• Test and deploy flutter on GitHub actions


    GitHub actions can easily automate all software workflow. Build, test, and deploy code directly from GitHub. Make code review, branch management and problem classification work the way you want. I remember that at the end of the 19th century, I saw the article “run flutter driver tests on GitHub actions”, and then I started writing […]

  • Implementation of golang progress bar function


    Recently, I’m working on a requirement. The function is very simple. It’s to develop a lightweight client to pass the content in a specified file through theTCPSend to the server. Because the file is very large, it may reach the order of 100g, so the processing will be relatively slow. In order to provide users […]

  • Vue springboot file operation, upload, preview and delete


    Video presentation: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1VK4y1s7b1/ The following steps need to be completed: Create projects and introduce dependency packages spring-boot-starter-web lombok Operate, upload, preview and delete files Add cross domain functionality < font color = Red > the front end uses Vue, and the front and back ends are separated < / font > < font color = […]

  • Analysis of the steps of JDBC connecting to database


    Creating a program to connect database with JDBC includes seven steps1. Load JDBC Driver: Before connecting to the database, first load the driver of the database you want to connect to the JVM (Java virtual machine),This is achieved through the static method forname (string classname) of the Java. Lang. class class.For example: Copy codeThe code […]

  • More thorough and professional software unloading


    Package sharing, version 6.24 is used here Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1aVd6bclk5A6puyWBfAOA2A Extraction code: mhl9 The steps of win7 and win10 are the same Next, start the installation Installation steps: in turn into the directory, decompression   The official version of this package   Enter the official cracked version of the directory, click Install – basically direct default———   […]

  • Simple mind map plug-in with super high appearance in the introductory course of gitbook


    Gitbook plug-in for generating and exporting mind map in markdown homepage Github : https://snowdreams1006.github.io/gitbook-plugin-simple-mind-map/ GitLab: https://snowdreams1006.gitlab.io/gitbook-plugin-simple-mind-map/ Gitee : https://snowdreams1006.gitee.io/gitbook-plugin-simple-mind-map/ Screen capture {% simplemindmap %} simplemindmap config book.json plugins others simple-mind-map pluginsConfig others simple-mind-map type preset linkShape autoFit style custom file.md markdown type preset linkShape autoFit style txtmap json mindmup {% endsimplemindmap %} usage Step 1 […]

  • IOS command line automatic packaging (archive)


    Original link preface In the process of testing and fixing bugs, IOS development engineers usually pack frequently. If you click archive, next, next in Xcode step by step… It’s a waste of our time. Next, we will introduce how to use xcodebuild command on the command line to automatically package archive and export IPA files. […]

  • 50. Elastic search (search engine) uses Django to realize my search and popular search


    【Baidu cloud search, search all kinds of information: http://www.lqkweb.com】 【Search the Internet disk for all kinds of information: http://www.swpan.cn】 In section 371, python distributed crawler builds search engine scrapy My simple implementation principle of search elementWe can use js to achieve, first use js to get the input search termsSet an array to store search […]

  • Knowledge mapping 1.2 — ner & CRF & data annotation


    named_entity_recognition Practice of named entity recognition company — detailed steps (raw data + annotation + dataset processing + CRF)ProjectGitHub address Mission objectives From the daily inspection logs of some factories and units, the hidden equipment entities and location entities are identified as follows: Hidden danger log Hidden danger location Hidden trouble equipment 1 The reverse […]

  • The necessary skills for engineers to capture packages in app


    briefly An Internet computer can complete the one-stop service of APP packet capture analysis. This is a summary article of APP packet capture analysis, using the combination of APP simulator and web debugging agent tools. Since then, the ability of APP packet capture and analysis has become more and more efficient, and we will say […]

  • Running Django application on Vites


    To contribute a few minutes to submit: 2020 CNCF China Cloud native questionnaire Questionnaire links(https://www.wjx.cn/jq/9714648…) Author: alkin tezuysal Django is a common framework for Python application developers. It contains packages that simplify tasks such as authorization and content management. Django supports many databases including mysql, which makes it possible to run Django applications on Vites […]

  • 40mn18cr4 non magnetic ring


    Manufacture of thin wall 40mn18cr4 retaining ring for large high speed motorThe manufacturing method of 40mn18cr4 retaining ring includes refining billet step, hot section billet making step, solution heat treatment and cold deformation step and rough machining step.The solution heat treatment and cold deformation steps are as follows: after the ingot is hot forged, it […]