• A thorough understanding of the hystrix go source code


    Series articles: Usage and principle of hystrix go A thorough understanding of the hystrix go source code Opening The last article mainly introducedhystrix-goIn this article, let’s comprehensively analyze the source code. This article is very long. Please read it patiently. In addition, because the direct release of the source code affects the mobile phone reading […]

  • React hook | 9 necessary hooks


    React hook guide What is hook? HookIt is a new feature of react 16.8. It allows you to use state and other react features without writing class. HookIn essence, it is a function, which simplifies components and has its own state management, life cycle management and state sharing. useState useEffect useContext useReducer What did hook […]

  • React native get the current network status of the device Netinfo


    `React native ` the application can obtain the network status of the device by using the ‘Netinfo’ package. NetInfo NetInfoThe module can obtain the current networking status of the device, subscribe and obtain the network status at one time. Previously, it was integrated in react native, but now it has been moved [email protected] management. Installation […]

  • Use redistemplate to operate bitmap to complete daily check-in


    Use redistemplate to operate bitmap to complete daily check-in There are only two statuses: Yes and no (1, 0). A month can last up to 31 days. The four byte32 bits can just accommodate the data volume of a month. Each bit 0 and 1 indicates whether to check in or not. Therefore, using 4 […]

  • [Vue] vuex status management mode


    Vuex status management mode Multiple components depend on or modify the same state–shareuseVue.observableIt can realize a lightweight state management Basics Modules 1 Foundation Basic structure and use State Mutations Actions Gtters map 1.1 basic structure and use Structure diagram Install vuex npm install vuex –save Store.js file import Vue from ‘vue’ import Vuex from ‘vuex’ […]

  • Hikari connection pool uses springboot to configure JMX monitoring


    Hikari is the default connection pool in springboot 2.0.Unlike c3p0 directly obtaining various status indicators through connection pool objects, Hikari needs to obtain them through JMX.The sample code is as follows. The springboot integration is used to regularly collect the connection status of the connection pool. @Component @Controller @SpringBootApplication(exclude = DataSourceAutoConfiguration.class) @EnableScheduling public class HikariTest […]

  • Spring boot + redis implements delay queue, which is well written!


    Source: blog.csdn.net/qq330983778/article/details/99341671 operation flow First, let’s analyze the process The user submits the task. First, push the task to the delay queue. After receiving a task, the delay queue first pushes the task to the job pool, and then calculates its execution time. Then, the delayed task (including only the task ID) is generated and […]

  • Database transaction acid attribute, database concurrency problem and four isolation levels


    Database transaction acid attribute, database concurrency problem and four isolation levels Database transaction A database transaction is a set of logical operation units that transform data from one state to another A set of logical operation units; One or more DML operations Transaction processing principles Ensure that all transactions are executed as a unit of […]

  • 30 minutes, take you to implement a promise that conforms to the specification (giant detail)


    preface aboutPromiseThere are many excellent articles on principle analysis in nuggets. But the author is always inRead it and write itThis is the purpose of the author to write this article, in order to sort it outPromiseWrite a wave of code from scratch, which is also convenient for you to review in the future.   […]

  • There won’t be 23 design patterns yet. You’ll understand after reading this


    This article is transferred from: Le byteThe article mainly explains: 23 design modesFor more Java related knowledge, you can pay attention to the official account number: 999 01 factory methodChasing mm can’t help but invite him to dinner. McDonald’s chicken wings and KFC chicken wings are MM’s favorite food. Although their tastes are different, no […]

  • MySQL server enable event_ scheduler


    First, query the status of plan events in SQL: Show variables like ‘event_ scheduler’If off is returned, it means that the current status is closed. If on, the planned task has been opened.Find the my.ini file in the MySQL program directory and add an item: event_ scheduler = 1After saving, restart the MySQL service, which […]

  • Memorandum of design pattern


    Introduction to memo mode Memo modeIt is a design pattern that can restore or rollback, configuration, version and repentance as the core functions, and this design pattern belongs to behavior pattern. On the basis of not destroying the original object, the memo operation class is added to record the behavior of the original object, so […]