• Energy consumed by serial MRAM


    MR25H256It is a serial MRAM with a four pin interface of chip selection (CS), serial input (SI), serial output (so) and serial clock (SCK) using serial peripheral interface, which is logically organized as a memory array of 32kx8. SPI) bus. Serial MRAM implements a common command subset for SPI EEPROM and flash components today, allowing […]

  • Detailed explanation of ipfsapp development method of biaofen IPFs mining machine app software development software


    IPFs mining machine app software development, ipfsapp software development details. IPFs coin mining application software platform development, IPFs blockchain mining application software development, IPFs mining pool storage system development, IPFs mining model system customization, IPFs project source code development, IPFs mining machine procurement platform development.The system divides miners into two parts: storage and transportation and […]

  • Non volatile memory balancing method


    Nonvolatile memoryAs it becomes more and more complex on advanced nodes, the price and speed, power and utilization on advanced nodes are becoming some very application specific trade-offs to determine the location of the storage. NVM can be embedded in the chip or removed from the chip using various types of interconnection technology. But the decision […]

  • Durability design requirements of ferroelectric memory


    Ferroelectric memoryIt is a kind of ferroelectric random access memory (RAM) which combines the nonvolatile and random access of data in case of power failure. Compared with the traditional nonvolatile memory such as EEPROM and flash, fram not only does not need backup battery, but also has superior performance of high speed writing, high read-write […]

  • FPGA configuration using high speed SPI NOR Flash


    NOR flash memory is widely used as FPGA configuration device. The application of FPGA in industrial, communication and automotive ADAS applications depends on the low latency and high data throughput characteristics of NOR flash. A good example of fast start-up time requirements is the camera system in the automotive environment. The speed shown on the […]

  • JavaScript solution to the sum of two sum numbers


    Leetcode question 1: the sum of two numbers Subject address https://leetcode-cn.com/probl… Title Description Given an integer array nums and a target value target, please find the two integers whose sum is the target value in the array and return their array subscripts. You can assume that there is only one answer for each input. However, […]

  • FPGA is the right platform for high performance memory


    Consider the two most widely used DRAM options from a purely technical point of view – synchronous DRAM(SDRAM)And DRAM (RLDRAM) to reduce latency. SDRAM TRC has no substantial development in the past 10 years, which is about 48ns, which is related to the RTR of 21mt / s. Other DRAM based storage devices have been […]

  • IOS reads the URL image and stores it to the local instance


    Examples are as follows: dispatch_queue_t globalQueue = dispatch_get_global_queue(0, 0); dispatch_async(globalQueue, ^{ NSData *data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:banarModel.avatar.url]]; UIImage *image = [UIImage imag eWithData:data ]; // get pictures //Local sandbox directory NSString *path = [NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES) lastObject]; //Get the path named “myimage” in the local sandbox, which is the name of the saved image NSString […]

  • asp.net Core implementation of a simple warehousing method


    I always have the idea of writing a framework, but I haven’t taken action. Recently, I’m quite free and can start work Now, two parts have been completed. 1. A simple repository is implemented using EF 2.ioc. Here, the built-in IOC is replaced by aotofac. There are still some defects in this part Storage part […]

  • The general selector will greatly improve the capability of MRAM storage technology


    A new innovative technology called universal selector will significantly improve the capabilities of existing and emerging storage technologies, including MRAM, DRAM and ReRAM, as it will provide a novel way to design vertical cell transistors to achieve higher levels of performance, reliability and density. The general-purpose selector of spin memory is a selective vertical epitaxial cell […]

  • The difference between static SDRAM and dynamic SDRAM


    SDRAM has a synchronization interface that waits for a clock signal before responding to control input, so that it can synchronize with the system bus of the computer. The clock is used to drive a finite state machine to pipeline incoming instructions. This makes SDRAM have a more complex operation mode than asynchronous DRAM without […]