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  • Demo based on springboot websocket


    Demo based on springboot websocket address https://github.com/yemingfeng… Function list Distributed Multi device login with the same account Group chat Multiple devices Simple authentication Heartbeat test rely on maven jdk11 redis Redis configuration Redis is used by default localhost:6379 . If it needs to be modified host:port , which can be modified application.yml<br/>Redis is only used […]

  • Go web programming — secure cookie for client session management


    stayWebIn application developmentSessionIt is the non persistent interactive information exchanged between users and servers. When a user logs in, it can be generated between the user and the serverSession, and then exchange data back and forth, and destroy it when the user logs outSession。gorilla/sessionsThe software package provides easy to useGolanguageSessionRealization. The package provides two different […]

  • Sessionstorage and localstorage of H5


    1) difference between H5’s new sessionstorage and localstorage     sessionStorageSimilar to Java session, it can store information in a short time. Computer browsers often use session storage to store user login information (personal understanding)   localStorageIt can keep the user information permanently without logging in every time. It is often used in app   2) common […]