• To achieve a very practical page guide function


    Let’s start with the picture above Project address demonstrationSource code Function description Add a guide layer to guide users use new Guide([ { selector: ‘#t1’, src: ‘img/pic-1.png’, delay: 500, before: function (done) { done() }, handler: function (el, img, option) { return { x: -img.width + el.offsetWidth + (img.height – el.offsetWidth) / 2, y: -(img.height […]

  • Kubernetes and docker installation in Windows


    K8s and docker container technology are very popular technologies at present. What’s more, this technology stack is not very friendly to DONet programmers of CN. To put it bluntly, 1. Many images need a ladder to access; 2. Window programmers are naturally unfamiliar with command line operations. 3. A lot of information is Linux, etc […]

  • The lecture of Statistical Science


    01. Preface We talked about multiple linear regression. In this article, let’s talk about gradual regression. What is stepwise regression? It’s literally a step-by-step return. We know that the element in multiple regression refers to the independent variable, and multiple variables are multiple independent variables, namely multiple X. One of the questions we need to […]

  • JMeter pressure measuring tool manual (full version)


    JMeter pressure measuring tool manual (full version) ZHL 2019-04-19 10:48:39 2462 collection 16open1、 Introduction to jemterJMeter is an open source stress testing tool developed by Apache Company based on Java. It is small, full-featured and easy to use. It is a relatively lightweight testing tool, which is very simple to use. Because JMeter is developed […]

  • Technology sharing | zookeeper rapidly deploys dble cluster environment


    Author: ye XiaoliThis paper requires readers to master the basic principles of zookeeper and dble.If you want to learn about dble, you can see the dble open class at the end of the article. Zookeeper – distributed coordination technology / dble – distributed database middleware are used to build a cluster, which can provide a […]

  • Using native JS to write multiplication table


    Step idea: 1. Use for loop to print 99 multiplication table2. 9 rows and 9 columns, double for, empty string, escape character spacing tab, newline3. Variable storage — number, row, column Show one function getForm() { var num = ”; for (var rows = 1; rows <= 9; rows++) { for (var cols = 1; […]

  • Sorting algorithm 05 ——– heap sorting (Graphic)


    1. Heap sort   Heap sort is a sort algorithm designed with heap data structure. It is similar to a binary tree and has a characteristic that the value of parent node is greater than (less than) the value of child node. There are two kinds of heaps. The one whose parent node is larger than […]

  • One click installation in Web Environment


    github.com/little -Bit shy / docker web (project address) One click installation of docker in Web Environment Install docker If you have installed it, skip this stepbash docker.install.sh Start docker service start docker Web environment startup Execute the startup script in the installation directorybash run Waiting to start Direct access Access the project directly in the […]

  • How to access pangolin ads in egret native


    Egret native can access the third-party native SDK through native extension capability. This article will introduce how to access the advertising system for developers. Pangolin is an advertising access SDK provided by byte beat, which provides a variety of advertising styles. Please refer to its official documents for specific information. Pangolin platform preparation Enter the […]

  • Ali technical experts explain in depth, from the beginning of spring MVC to the advanced stage. This article is enough


    preface Spring MVC is a lightweight web framework that implements web MVC design pattern. Like the previous struts 2 framework, it belongs to MVC framework, because its use and performance are better than struts 2, so spring MVC is the mainstream MVC framework. First, briefly summarize the main features of spring MVC It is flexible […]

  • Sum with native JS


    (1) Find the sum of all numbers within 100 divisible by 3 and 7 /*Step: use variable to store target number accumulation sum For sets the body of the loop If setting meets the condition*/ var sum = 0 for (var i = 1; i <= 100; i++) { if (i % 3 == 0 […]

  • Regular crud operation of mybatis plus


    1. Test the development steps of mybatis plus (1) First, create a springboot project called mybatis plus (2) Import Maven dependencies (3) Create a data table, here using mysql (4) Create project environment( application.yml ,domain,service,mapper) (5) The service layer interface inherits iservice < T >, and the service class inherits serviceimpl < ~ mapper, t […]