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  • Git points north


    install window Git Download Linux executionsudo apt-get install git //After installation, you need to configure it on the command line git config –global user.name “Your Name” git config –global user.email “[email protected]” Basic concepts The GIT project has three phases Working directory: local file directory Staging areas: File snapshot areas that have been modified and add […]

  • Git switch branch development


    When developing under master, some files need to be submitted to the test branch 1. Git stash can save all uncommitted modifications (workspace and staging area) to the stack for subsequent recovery of the current working directory. 2. Git stash pop pops up the contents of the current stash and applies them to the working […]

  • Git operation manual – how to achieve accurate rollback


    catalogue 1、 How to roll back files modified in the workspace (GIT checkout) Restore a single file Recover all files Compiler: vsccode source control 2、 How to roll back files modified in the staging area (GIT reset) Restore the specified files from the staging area to the workspace Restore all files in the staging area […]

  • I think Git is simple


    gitIt is an open source distributed version control system, which can effectively and quickly deal with project version management from very small to very large. We may often use it, but do you really know git? Let’s start with a few questionsgit addWhat happened? What staging areas does git have?git pullAndgit fetchdifference?git mergeAndgit rebasedifference?git resetAndget […]

  • Common commands of GIT


    As a familiar and popular version control tool, GIT has played a good role in multi person collaborative development projects.To use git, you must first download and install it. You can download the installer directly from git’s official website, and then install it according to the default option.After installation, right-click the desktop interface, and the […]

  • Git diff and git stack save all uncommitted modifications (workspace and staging) to the stack for subsequent recovery of the current working directory


    1. View and modify $git diff # compare workspace (not git add) and staging area (after git add) $git diff — cached # compare the staging area (after git add) and the version Library (after git commit) $git diff head # compare workspace (not git add) and version Library (after git commit) 2. Hide modification […]

  • Simulated Interviewer: how does git undo?


    In git, there are three commands that can be used to undo an operation:git reset、git revert、git checkout。 background knowledge Git warehouse consists of three parts: workspace, staging area and commit history. We develop in the workspace, and then throughgit addAdd file modifications to the staging area, and thengit commitBy submitting the changes, all the contents […]

  • Correct posture of GIT command


    Common git operations Add all change files to the staging area git add Add all change files and submit to local warehouse git commit – am [commit message] Create a new branch and switch to the new branch git checkout – B [branch name] Delete local branch git branch – D [branch name] Delete remote […]

  • Play git in a minute


    Today, a new child asked me about the use of GIT. I found that many new people can’t use it or can’t use it well. In fact, when I was just working, I didn’t know these parameters and usage, and I was always afraid of making mistakes. I became familiar with it by reading more […]

  • Git easy to use


    Git installation package download:Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/18B8W… Extraction code: ykvf 1、 Git basic model Workspace: workspace is the directory file you see Index / stage: the temporary storage area is used to temporarily store your changes. In fact, it is just a file to save the information to be submitted to the file list Repository: a local […]

  • Git knowledge necessary for front-end rookies to enter the company


    Song sharing: city of stars Ryan Gosling City of stars,are you shining just for me?City of stars,there’s so much that I can’t see.Who knows,is this the start of something wonderful and new,or one more dream that I cannot make true? Forgetting in the Jianghu, they all realized their dreams and were well! 1、 Basic understanding […]

  • GitHub basic commands (upload, clone, submit project)


    1. Modify user information git config –global user.name “John Doe” git config –global user.email [email protected] View and modify: $git config — global core.editor Emacs 1、 Upload existing projects to GitHubFirst create a repository on GitHub, and then execute the command: echo “# flink-streamingkmeans” >> README.md Git init // add all the contents of the test […]