• Go’s 100 day trip – 05 constant


    catalogue brief introduction Untyped constant Special constant iota brief introduction Dao Kedao, extraordinary Dao. hereChang DaoIt refers to the eternal truth, which often has the meaning of invariance. As the name suggests, compared with variables, constants cannot be changed after declaration, and their values are determined during compilation.The following is a simple declaration of a […]

  • One of the four features of C + + 20: detailed explanation of module feature


    What is the biggest feature of C + + 20? The biggest feature is that no compiler has fully implemented all the features so far. Some people think that C + + 20 is the biggest change since C + + 11, even bigger than C + + 11. This paper only introduces the module […]

  • Variable and constant sorting


    variable Declare variable //Declare multiple variables at once, with the default value of int var n1, n2, n3 int Define variables Define one at a time var num = 10 Define more than one at a time var num, num1 = 10, 11 Standard variable writing In go, the basic format of variable declaration is: […]

  • Go’s 100 day trip – 06 array and slice


    catalogue array Slice array GoThe array of is basically the same as other languages. It is a sequence of specific type elements with fixed length, which is basically the characteristic of all language arrays. Compared with other languages, the main difference lies in the writing of declaration and initialization. The following is a simple declaration […]

  • Why is block modified with copy


    Introduction to block: blockIn fact, it is a code block. Encapsulate the code you want to execute in this code block and call it when necessary. Is that block an OC object? The answer is yes Modifier Simply put, block is like a function pointer to the function we want to use. Just like the […]

  • C# method extra


    C# method extra Last time I just talked about some basic things of methods. Today I’ll talk about overloading and lambda expressions. heavy load Method overload refers to a method with the same name, There are different method signatures, and the contents in the function body can also be different. The signature of a method […]

  • The fluent project crashed when ios14 was started


    The fluent project crashed when ios14 was started Collapse phenomenon After the release of IOS 14, running the app will flash back, which is not related to the model. As long as it is IOS 14, it will flash back image.png malloc: Incorrect checksum for freed object 0x10935ca00: probably modified after being freed. Crash analysis […]

  • Angular2 how to use third-party class libraries (such as jQuery)


    Angular2 uses typescript as the default encoding language, so all you see is File at the end of TS. What is typescript First, it is a compiled language; Since it is compiled, you can give full play to the tool properties such as refactoring, navigation and intelligent reminder, so you will find that using vs […]

  • Learn c# (basic types) again


    Do you really know the basic types? C # type classification Value type Reference type (object, string), other than value type Note: The interface type (declared with interface) can be implemented by the value type (struct) The value of a variable is stored in its declared location. Generally speaking, the reference type is allocated from […]

  • Brief introduction to map


    Introduction to map Map is a reference type. It follows the mechanism of reference type transfer. It receives map parameters in the function and directly operates the original map when modifying the map. Map is a key value data structure, which is read as (hash table, dictionary) and is a collection of key value pairs […]

  • Implementation principle of defer in go


    [TOC] Implementation principle of defer in go Let’s review our last sharing and share some knowledge about channels What is the channel in go Detailed analysis of the underlying data structure of the channel How is the channel implemented in the go source code Basic principles of Chan reading and writing What exceptions will occur […]

  • C # attributes and fields


    C # attributes and fields It’s a rare week to relax on national day. September is really stressful.The price isAfter returning to school, he has been paying off his debts. In addition, there has been little progress in his studies and self-study,But I also took the time to learn a lot.This week is not so […]