• Git rebase operation in sourcetree


    Recently, Gerrit was used as a review method in the project (the previous project was small and had not been exposed to this kind of code review), resulting in some changes in the previous code submission process Before (this is one of my submission methods, which is completely completed on sourcetree) 1.local_ Branch development code, […]

  • Creating virtual machines using multipass


    Official website:https://multipass.run/ Show all virtual machines multipass list multipass stop primary multipass delete primary Create a virtual machine default multipass launch –name foo Specify core and memory multipass launch -n bar -c 4 -m 4G -d 40G multipass launch -n vm01 -c 4 -m 4G -d 40G Modify configuration (file address): sudo vim /var/root/Library/Application\ Support/multipassd/multipassd-vm-instances.json […]

  • Smartbi of smart software: complete mathematical modeling in 5 steps


    mathematical modeling Step 1: ask questions a) List the variables involved in the problem, including the appropriate units b) Be careful not to confuse variables with constants c) List all assumptions made about variables, including equations and inequalities d) Check units to make sure assumptions are meaningful e) Give the goal of the problem with […]

  • [practice] data interaction between Greenplum platform extension framework PXF and Hadoop


    This article turns to palm digital technology IInteraction with Hadoop HDFS 01 what is PXF PXF is the Greenplum platform extension framework (PXF), which provides access to external data through built-in connectors. As a parallel channel framework for data interaction between Greenplum and Hadoop cluster, PXF also supports user-defined development and extension in addition to […]

  • Redis Series Textbook (I) – Windows tutorial


    Step 1: about JDK version Step 2: what is redis Step 3: redis official website Step 4: download and unzip Step 1: About JDK version At least use jdk8. Please download jdk8 or higher: Download and configure JDK environment Step 2: what is redis Redis is an open-source log and key value database written in […]

  • Huawei server CentOS 6.5 dual network card binding steps


    Recently, a batch of network card binding operations for CentOS 6.5 servers were completed. Due to the production environment of the current network, the operation was very careful, but who knows, there was still an error. The two servers could not be pinged directly, so they ran to the computer room. Various tosses. Therefore, the […]

  • Class annotation template and method annotation template in idea


    1. when creating a class, the class annotation is provided. The setting steps in idea are as follows Write the contents in 3 places. /** * TODO * * @author ${USER} * @since ${DATE} */ The results are as follows: Create a class annotation that comes with the class 2. define two sets of method […]

  • Redis Series Textbook (II) – operation


    Step 1: operation position Step 2: start the server Step 3: start the client Step 4: simple application Step 1: operating position I unzipped redis to d:\software, and the subsequent explanations are based on this location Step 2: start the server Run the command line through win+r, CMDThen enter the following command: d: cd software […]

  • Figure 1 understand the single sign on of web applications


    Single sign on is sign sign sign on, or SSO for short. It solves the problem that users need to log in frequently when they jump between multiple sites. For example, when users log in to tmall, they should no longer use their account to log in to Taobao. They can trust each other and […]

  • Understand the principle of program locality


    1.1 what is procedural locality? A good computer program usually has good locality, which mainly includes: Time locality: refers to the same memory location. From the time dimension, it canShorter timeIs referenced more than once within. Spatial locality: refers to the same memory location. From the spatial dimension, itNearby memory locationsCan be referenced. 1.2 data […]

  • Redis Series Textbook (III) – common commands


    Step 1:5 data types Step 2: string string Step 3: list list Step 4: hash dictionary, hash table Step 5: set set Step 6: sorted set Step 7: official command manual Step 1: 5 data types Redis currently has five data types: String (string) List Hash (Dictionary) Set Sorted set Different data types have different […]

  • How to do the in-situ smooth volume reduction of HDFS?


    background As the data scale becomes larger and larger, the storage cost also rises. Over time, the data heat distribution tends to follow the 2 ⁄ 8 principle, that is, 80% of the visits are concentrated on 20% of the data. For the 80% of data that is not frequently accessed, using multiple SSDs for […]