• Customize camera with Camera2 API for Android


    preface Because the project needs to customize the camera, the author learned about the Android API for camera. Android SDK 21 (lollipop) has abandoned the previous camera class and provided Camera2 related APIs. At present, there is little information about Camera2 API on the Internet. The author collects online information and makes a summary here […]

  • Another nginx Management Visualization artifact! One stop configuration and monitoring


    programme At present, the first two have been realized:configuration management, andPerformance monitoring。 Log analysis and monitoring needs another solution! The current scheme directly applies the technology developed by GitHub Godnginx-gui GitHub address:https://github.com/onlyGuo/ng… This thing really needs to be blown. It’s very easy to use And the source code is open, which solves a big problem […]

  • Python uses LSTM to solve sequence problems in keras


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=8461 Time series prediction refers to the type of problem that we must predict the results according to time-related inputs. A typical example of time series data is stock market data, where stock prices change over time. Recurrent neural network(RNN) has been proved to be effective in solving sequence problems. In particular, as a […]

  • Navicat premier15 registration activation – database management tool


    catalogue Registration activation steps 1. Download Navicat premium 2. Activate Navicat premium 3. Click patch in the upper right corner 4. Click OK 5. Open Navicat software Resource acquisition Registration activation steps 1. Download Navicat premium Official website https://www.navicat.com.cn/ Download and install the latest version (the network disk address includes 64 bit installation package and […]

  • Online bug positioning last kilometer


    Introduction:Because of the isolation of online and offline environments, online input is often difficult to construct in the daily environment, and the efficiency of locating bugs is low. Is there a simple and quick way? A little story The alarm clock at 12 o’clock on the weekend hurried to ring in the rental house with […]

  • Benchmarking postman! 25000 star Challenger: hoppscotch


    [introduction]: hoppscotch is a free, open source, fast and beautiful API request tool, which can create requests faster and save development time. brief introduction Hoppscotch is a tool that can build API access through web services. It is developed using node.js and adopts simple UI design. It can send and obtain response values in real […]

  • CentOS 7 installed on physical machine


    The following operations are based on the physical machine 1、 Download Image Alicloud image URL:mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/7/isos/x8…Recommended download website (without speed limit):apache.apooloo.cn/#/down/4b1734c98c…Select the version to download. Centos7 is recommended 2、 Download urtraiso UltraISO download address:cn.ultraiso.net/xiazai.htmlIf only a few times, just use the official website directly 3、 Write the ISO image into the USB flash drive through urtaiso […]

  • Spring boot source code analysis — logging, environment startup


    Springboot in-depth understanding — the role of @ aliasfor annotationSpringboot source code analysis — springboot startup processSource code analysis of springboot — implementation principle of autoconfigureSource code analysis of springboot — implementation principle of @ componentscanSource code analysis of springboot — @ value, @ Autowired implementation principleSpring boot source code analysis — tomcat, spring MVC […]

  • JavaScript promise bid farewell to asynchronous random nesting


    This is my original article, original address:http://lpgray.me/article/43/ What is promise? Before talking about promise, I have to talk about the nested callback functions of JavaScript In the JavaScript language, whether it is to write various event processing callbacks and Ajax callbacks on the browser side, or write the business logic on node.js, the problem we […]

  • php+kafka+zookeeper+logstash


    The main goal of this article is that PHP connects to Kafka and successfully sends messages to Kafka. In order to verify the connection and sending, logstash is also configured to listen to the messages corresponding to Kafka, and then forward them to redis. It turns out that I am unfamiliar with Kafka and do […]

  • 1: Springboot learning notes


    1. Understand springboot What is springboot Why learn spring boot Characteristics of springboot 1.1 what is springboot Spring boot advocates convention over configuration so that you can start and run programs as quickly as possible. Spring boot is often referred to as the of building programsScaffolding。 Its main function is to help us quickly build […]

  • Some small problems and solutions in realizing simple sports with timer in JS BOM


    Simple movement Simple movement: it is a visual persistence effect. As long as the time of element change process is short enough, the effect on human eyes is a movement effect. The visual residual time of human eyes is 0.1 ~ 0.4 s Through the timer, the function can be executed every very short time […]