• Sorting out interview questions of Er gou


    If you have nothing to do, sort out some of the interview questions that you have met recently. 1. Finally and return related problems Let’s take a look at the code using System; namespace TestReturn { public class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”); TestReturn(); Console.ReadLine(); TestReturn2(); Console.ReadLine(); } private static […]

  • Steps to install and configure PHP for IIS in Windows 2016 & windows 10


    The windows 2016 and windows 10 kernels are the same. We need to install Internet information services (IIS) first. Of course, the steps of win2016 and win10 to install IIS are slightly different. Previously, there was an article on this site: how to install IIS for windows 2016 and how to install IIS for windows […]

  • IOS code obfuscation


    Confusion principle The code compilation phase replaces symbols (method name, attribute name, etc.) with randomly generated strings To make a long story short, go straight to the next step. Confusing integration steps Step 1: Create a shell file (confuse. sh) and configure the corresponding running environment. Create a new folder under the project root directory […]

  • Windows Server can’t use wireless and audio after installation


    1. wireless Run the PowerShell and enter the command: install-windowsfeature Wireless-Networking Then restart. Run CMD input: sc config WlanSvc start= auto && sc start Audiosrv   2. Audio Service Run CMD input: sc config Audiosrv start= auto && sc start Audiosrv   If you have finished the above steps, your wireless or audio can not […]

  • AS error reporting: lambda expressions are not supported at this language level


    AS error reporting: lambda expressions are not supported at this language level Resolvent Open File – > Project Stucture and select Modules (Chinese version corresponds to: file – > project structure) as shown in the figure. By default, both Source Compatibility and Target Compatibility are empty by selecting the corresponding items, such as app items […]

  • Oracle Tree Structure Query (Recursion)


    Quotation: https://blog.csdn.net/u012615705/article/details/78321022. The article is reproduced from the above address. There are some internal changes. Please check the original if necessary. Oracle tree structure query, namely hierarchical recursive query, is often used in SQL statements. In practical development, the realization of organizational structure and its hierarchical implementation function are also often encountered. Summary: Tree structure […]

  • Oracle (11g) Detailed Installation Steps


     The most detailed Oracle installation steps are here, not to mention the details of installing Oracle directly to you.Cheng If there is no installation package, you can click download first.Download address:http://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/oracle11g/112010/win64_11gR2_database_1of2.ziphttp://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/oracle11g/112010/win64_11gR2_database_2of2.zip Firstly, we need to make sure that we have Oracle installed on our computers. If we have Oracle installed before, we need to delete […]

  • The steps of installing and configuring PHP for IIS in Windows 2016 & Windows 10


    Windows 2016 and Windows 10 are the same. We need to install Internet Information Services (IIS) first. Of course, the steps of installing IIS in Win2016 are slightly different from that in Win10. There are previous articles on how to install IIS in Windows 2016 and how to install IIS in Windows 10. Of course, […]

  • Abp knowledges – how to set DontWrapResult properties globally


    Demo address GitHub related demo address: https://github.com/Puzzled Alien/DotNetCore_Practice/tree/master/ABP.Demo/Web Application 1Explain to demo that non-abp official template was created using Visual Studio 2019asp.net core 2.2 webapiProject, the introduction of Abp. AspNetCore package, a simple transformation. Adapt Abp Simply enumerate the transformation steps: Initialization project Introducing Abp.AspNetCore through nuget Create module Revamping Startup Controller needs to inherit […]

  • What is a transaction?


          The concept of transaction:         Meaning: Transactions consist of one or more SQL statements in a single unit, in which each SQL statement is interdependent. The whole individual unit is an inseparable whole. If an SQL statement in a unit fails to execute or produces an error, the whole […]

  • Upgrading Ports Tree and Port Installation in FreeBSD LAN


    The FreeBSD system in the local area can use the following steps to update your Ports Tree and install Port The following steps assume that you have installed Ports under FreeBSD1. Modify / etc / make. conf if you don’t create it yourself         MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE=                  ftp://freebsd.csie.nctu.edu.tw/pub/FreeBSD/ports/distfiles/                  ftp://ftp.hk.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/distfiles/                  ftp://ftp.freebsdchina.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/distfiles/ FETCH_ENV = HTTP_PROXY = \ Set proxy […]