• GitHub actions Guide


    GitHub actions Guide GitHub actions enables you to create custom workflows directly in your GitHub library. Workflow refers to automated processes, such as build, test, package, publish, deploy, etc., which means you can directly conduct CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous deployment). Basic concepts Workflow: a workflow workflow is a complete process. Each workflow contains […]

  • Spring 5 Reference Guide: schema based AOP


    AOP based on schema In the last article we talked about using spring AOP in the form of annotations. This article describes how to use spring AOP in the form of XML schema. To use this article’s AOP namespace tag, you need to import xmlns: AOP = “http://www.springframework.org/schema/aop”. In spring configuration, all aspect and advisor […]

  • Front end training – intermediate stage (31) – basic syntax of class, inheritance of class (2019-12-26)


    The most basic part of the front end isHTML+CSS+Javascript。 Mastering these three technologies, even if you are a beginner, is just a beginner. Now the definition of front-end development is far more than these. Front end classroom(HTML/CSS/JS)In line with the central idea of improving the technical level and strengthening the basic knowledge, we have started […]

  • Rethink the six ways JS declares variables


    start Let’s talk about which six variable declaration methods are available in JS, and then we will take three question marks to read the article: what? how? where?There are six ways to declare variables: var let const function import class No harm without comparison (VaR, let, const) In the interview, many interviewers like to ask […]

  • Spring 5 Reference Guide: AspectJ annotations


    What is AspectJ annotation To use AOP in spring, there are two ways, one is annotation, the other is XML configuration. This article mainly explains how to open spring AOP through annotation. @AspectJ is a style of declaring aspects to annotate Java classes with annotations. @The AspectJ style was introduced by the AspectJ project as […]

  • Using typescript in react


    Preface It is much more comfortable to write react with typescript than to write Vue. React’s support for TS is a natural partner. If you want to refactor a project with TS, unlike Vue, which is very destructive to the project, react can relatively easily achieve refactoring. By the way, the globally installed create react […]

  • C ා learning — encapsulation of basic Oracle database operations (connection, addition, deletion, modification, query)


    Write before: C ා package of sqlserver: https://www.cnblogs.com/mexihq/p/11636785.html Similar to the c-encapsulation of sqlserver in the previous article, the small edition encapsulates the Oracle database, which is convenient for later development and use, mainly including connection, addition, deletion, modification and query of Oracle database. If there is any problem, please give advice. In the future, […]

  • How to use JWT to realize user identity authentication and how to realize single sign on


    What is JWT? JSON web token (JWT) is a JSON based open standard (RFC 7519) which is implemented to deliver statements between network application environments. The token is designed to be compact and secure, especially suitable for single sign on (SSO) scenarios of distributed sites. The declaration of JWT is generally used to pass the […]

  • `Differences between ‘abstract class’ and’ interface ‘in Java


    abstract class JavaAllowed inabstractThe modifier declares the method. At this time, only the method is defined but not implemented(abstractThe decorated method has no body, only a signature and a semicolonBelow isabstractMethods and theabstractClass related rules: As long as there is one in the classabstractMethod, the class itself automatically becomesabstract, and must be declared asabstract classOtherwise, […]

  • What’s new in C × 8.0


    1. Readonly members The readonly modifier can be applied to any member of a structure, indicating that the member does not modify the state. This is finer than applying the readonly modifier to a struct declaration. public struct Point { public double X { get; set; } public double Y { get; set; } public […]

  • Flink Learning Series — basic knowledge learning (4)


    Preface This lecture will introduce the serialization mechanism and process function. Serialization mechanism When writing processing logic with Flink, novices are always confused by a myriad of concepts: Why does Flink have so many type declarations? What’s the difference between basictypeinfo. String? Type? Info, types. String, types. String()? What is typeinfofactory? How are typeinformation.of and […]

  • Differences between structure and class


    Before describing the differences between them, first understand their definition. 1、 Structure 1. definition: In C, the structure is a value type data structure. It enables a single variable to store related data of various data types.structKeyword is used to create a structure. Used to encapsulate multiple variables of different types For example, you can […]