• An artifact developed by Microsoft to experience the magical journey of code


    [introduction]: codetour is a vs code extension officially developed by Microsoft, which allows recording and playback of code drills and ideas. brief introduction Codetour is a vs code plug-in, which allows you to record and play back the drills and ideas of the code base. We usually explain the function and logic of a piece […]

  • Applet automation


    Construction steps:be careful:Python version must be above 3.8 (excluding 3.8)Win7 does not support Python 3.0 9, need to copy 3.91、 Software installation1. Win7 does not support Python 3.0 9. Copy 3.9: unzip python Rar to this directory D: / / dwxtest/2. To install nodejs:Official website:https://nodejs.org/en/ 3. Install pycharm:Official website:https://www.jetbrains.com/pyc… 4. Install development tools:Wechat official download […]

  • SAP ui5 beginner tutorial 13 – how to add a trial version of custom CSS classes


    A set of step-by-step learning tutorials for SAP ui5 beginners Tutorial directory Establishment of SAP ui5 local development environment One of the sap ui5 beginner tutorials: Hello World SAP ui5 beginner tutorial 2: bootstrap of SAP ui5 boot process SAP ui5 beginner tutorial 3: start touching the first SAP ui5 control SAP ui5 beginner tutorial […]

  • Flink frequently asked questions


    1. Address org.org in Flink apache. flink. client. program. Programinvocationexception: not found in jar file Print the flash into the image in the form of jar package: then k8s pull the image for operation, and then report an error: Troubleshooting process:1. Go to the docker image specific directory to view:A package with a specific directory […]

  • Test and deploy fluent on GitHub actions


    GitHub actions can easily automate all software workflows. Build, test, and deploy code directly from GitHub. Make code review, branch management and problem classification work as you want. I remember that at the end of the 19th year, I saw the article run fluent driver tests on GitHub actions, and then started to write in […]

  • Deploying code using GitHub actions


    background Recently, I wrote a tool that needs to be run on the server. At the beginning, I directly used transmit to upload the code, but each update of the code must be synchronized. Moreover, because the server is abroad and the speed is slow, I took advantage of the holiday to deploy the code […]

  • New and malloc, free store and heap | handling understanding and sorting


    Free storage and heap placement-new、new operator、operator new difference Demo1: operator new / operator delete New and malloc Free storage and heap reference resources:https://stackoverflow.com/que… reference resources:https://www.quora.com/What-is… reference resources:https://www.cnblogs.com/qg-wh… reference resources:https://blog.csdn.net/nie1994… Two dynamic memory regions. heap free store C + + memory layout Pile(malloc/free), stack, free storage(new delete), global / static storage, constant storage The difference between […]

  • flask_ Problems encountered in migrate database migration


    The Python and pip versions I use are 3.6. The following example is based on this version. I wrote the manager Py file # coding:utf-8 from flask_script import Manager from flask_migrate import Migrate, MigrateCommand from ihome import create_app, db app = create_app(‘development’) manager = Manager(app) #Migration of integrated database Migrate(app, db) manager.add_command(‘db’, MigrateCommand) if __name__ […]

  • K-means algorithm analysis and code reproduction


    K-means algorithm is one of the most commonly used clustering algorithms. This paper will analyze the algorithm and numpy reproduce the code. K-means analysis definition K-means is based on the assumption that similar sample points will form clusters in the feature space. In the k-means algorithm, N data points of sample set X and the […]

  • Android: the most comprehensive WebView explanation


    preface Many apps now have built-in web pages (hyprid APP), such as many e-commerce platforms, such as Taobao, JD, Jubi, etc., as shown in the following figure Jingdong home page jpg So how can this be achieved? In fact, this is implemented by a component called WebView in Android. Today I will give a comprehensive […]

  • Spring boot integrates springdoc swagger 3


    background Spring boot has been updated to v2.0 6 +, if you are still using the swagger interface document provided by spring fox, you will encounter the following errors: org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextException: Failed to start bean ‘documentationPluginsBootstrapper’; nested exception is java.lang.NullPointerException … Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: null at springfox.documentation.spring.web.WebMvcPatternsRequestConditionWrapper.getPatterns(WebMvcPatternsRequestConditionWrapper.java:56) ~[springfox-spring-webmvc-3.0.0.jar:3.0.0] at springfox.documentation.RequestHandler.sortedPaths(RequestHandler.java:113) ~[springfox-core-3.0.0.jar:3.0.0] The update speed of spring […]

  • Optimization algorithm learning | cuckoo algorithm principle and python implementation


    Hello, guys~ It’s time for algorithm learning again, so today I’ll introduce a not too new algorithm – Cuckoo algorithm. Come and study together~ 01 algorithm background Cuckoo search algorithm (CS), as its name implies, must be related to cuckoo. Yes, this algorithm is a new natural element based heuristic algorithm proposed by British scholars […]