• How to design an excellent second kill system?


    preface If you ask how to design the second kill system, I believe you can say 123, but if you study the details, many people estimate that they can’t hit it quickly. This paper briefly talks about how to design the second kill system and what should be the main things from six aspects. 01 […]

  • Redis application practice – second kill scenario (node. JS version)


    Write in front With the increase of business volume, the company has fully accessed the project in recent monthsRedis, during the development process, it is found that there is a lack of specific practical data on the market, especially inNode.jsIn this environment, the information that can be found is either too simple to get started […]

  • Custom proxy detects exception data


    //Modify a property value of an object const validator = { set:function (target,prop,value){ if(prop === ‘productNum’){ if(value > 200){ Throw new error (‘out of stock ‘) } } target[prop] = value } } var products = new Proxy({},validator); products.productNum = 300; //Data for detecting object specific properties let data = [ //getProductList { id:1, product:{ […]

  • Redis high concurrency architecture practice – learning notes


    (1) Let’s start with a small case /* This is code one */ @RestController public class IndexController { @Autowired private Redisson redisson; @Autowired private StringRedisTemplate stringRedisTemplate; // Component spring boot starter data redis @RequestMapping(“/deduct_stock”) public String deductStock(){ int stock = Integer.parseInt(stringRedisTemplate.opsForValue().get(“stock”)); // It can be understood as jedis. Get (“stock”) if(stock > 0){ int realStock […]

  • Save your Amazon sales! These skills must not be missed


    2020 has ended, which is a rough year for Amazon sellers. In the first half of the year, affected by the epidemic, many sellers were severely hit by “warehouse closure”. Amazon FBA stopped warehousing non daily necessities, and the sellers were crying. The demand increased sharply in the second half of the year! Amazon logistics […]

  • Distributed transaction solutions necessary for architects!!


    In order to ensure strong data consistency in the distributed environment, it is necessary to introduce distributed transactions, which are inherently difficult to implement due to the uncertainty of the network environment. See the previous article for details. Distributed, I want strong consistency In order to ensure the correctness of distributed transactions, there are several […]

  • E-commerce system – Business Technology combing of simulated shopping process


    business The three golden links of e-commerce system are: purchase, shopping and return process. Each process involves a large number of calls between distributed services. The most complex core is the shopping process. The following is a simple simulated business: technology 1. Distributed microservice invocation 2. Distributed transactions 2.1 common solutions for distributed transactions: (1) […]

  • The interviewer asked redis how to design distributed locks to satisfy him?


    preface I have also checked a lot of information about distributed locks. I feel that many methods are not perfect, or I don’t know why, so I sorted out this article. I hope it is useful to you. If there is something wrong, please leave a message for correction. Let’s talk about what the problem […]

  • Break through the digital transformation, let Tebu grow 24.8% year on year


    Reading guideMany years ago, the media asked Ding Shuibo: “for you personally, what is the most painful part in the process of transformation?”“ The key is the change of market consciousness. Hearing is false and seeing is true. Only when they are seen by the outside world can they understand and accept it. A lot […]

  • Is Amazon sp-api document tired? That’s it!


    We do cross-border e-commerce, do Amazon API development all understand, the first thing is the document thing, Amazon’s Chinese document is very pit, there is wood( Originally, the English documents are quite boring. Keep your voice down (BB ~) OK, make complaints about it. Now we are entering the topic. Our team considers that many […]

  • Implementation of the seckill system


    How to achieve high availability in high concurrency system principle CDN; CDN; Nginx current limiting, asynchronous queue (high concurrent traffic becomes shared traffic)Divide and rule: LVS + nginx load balancing features Write strong consistency (not oversold)Read weak consistency (read may be in stock, but cannot place an order) Core implementation Implementation of reading serviceWrite service […]

  • ERP operation document


    Project documents 1. Basic introduction 1.0 project introduction The project is based on B / S architecture, involving the purchase, sales and inventory, financial module, document printing and various reports. 1.1 applicable scenarios Production and processing of down, feather products manufacturers. 1.2 technical exchange QQ group: 1129427935 students interested in ERP can come in to […]