional plane, there are n points on the plane, find the maximum number of points on the same line. Example 1:Input: [[1,1],[2,2],[3,3]]Output: 3Explanation: Example 2:Input: [[1,1],[3,2],[5,3],[4,1],[2,3],[1,4]]Output: 4Explanation: thinking First, you need to make sure that two points are on a straight line – that […]

  • Collision detection: Line


    Introduction stayCollision Detection :RectangleThis paper mainly introduces the rectangle related collision detection, and then looks at the situation of the straight line. The following examples are not checked for compatibility and are recommended to be viewed in the latest chrome browsers. Origin My GitHub Line/Point This isSample page。 Line and pointObserve the following figure: It […]

  • Implementation of Python to calculate the distance from point in plane to line


    Recently, I encountered a problem. I need to calculate the distance between the point in the plane and the straight line. I found that the mathematical knowledge was returned to the teacher. After Du Niang, I found the calculation method, which is hereby recorded. Calculation formula from point to line: Through the formula derivation, the […]

  • Explore applet 2D drawing: starting with lines


    Canvas. Since 2.9.0, a new canvas 2D interface is supported (the type attribute needs to be specified), and the same layer rendering is supported. The original interface is no longer maintained. The application of small program development drawing class is based on canvas. For the existing canvas application on H5, to migrate to the small […]

  • The idea of integrating multi segment animation into one animation


    demand This is the requirement extracted from a project. The general idea is: through obtaining a series of point information of back-end personnel, simulate the action process of personnel in the front-end for a period of time. Our developers first thought of the idea is to get the information of the point list, each two […]

  • Analysis of ECC


    This article was first published in the prophet community. The original link: https://xz.aliyun.com/t/6295 Mathematical foundation Parallel lines in Riemannian geometry There are five postulates in Euclid’s original geometry: If there are two different points, we can make and only make a straight line. The finite line can be extended arbitrarily. A circle can be made […]