• Delayed execution and immutability, the system explains javastream data processing


    Recently, when I was writing business in the company, I suddenly couldn’t rememberStreamHow should the accumulation in be written? But I can only program for Google. It took me three precious minutes to learn. It’s very simple. Since I used jdk8, stream is my most commonly used feature. It is used for various streaming operations. […]

  • JS asynchronous


    1、 Causes of asynchrony JS is single threaded and can only do one thing at a time. Therefore, all things are waiting to be executed like queuing. However, if one of the things takes a long time in the queue, the next event will be waiting all the time. For example, when we open a […]

  • Simple demo of websocket + react


    About demand Function of simply receiving server information Front end demand analysis Acceptable server information You can close the session Restartable session Knowledge demand A little TS + react A little node + Express A little websocket About the simplest demo Front end implementation onlyStart websocketAndAccept sessionAs the key The server node will realize the […]

  • Best practice of micro front end based on Qiankun (Illustrated) – inter application communication


    Write at the beginning Micro front end series: Best practices of micro front end based on Qiankun (10000 words long) – from 0 to 1 Best practice of micro front end based on Qiankun (Illustrated) – inter application communication Qiankun based micro front end best practices (Illustrated) – Application Deployment Ten thousand words long text […]

  • Installation and use of Linux management tool cockpit


    Installation of cockpit #Cockpit is installed by default in rhel8 system yum list|grep cockpit #Check whether the cockpit has been set to boot systemctl list-unit-files|grep cockpit #Set cockpit boot systemctl enable –now cockpit.socket #View cockpit running status systemctl status cockpit.service #Start service systemctl start cockpit.service #View cockpit running status systemctl status cockpit.service #Check whether cockpit […]

  • Simplify Redux using Redux Toolkit


    Learn about the Redux toolkit, a proven tool set for efficient Redux development. In this article, you will see why the Redux toolkit deserves more attention from the react community. React and Redux are considered to be the best combination of management state in large-scale react applications. However, over time, Redux’s popularity has declined due […]

  • New syntax in ES6 (V) — detailed explanation of promise


    Promise introduction Promise is an object from which you can get messages for asynchronous operations. There are all, race, reject and resolve methods, and there are then, catch and other methods on the prototype. Promise has two characteristics: The state of the object is not affected by the outside world. The promise object obtains asynchronous […]

  • Ajax introduction and use of front-end JS


    summary AJAX is an abbreviation. Its full name isAsynchronous JavaScript and XML, which means asynchronous JavaScript and XML, i.eExecuting asynchronous network requests with JavaScript。 AJAX is not a new technology, but a new term proposed by Jesse James Garrett in 2005 to describe a ‘new’ method using a collection of existing technologies, including: HTML or […]

  • Design of general programmable order state machine engine for Gaode taxi


    Introduction: order status flow is the core work of the transaction system. The order system often has the characteristics of multiple states, long links and complex logic, as well as business characteristics such as multiple scenarios, multiple types and multiple business dimensions. On the premise of ensuring the stability of order status flow, scalability and […]

  • RHIT: an efficient visual nginx log viewing tool that processes millions of rows of log data per second


    [introduction]: a tool to format the nginx log and quickly read and view the nginx log. brief introduction RHIT can read the log files of nginx from the standard folder (gzipped compressed files can also be used), analyze and make statistics, and display them in the form of visual tables in the console without generating […]

  • Basic use of Redux


    Redux core Introduction to Redux JavaScript state container provides predictable state management What is state Paging current page number status Pop up box hide or show status What is a state container A state container is a JavaScript object Convert the state of the page into data and store it in a JavaScript object, which […]

  • Vue learning record 4


    Vuex Vuex is a state management pattern developed specifically for Vue. JS applications. It uses centralized storage to manage the state of all components of the application, and uses corresponding rules to ensure that the state changes in a predictable way Install vuex 1、npm install vuex –save 2. CreatestoreObject,src/store/index.js import Vue from ‘vue’ import Vuex […]