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  • leetcode452. Minimum Number of Arrows to Burst Balloons


    Title Requirements There are a number of spherical balloons spread in two-dimensional space. For each balloon, provided input is the start and end coordinates of the horizontal diameter. Since it’s horizontal, y-coordinates don’t matter and hence the x-coordinates of start and end of the diameter suffice. Start is always smaller than end. There will be […]

  • Single traceable data source design


    The core code design of Redux generally follows the following principles:1. Read only2. Unique stored value channel3. Data subscription4. Storage value change notice function Redux (conf) { var STATUS = { ‘ready’: 0, // read / write ‘updating’: 1, // writing, delay writing ‘Publishing’: 2, // publishing and modifying, delay writing }; var storage = […]

  • Sessionstorage and localstorage of H5


    1) difference between H5’s new sessionstorage and localstorage     sessionStorageSimilar to Java session, it can store information in a short time. Computer browsers often use session storage to store user login information (personal understanding)   localStorageIt can keep the user information permanently without logging in every time. It is often used in app   2) common […]