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  • Web pack Engineering


    What is webback Webback can be regarded as a module packer. Its function is to package all the dependencies (such as. Jade,. Less,. PNG, etc.) into the so-called front-end static resources (such as JS, CSS, PNG, etc.) through a portal. (module module = > webpack = > static resource) Why use it and what it […]

  • Linux Ubuntu installation initialization


    Static IP configuration #Static IP configuration cat /etc/network/interfaces auto enp0s3 iface enp0s3 inet static address netmask auto enp0s8 iface enp0s8 inet dhcp Virtual machine VBox installation enhancements #Mount VBox enhancements cd /root mkdir vbox mount /dev/cdrom /root/vbox/ sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 work /root/work/ sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 go_pro /root/go_pro/ […]

  • Nuxt v-bind binding img SRC does not display


    Question: Using the V-for loop,: SRC = “item. URL”, the bound image cannot be displayed, but can only be written as a static structure; Reason: Written as static directly, it will be compiled by webpack, so as to get the real path of the packed image.If you write it as dynamic, webpack will not compile. […]

  • Using the skia rendering engine on MacOS


    Ah. This is my second time to use skia. I forget to compile it every time. It’s really hard to build the C + + project environment. It’s really one of the few libraries that I can run, and another is ffmpeg.. Although I forgot to step on it every time, I made up my […]

  • Laravel manual switch eloquest modifier


    Original link: he Xiaodong blog The test framework version is laravel 6.5, and the eloquest modifier can be used in – > view the document The scenario of the manual switch of the modifier is the differential return data. For example, in the background management, the image address needs to be relative to the path, […]

  • Note that MVVM introduces classes that call static methods and variables in XML in the wrong way


    Error reporting Error: cannot generate view binders java.lang.classcastexception: android.databinding.tool.expr.IdentifierExpr cannot be cast to android.databinding.tool.expr.StaticIdentifierExpr Turn over: Unable to generate view binder and report type conversion exception: android.databinding.tool.expr.identifierexpr type cannot be converted to android.databinding.tool.expr.staticidentifierexpr typeThis means that the identity reference type cannot be converted to a static identity reference type. Error reason: When we use it […]

  • The usage of PHP self keyword


    Someone in the PHP group askedselfThe answer is obvious: it can’t be used in a static member functionthisCall a nonmember function, but use theselfCall static member function / variable / constant; other member functions can useselfCall static and non static member functions. As the discussion progressed, it was found thatselfIt’s not that simple. In view […]

  • Simple comparison between fortify SCA and findbugs


    Some time ago, due to work reasons, java source code needs to be scanned. Now, a simple comparison is made between the static code scanning tool fortify SCA and findbugs based on the experience. 1、 Fortify SCA Fortify SCA is developed by fortify software, the world’s leading software security product solution provider. It is dedicated […]

  • Function of static keyword in C language


    Static modifier variable 1 use static to decorate variables in blocks It has a static storage duration, block range, and no link.That is, the scope can only be in the block and cannot be called by programs outside the block; variables are created when the program is loaded and end when the program is terminated. […]

  • Java basic articles and objects


    Class and object Class, object, and reference relationships Relationship between class and object A class is a template of an object. An object is an instance of a class. A class can have many objects A java program can only have one class with the same class name, that is, the type will not have […]

  • A simple way to remove index.html from the homepage of the pagoda panel dream website


    After Dede generates the static homepage by default, an index.html will be added after the link of Zhimeng website homepage. According to officials, this is good for website optimization.But some also say that the index.html link on the homepage of Zhimeng website is not conducive to the unification of the homepage URL in SEO, because […]

  • The singleton pattern of PHP design pattern


      Definition: Singleton mode: ensure that a class has only one instance, and provide a global access point to access it.   Implementation ideas: 1. Generally, we can let a global variable make an object accessible, but it can’t prevent you from instantiating multiple objects.One of the best ways to do this is to have […]