• Game SG


    Three classical game problems Bash game: there is only a pile of N stones. A and B take turns to take 1 ~ m stones each time. Finally, the winner will win Wizov game: there are two piles of stones, a and B take turns. You can take any one (at least one) from a […]

  • [activities that babies can understand] [30 day leetcoding challenge] day 12


    The weight of the last stone Hi, everyone, I’m Zhang Xiaozhu. Welcome to the special article of the “baby can understand” series – the official activity “30 day leetcoding challenge”. Here is the question of April 12, and also the 1046 question in the list of questions – “the weight of the last stone” Title […]

  • [front end algorithm] 1046. The weight of the last stone, violent solution


    There is a pile of stones, and the weight of each stone is a positive integer. Each round, choose two of the heaviest stones, and then smash them together. Suppose the weight of the stone is x and Y respectively, and x < = y. The possible results of comminution are as follows: If x […]

  • AtCoder Context ABC 149- D – Prediction and Restriction


    This article is original and cannot be reproduced without permissionOperational requirementsRun time limit: 2secMemory limit: 1024MBLink to original question subjectXiao Ming is playing the game of stone, scissors and paper in the game center. The rules of the game are as follows. Xiaoming and stone scissors play n times. It’s a draw If Xiaoming wins […]

  • The world of bitcoin


    brief introduction In 2008, a mysterious man, whose pseudonym is Nakamoto Cong, put forward for the first time in the form of a paper: bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system( Bitcoin:A Peer-to-Peer From then on, it marked the birth of bitcoin. From 2008 to 2020, after 12 years of development, bitcoin has become the virtual currency […]

  • [30 day leetcoding challenge] day 12


    The weight of the last stone Hi, everyone. I’m a pig. Welcome to the 30 day leetcoding challenge, a special series of “baby can understand”. Here is the question of April 12, and the 1046 in the list of questions – “the weight of the last stone” Title Description There is a pile of stones. […]

  • Leetcode 771: jewels and stones


    Title: Given stringJRepresents the type of gem in the stone, and the stringSRepresents the stone you have.SEach character in represents a type of stone you own, and you want to know how many of the stones you own are gemstones. You’re given strings J representing the types of stones that are jewels, and S representing […]

  • How to achieve the effect of a character being smashed to death in reworld


    Function effect display Running environment Win7,Win8,Win10 Reworld version experience version VC? Redist.x64 running environment Supplement for zero base readers Download and install the corresponding version of reworld Reworld official website: http://www.reworlder.com/ Reworld creator’s Home Forum: http://bbs.reworlder.com After downloading and installing, register an account to open the empty map Download and install VC? Redist.x64.rar running environment […]

  • Dichotomy (3): Using Dichotomy to Solve the Problem of Maximizing and Minimizing


    [Example 1] Stone jumping. Topic Description Annual“Jump Stones”The game is starting again! The competition will take place in a straight river with huge rocks. The organizing committee has selected two rocks as the starting and ending points of the competition. Between the beginning and the end, there are N blocks of rock (excluding the beginning […]

  • Python case: using if statement to implement a guessing game


    Mission requirements: In the console prompt input stone, scissors, cloth, press the return key, and then give the game results. Analysis: We know that in the rules of the game, stones can cut scissors, scissors can cut cloth, and Books can cut stones. But this is not a very direct representation in the computer, so […]