• @Appstorage research


    preface In Apple ecosystem applications, developers will use userdefaults more or less. My personal habit is to save the user-defined configuration information (precision, unit, color, etc.) in userdefaults. With the increase of configuration information, more and more @appstorage is used in swiftui view. stay[Health Notes 3]In the configuration view, I plan to open more customization […]

  • View front-end Vue version commands


    Reading time |0.43 minutes word count |689.6 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background View front-end Vue version command Prepared by | SCscHero Writing time | 2022/1/5 PM6:33 Article type |Series Degree of completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & backgroundCompletion degree: 100% a) Coping with problems How do […]

  • Summary of abnormal parsing package problems in Android APK installation


    Original address:Summary of abnormal parsing package problems in Android APK installation | stars one grocery store Before that, I can recommend you to use this open source libraryAndroidUtilCode, the tool classes mentioned below are all in this library The following parsing package exceptions refer toError prompt appears immediately after entering the installation page Instead of […]

  • Front end of stack technology sharing: TS, where do you escape~


    ​ The data stack is a one-stop big data development platform. We have an interesting open source project on GitHub and gitee: flinkx. Flinkx is a unified data synchronization tool based on Flink for batch streams. It can collect both static data and real-time changing data. It is a data synchronization engine integrating whole domain, […]

  • Talk about redistoken


    order This article mainly studies redistoken RedisToken resp-server-0.16.0/src/main/java/com/github/tonivade/resp/protocol/RedisToken.java public interface RedisToken { RedisToken NULL_STRING = string((SafeString) null); RedisToken RESPONSE_OK = status(“OK”); RedisTokenType getType(); <T> T accept(RedisTokenVisitor<T> visitor); static RedisToken nullString() { return NULL_STRING; } static RedisToken responseOk() { return RESPONSE_OK; } static RedisToken string(SafeString str) { return new StringRedisToken(str); } static RedisToken string(String str) { […]

  • ES6 learn the let and const commands in Chapter 1


    preface: Recently started watchingIntroduction to ECMAScript 6 by Ruan Yifeng(hereinafter referred to as the original text) learn the knowledge of ECMAScript 6 (hereinafter referred to as ES6), sort out some knowledge points and add my understanding to make article notes. Each chapter is divided into one note.The article code is different from the directory structure […]

  • The use and difference of function new and make in go language


    As we all know, the functions new and make in the go language are always easy for novices to confuse. They look similar, but they are actually different. However, it is very easy to explain the differences between them. The following article mainly introduces the relevant information about the differences between the functions new and […]

  • Playing with __ attributes__ (I)


    preface In some codes, we can often see the following function modifiers: __attribute__((constructor)) static void foo(void) { //… } void f(void) __attribute__((availability(macosx,introduced=10.4,deprecated=10.6,obsoleted=10.7))); origin In GNU C, we can use function attributes(Function attribute)Define specific compiler optimizations, compiler checks, memory management, code generation, call return transformations for our functions.For example:noreturnUsed to specify that the function has no […]

  • TS usage


    TS learning use 1、 TS environment setup 1.ts introduction Typescript is a superset of JavaScript. On the basis of JS, restrictions on variable types are added 2. environment 1. install node:https://nodejs.org/dist/v16.1…2. install TS compiler typescript using package manager npm install -g typescript Compile run: // tsc =====> typescript compiler //Compile compiles the specified TS into […]

  • Declarative UI


    Fluent adopts a declarative UI layout. Why declarative UI The framework from Win32 to the web to Android and IOS usually uses the command UI programming style, which is probably the most familiar style – you manually build a full-featured UI entity, and then use the method to change it when the UI is changed.In […]

  • Typescript: a place where old hands are easily confused


    First of all, it should be noted that because the typescript type system ultimately serves JavaScript, TS must be able to declare the corresponding type constraints for any code written in JS, which may lead to very complex type declarations in TS. The general strongly typed languages do not have such a problem, because at […]

  • The difference between mybatis and mybatis plus


    1、 Mybatis Mybatis, formerly known as ibatis, is an open source project initiated by Clinton begin in 2001. It initially focused on code software development, and later developed into a Java based persistence layer framework. Mybatis is an excellent persistence layer framework that supports custom SQL queries, stored procedures and advanced mapping, eliminating almost all […]