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  • Git (2) (version rollback,. Gitignore file ignores rules)


    Previous section Rollback of historical version Every time you use git commit to submit, a new version is created. If you want to go back to a previous version, you need to roll backFor demonstration, I made 8 this submission in a warehouse in advance. We used the GIT log command to view our submission […]

  • List of common git commands


    preface In my work, I use vscode as the development editor and locally install tortoisegit, GIT Bash and conemu to reduce the command line operation, but the necessary commands are still necessary. In order to improve the efficiency of operation and use experience, custom configuration is also made. Record the list of GIT commands I […]

  • Git brief introduction and introduction


    Git Git:Distributed version control system, in addition to SVN (centralized version control system) Download address (alicloud image):CNPM Binaries Mirror (npmmirror.com) Git Bash :Linux command line style (recommended) Git CMD:Window command line style Git UID :Graphical interface Tips: The following is a demonstration under the Linux style command line,In the Linux command line, the # sign […]

  • Git introduction | common commands


    Git introduction Git is the most advanced distributed version control system in the world. Differences between GIT and GitHub: Git is a software that is used to record the changes of a certain version in the future. GitHub is a website that provides git services for users. It can store code or. In addition to […]

  • Be reasonable. I didn’t understand git until now


    Initialize project git init image-1.png As shown in the figure, ingitSpaceA file will be generated under the file directory.gitHidden folder. This directory stores subdirectories and files related to the local library. We don’t delete or modify this folder. Usually, ingitAfter installation, you need to set up signatures to distinguish the identities of different developers. You […]

  • Git command usage summary


    1. Introduction to Git Git is an open source distributed version control system, which is used to deal with any small or large project quickly and efficiently. We use a tool very frequently in the process of development and management. 1.1 but the general workflow of Git is as follows: Clone git resource as working […]

  • Git branch specification


    Branch specification Publish branch Set protected as needed for publishing branches environment branch prod master st buildst uat builduat All build branches are required for Agile Development (multi person parallel). If it is not involved, the development branch can be used instead. Development Branch Function point Branch naming 1 Branch naming 2 App version 5.0.0 […]

  • Git command summary


    1. Local library structure image.png git status: view the status of workspace and staging area git add [filename]: add workspace changes to staging area git commit -m “” [filename]: submit staging area additions and modifications to the local library 2. Version control 2.1 version information git log: View version informationMulti screen display control modeSpace page […]

  • git note


    catalogue Git upload project process Git download project to local Git upload project process git init $ git initGenerate Git folder, turn an ordinary folder into a warehouse git config –global user.name “name” $ git config –global user.name “name”Link your account name git config –global user.email “email” $ git config –global user.email “email”Link your email […]

  • 2021 learn git from scratch [detailed introduction of new version git – 8000 words]


    This article I wrote is mainly to record my own learning process, and also hopes to help readers step on less pits (for example, different versions may be incompatible with commands, etc.). This article is for beginners of GIT zero foundation. Readers are advised to operate it all by themselves according to the commands in […]

  • Git Series 2: summary of GIT basic instructions


    1. Initialize local git repository git init 2. Create a local copy of the remote repository git clone ssh://[email protected]/[username]/[repository-name].git 3. Check status git status 4. Add files to staging area git add [file-name.txt] 5. Add all new and changed files to the staging area git add -A 6. Submit changes git commit -m “[commit message]” […]

  • When you meet git at work, it’s enough to read this article!


    preface Hi, everyone. I’m crazycodes. Today we’ll explain git in combination with the daily work scenes. At the end of the article, there is a beautiful flow chart. Please take it yourself. history Since ancient times, no matter what you learn, you must first talk about its birthplace. Git is an open source distributed version […]