• Django uses south “lossless” to modify the field name


    There has always been an error in fairybbsThe field in topic that stores the contents processed by markdown is rendered_ contentBut inside the post is content_ rendered Although it won’t affect anythingBut there’s always a stem in my heart Let’s record the method of lossless modification of field names with South Modify as requiredmodels.py Execute […]

  • Is your project really suitable for microservice architecture? What are the pains of microservice architecture? (I)


    Before introducing the business scenario, let’s talk about some understanding of microservices. 1、 Monomer architecture vs microservice architecture In order to quickly understand the difference between single architecture and micro service architecture, let’s take a look at an example of a new retail system. For example, stores (stores are divided into self operated stores and […]

  • hold still! Five secret weapons “transform” offline stores


    “The online world is challenging the offline world, but the offline stores will never disappear.”–David bell, author of the store that cannot disappear Will the store disappear? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of stores In 2016, e-commerce developed rapidly with incomparable advantages in traditional industries, and shopkeepers of offline physical stores began to worry: will […]

  • Double 11 attacks. If you want to control the sales data, why not try the smart mall visualization system?


    Double 11 pre-sale has been opened. As a major Carnival festival of online e-commerce, e-commerce platforms have launched various promotional activities, with a wide variety of patterns. From the “singles day” to the present, the “double 11”, a shopping festival created by Ali, seems to have set off an upsurge of shopping for all.Which products […]

  • Git points north


    install window Git Download Linux executionsudo apt-get install git //After installation, you need to configure it on the command line git config –global user.name “Your Name” git config –global user.email “[email protected]” Basic concepts The GIT project has three phases Working directory: local file directory Staging areas: File snapshot areas that have been modified and add […]

  • How to understand the store mode of Vue simple state management


    catalogue summary 1. Define store.js 2. The component uses store.js 3. Achieve results summary The implementation idea of the store state management mode is very simple. It is to define a store object. The object has the state attribute to store shared data, and the object also stores the methods to operate these shared data. […]

  • Leetcode sword finger offer interview question 30. Stack containing min function


    Interview question 30. Stack containing min function This question is the same as leetcode 155: https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/min-stack/ O (1) complexity cannot be achieved without using additional space.Define an additional stack m to store the current minimum value. Reference and detailed analysis: the problem solution of liwei1419 Python solution class MinStack: def __init__(self): “”” initialize your data […]

  • Redis basic operation – string


    1、 Set the value of the specified key Commands: Set Format: set key value> set test_key test_value OK 2、 Gets the value of the specified key Command: get Format: get key> get test_key “test_value” 3、 For the string value stored in key, obtain the substring in the specified interval Command: getrange Format: getrange […]

  • Serverless road of Century Lianhua


    Author Zhu Peng (min Cang)Source|Serverless official account 1、 Introduction to Century Lianhua Supermarket 1. Company profile Hangzhou Lianhua Huashang Group Co., Ltd. was established in July 2002. Its main business covers retail formats such as shopping centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores. It is the construction and guarantee unit of the food material warehouse of […]

  • Usage of localstrage for local cache


    In HTML5, a new localstorage feature is added. This feature is mainly used as local storage to solve the problem of insufficient cookie storage space (the storage space of each cookie in the cookie is 4K). The general browser in localstorage supports the size of 5m, which will be different in different browsers. 1. Save […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 3-3-3 file storage API


    File storage API Gets the current storage class Django provides two convenient methods to get the current storage class: class DefaultStorage[source] DefaultStorageProvides delayed access to the current default storage system, such asDEFAULT_FILE_STORAGEAs defined in.DefaultStorageInternal useget_storage_class()。 get_storage_class([import_path=None])[source] Returns the class or module that implements the storage API. When not withimport_pathWhen calling parameters,get_storage_classIt will return to the […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 3-3-4 management documents


    Management documents This document describes Django’s file access API for those users who upload files. The underlying APIs are generic enough that you can use them for other purposes. If you want to handle static files (JS, CSS, and others), seeManage static files (CSS and images)。 Usually, Django usesMEDIA_ROOT andMEDIA_URLSet to store files locally. The […]