• [deploy the springboot project to docker] 1. Build the Ubuntu docker environment


    Write in front I want to learn about the deployment of spring boot and Vue projects. I’m going to write a series to record the problems I’ve encountered. Secondly, I’ll give it to other partners for reference. In a word, I hope I can keep on writing this series! come on. Ubuntu installation First, Linux […]

  • Troubleshooting for 1 hour delay of task scheduling on easyscheduler


    1、 Background In the morning, the irascible King w came with a message: “the hour calculation task was delayed for one hour, resulting in the task of calculating 3 data that should be started at 6:00 to be submitted for execution at 7:00, while the task of calculating 4 data ran twice to help troubleshoot […]

  • Using docker to configure sqli labs under Kali Linux (configuration of domestic source and system software update)


    Blog navigation: ~Foreword ~Step 1: configure the domestic source in the installed Kali ~Step 2: install docker ~Step 3: install sqli labs under docker ~Write at the end. preface: Recently, I have nothing to do. I was breaking through sqli labs, but after less-26, I encountered the coding problem in Windows + Apache environment, which […]

  • Call pal function of Hana through AMDP


    SAP predictive analysis library (PAL) is a function in SAP Hana, which allows us to execute analysis algorithms in the process of SAP Hana sqlscript. SAP Application Based on ABAP can call the functions provided by pal, including classification, regression, clustering, association rules, social network analysis, recommendation system, etc. AMDP is usually used to implement […]

  • Install docker CE on Ubuntu 16.04


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  • Set up istio basic environment


    demand Build the basic environment of istio (based on version 1.5.1) Installation procedure Before installing istio, you need an environment running kubernetes. Please refer to the previous article for installation steps Download istio, unzip it, and thenistioctlAdd to path environment variable curl -L https://istio.io/downloadIstio | sh – cd istio-1.5.1 export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH newly buildistio-1.5.1.yamlThere will be […]

  • Alicloud ECS server installation nginx


    To install nginx 1、 lsb_release -aView system version 2. Install nginx dependency Library yum install openssl yum install zlib yum install pcre 3. Install nginx Libraryrpm -Uvh http://nginx.org/packages/centos/7/noarch/RPMS/nginx-release-centos-7-0.el7.ngx.noarch.rpm 4. Perform the installation of nginxyum install nginx 5. Start servicesystemctl start nginx 6. View service statussystemctl status nginxIf this is displayed, the startup is successful Then […]

  • Docker installation


    demand Install docker running environment Preparation conditions A VPS (used in this articleAlicloud Hong Kong – centos7.7) A local computer that can SSH to VPS (xshell is recommended) Installation steps Install docker curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com -o get-docker.sh sh get-docker.sh –mirror Aliyun Configure docker Access Acceleration tee /etc/docker/daemon.json < Create users and join the docker group […]

  • Wechat app payment PHP


    <?php /** *Wechat app payment * * @license * @link * @since */ class wxAppPay { Private $key =’8102b2a111111176d9f381ec6f837 ‘; // the merchant ID is the 32-bit API key set by the key on the wechat merchant platform Private $appid =’wxbca550502a91e9a ‘; // appid applied in wechat open platform Private $mchid = ‘1000000’; // merchant […]

  • Vue Learning Guide: Chapter 13 (detailed) – routing of Vue Chapter 3 (caching of routes)


    Caching of routes Route caching is an important method of Vue component optimization Why is route caching implemented? In order to switch between components without repeatedly loading data and affecting the user experience, we usually need to cache the array of components. When we click here, we will send Ajax again when we click here. […]

  • Chapter 3 excel programming of VSTO Development Guide (vb2013)


    Through the contents of the first two chapters, there is a certain foundation, but entering the third chapter, there are many steps of examples, and with the upgrade of vs version, some function menu interfaces have changed a lot, so I will write the cases of the third chapter step by step! The goal of […]

  • Program performance optimization – locality principle


    More articles concept A well written computer program often has good locality. They tend to refer to the data item near the recently referenced data item, or the recently referenced data item itself. This tendency is called locality principle. Programs with good locality run faster than programs with poor locality. Locality usually takes two different […]