• Clickhouse series – fanwai – zero copy


    This article will explain to the reader in detail the underlying details of 4K for each read when unordered storage is mentioned in Chapter 3. The appendix in Chapter 3 has explained to the readers that “this reason is that when the operating system reads the disk, according to the principle of data locality, it […]

  • Using word technology to help buy goods, people with insight “know” things do so


    Summary:Nowadays, the products on the market are more and more diversified, but as consumers, how should we choose and query which goods are good or bad? With the advent of the intelligent era, recognition technology has been integrated into our daily life. How should we use character recognition technology to apply to our life and […]

  • Technical vocabulary spelling specification memo for programmers when writing resumes


    Write in front This time of year is the peak season for job hunting. Before applying for a job, we all spend a lot of time on improving our technical level + pen / interview preparation, but often ignore a rigorous and reliable resume required in the first step of looking for a job. When […]

  • Fluent news client – 06 code specification, business code organization, news home page implementation


    Station B video https://www.bilibili.com/vide… 1 objectives of this section Code specification Business code organization Home page code writing 2 code specification 2.1 official code specification https://dart.dev/guides/langu… 2.3 chrome plug-in < Caiyun translation – Web translation plug-in > https://chrome.google.com/web… 2.4 Ali project specification https://github.com/alibaba/fl… 3. Business interface code organization 3.1 redux、fish-redux Redux architecture Fish Redux architecture […]

  • Front end modular specification


    Warehouse address of complete high frequency question bank:https://github.com/hzfe/awesome-interview Complete high frequency question bank reading address:https://hzfe.github.io/awesome-interview/ Related issues What are the main modular specifications of JavaScript What are the similarities and differences between AMD and CMD What is ESM What problems / pain points does modularity solve Answer key points CommonJS AMD CMD UMD ESM CommonJS[1]: […]

  • Designing a restful API in this way may double your efficiency


    Under the background that mobile terminals and front ends tend to be unified, restful based APIs also shine. We need to communicate with APIs more and more. Designing extensible and easy to maintain APIs has become more important in our work. So, is it possible to make the API design more standardized, rule-based and efficient […]

  • Implement a promises / A+


    Warehouse address of complete high frequency question bank:https://github.com/hzfe/aweso… Complete high frequency question bank reading address:https://febook.hzfe.org/ This is a coding problem with mature industry specifications. The pre knowledge to complete this problem is to understand what isPromises/A+。 The difficulty of this problem is that it has norms. Any solution that does not meet all normative conditions […]

  • Git submission specification


    Git commit specifications and considerations Please read: How to Write a Git Commit Message Commit messages – Good practices Naming conventions for angular.js What is a good commit? A commit should contain only one change logic, and multiple change logic should split multiple commits Easy code review (multiple small commits are easier to review than […]

  • Deeply understand the compilation mechanism and language standard of C language, and everything can c!


    Programming mechanism The exact steps you must follow when writing a program mainly depend on your computer environment. Because C language is portable, it is available in many environments, including UNIX, Linux, windows and so on. However, let’s first look at some aspects common to many environments. You don’t have to know what’s behind running […]

  • How to redirect the information output by the terminal into the file?


    How to save the terminal output to a file when using bash / KSH / CSH / tcsh on Linux, MacOS, * BSD or UNIX like operating systems? standard output 2> Error output< standard inputHow to save terminal output to a fileUse the > standard output symbol to import the output information into the time.txt […]

  • React series — FSA knowledge


    Flux Standard Action Action is a very important concept in flux architecture. It is a necessary condition for application state change. All States must be triggered through action. The role of action is the carrier of state change information. It is an object that contains a field representing action type, which is all the requirements […]

  • Jane Lee – Opening


    Jane Lee – Opening ​ Jane LiIs an open source java web development framework. Demo environment http://jianli.hzbailing.cn/ admin 123456 Open source address https://github.com/jikanghz/jianli ​ Open source frameworks, libraries and components are all similar, and each open source product has its positioning and value. ​ The positioning of Jianli framework is the main development framework of […]