• How does the business team unify the architecture design style?


    Introduction:When you first launched the application, have you ever felt unable to start in the face of business framework construction? Maintaining online applications and facing a lot of historical burden, are you avoiding the pit and falling into the mire? Why are the same business applications with different design styles? Why is the original design […]

  • Floating point correlation


    Read some IEEE 754 implementation of floating-point arithmetic related articles IEEE 754 (IEEE 754-2019) Floating-point arithmetic Significand JavaScript floating point number trap and solution Basic field: on floating point numbers In depth analysis of floating point numbers What is the difference between quiet NaN and signaling NaN? Why is the most secure integer in JavaScript […]

  • Plug in Recommendation: how to implement java coding specification into actual development


    A software needs to spend 80% of its life cycle cost to maintain.  Almost no software’s entire life cycle is maintained by its original author.Coding specifications improve the readability of software, allowing engineers to understand new code more quickly and thoroughly.If you turn the source code into a product, you need to make sure it’s […]

  • Springboot + netty create gateway 376 protocol


    Netty used in this version- all:4.1.36.Final 。There are many instances of springboot + netty integration on the Internet. Just added 376 protocol as reporting data processing. Take a look at the specific implementation.1. Create a multi specification handler processing class: @Override protected void initChannel(SocketChannel channel) throws Exception { channel.pipeline().addLast(new IdleStateHandler(DivMultiprotocolSelection.HEARTBEAT_TIME, 0, 0, DivMultiprotocolSelection.TIME_UNIT)); channel.pipeline().addLast(new StringDecoder()); […]