• Using uitableview in the storyboard of Xcode 5


    When we first started the IOS programming course, we wrote a tutorial about uitableview, which showed how to use uitableview to create a simple table application. This is one of our most popular tutorials. However, you may find that this tutorial does not work under Xcode 5. The latest version of Xcode promotes the use […]

  • Storyboard tips: use scale layout


    StoryboardIt’s perfect for multi screen adaptation! But there are some techniques that can easily be ignored, and the use of scale to control layout that I’m going to introduce today may be one of them. In the actual project development process, some layouts are determined according to the scale. At this time, you can use […]

  • Constraint Priority of AutoLayout Advanced Constraints in iOS StroyBoard


    At first, when I was working, I used SB interface development for a period of time. Later, I changed the team to pure code layout. Now for some modules of visual layout development, so summarize the original constraints of the use of methods, learn from the past. Constraint Priority As shown above, constraints 1 and […]