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  • Rust programming video tutorial (Advanced) – 025_ 1 Introduction to unsafe rust


    Video address Headline address:https://www.ixigua.com/i677586170644791348…Station B address:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av81202308/ Source address GitHub address:https://github.com/anonymousGiga/learn_rus… Explanation content 1. Previously discussed in this section are secure rust, that is, the memory security guarantee enforced by rust at compile time. This kind of memory security guarantee will not be enforced, that is, unsafe rust. 2. There are two main reasons for unsafe […]

  • GitHub can not open the problem


    1、 Determine the IP address of the GitHub website Open web address: http://github.com.ipaddress.com/ github.com github.com 2、 Determine domain IP Open web address: http://github.global.ssl.fastly.net.ipaddress.com/ Or github.global.ssl.fastly.net github.global.ssl.fastly.net 3、 Determine static resource IP Open web address: http://assets-cdn.github.com.ipaddress.com/ assets-cdn.github.com assets-cdn.github.com 4、 Modify hosts file Build software better, together Build software […]

  • Develop a front-end local debugging command line tool library


    background During project development, front-end students often meet with local joint debugging and testing environment. There are many methods of joint debugging. InLocal commissioning scheme for front end projectAt the end of this article, I talked about adding a layer of proxy service (forward proxy) between the browser and the local service of the front-end […]

  • C#mysql database backup and restore


    1: Reference DLL MySql.Data.dll, MySqlbackup.dll 2: Create a data connection static class public static class mysql { Public static string constr = “database = test; password = password; user id = root; server = IP address”; public static MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection(constr); } 3: Create WinForm form Backup code DialogResult = MessageBox. Show (“the […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 6-6-4 deployment static file


    Deploy static files See also django.contrib.staticfilesFor an introduction to the usage of, seeManage static files (CSS, images)。 Deploying static files in an online environment The basic step of placing a static file into an online environment is simple: run when the static file changescollectstaticCommand, and then arrange the directory of the collected static files(STATIC_ROOT)Move to […]

  • Mixphp V3 adds PHP FPM and cli server support


    MixPHPV3 is mainly driven by swoole and workerman, because these two platforms have strong performance. However, most PHP developers are API developers and web programmers. Hot update may be the biggest rigid demand, so I am very interested in itVegaAn extension has been made to enable mixphp to increase the support of PHP FPM and […]

  • React engineering practice: front end scaffold based on react, Redux and react router


    Project address:https://github.com/YutHelloWo… be based onReact、Redux、[email protected]、webpackandreactstrapFront end scaffold. catalogue preface characteristic environment start engineering structure Development and debugging unit testing Static deployment Related documents thank preface If you are a real beginner, this project can be a good tutorial. If you are planning to create a large spa using react technology stack, this project is just […]

  • Generate static websites using Java and Maven (jbake)


    Use jbake (“MVN generate resources”) to build your static website or blog. Use layouts, macros, and data files. We migrated the entire www.optaplaner.org website (1399 files) to build using Java and Maven instead of ruby and rake. On the surface, nothing has changed. But in the source code, it is a game changer for our […]

  • Django static file configuration


    Django static file configuration 1、 What is a static file The files used by the website that have been written in advance are called static files What are the static files? ① CSS file ②   JS file ③   Third party component: bootstrap                sweetalert                fontawesome                …     The […]

  • Beijing Taobao project day15


    1. Redis cluster description 1.1 what are the disadvantages of fragmentation / sentry 1. Fragmentation disadvantage: the main function of fragmentation is to expand memory, but it has no high availability effect2. Disadvantages of sentry: the data is not expanded, and the sentry itself has no high availability mechanismRequirements: it can not only realize the […]

  • Summary of three usages of static keyword static in C language


    Different from other keywords, they have a variety of uses, and they can be used in a certain environment to improve the running performance of the program and optimize the structure of the program. This article mainly introduces the function of static keyword static in C language, which is very helpful for everyone to learn […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 1-2-6 write your first Django application, Part 6


    Write your first Django application, Part 6 This tutorial continues from tutorial 5. We have built a tested web voting application. Now we will add a style sheet and an image. In addition to the HTML files generated by the server, web applications generally need to provide other necessary files – such as image files, […]