• Distributed Foundation


    The way of architecture evolutionThe way of database evolution conceptOn distributed systemOn acidOn cap theoremOn base theoryOn two stage submissionOn three stage submission

  • Important components of Apache Hadoop


    Hadoop = HDFS (distributed file system) + MapReduce (distributed computing framework) + yarn (resource coordination framework) + common module HDFS Hadoop distribute file system is a distributed file system with high reliability and high consumptionDivide and rule NameNode(NN): themetadataFor example, the file name, file directory structure, file attributes (generation time, number of copies, file permissions), […]

  • Node.js event loop


    What is an event loop Node.js It is a single process and single thread application, but the performance is very high because of the asynchronous execution callback interface provided by V8 engine, through which a large number of concurrency can be handled. The event loop enables Node.js Perform non blocking I / O operations, although […]

  • Design idea and source code structure of react framework


    At present, in addition to Vue, react and angular are the three front-end frameworks. In addition to Vue, react is the most widely used one in China. Before that, I have been curious about its implementation principle. After spending a lot of time studying its source code implementation, this article begins to record it The […]

  • Hoi task: PPDM paper reading [accuracy]


    abstract The author proposes a single-stage Hoi detection method to express SOTA. This is the first real-time Hoi detection method. The traditional Hoi detection method consists of two phases, but its effectiveness and efficiency are limited by sequence and independent architecture. In this paper, the authors propose a framework of Hoi detection for PPDM. In […]

  • Getting started with distribution


    Reprinted to https://www.cnblogs.com/zhy-1992/p/9233789.html 2、 Background note Advantages: high performance, high concurrency, high availability, security For example, for websites like Taobao, the key problems to be solved are massive commodity search, order placement, payment, etc.; websites like Tencent need to solve the real-time message transmission of hundreds of millions of users; and companies like Baidu want […]

  • S2dnas: Peking University proposes dynamic reasoning network search, accelerate reasoning, and transform any network | ECCV 2020 oral


    The core point of s2dnas is to design a rich and concise search space, so that it can search the dynamic inference network using the conventional NAS method, solve the design problem of the dynamic inference network, and convert any target network  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official account Paper: s2dnas: transforming static CNN model […]

  • Introduction of full function web application server openresty


    Introduction to openresty Official website addresshttp://openresty.org/ introduceOpenresty (also known as NGX_ Openresty) is a full-featured Web application server, which packages the standard nginxCore, many common third-party modules, and most of their dependencies. Openresty brings together a variety of well-designed nginx modules,Thus, nginx can be effectively turned into a powerful web application server,In this way, web […]

  • None of gradle’s build processes? Give you a comprehensive understanding of how Android customizes the gradle plug-in


    Currently, the default build tool for Android projects is gradle, which we often execute when building APK./gradlew assembleDebugSuch an order.. So what does this command mean? What is the execution of an order? Can we do some of our own operations in the process of command execution? Next, we will make a specific analysis. The […]

  • Docker actual combat notes: multi stage construction of image


    Multi stage construction of production environment In the production environment, useDockerfileThe image of the file build should be as small as possible, and it only needs to be reduced to include only the content necessary to run the application. differentDockerfileWriting also has a significant effect on the size of the mirror, for example, using theRUNInstruction […]

  • The way to upgrade the life cycle of react


    Outside the nickname! Don’t miss it! So far, react has been releasedv16.12.0Version, react life cycle is also the daily development, head down to see the dog, but dog it has changed. Change reasons Before v16.3, update operations in react were synchronous, which could cause performance problems. For example, if there is a large module with […]

  • Illustrate the core data structure of kubernetes scheduler framework


    Framework is the second implementation of kubernetes extension. Compared with scheduleextender based on remote independent service, the framework core implements a localized standardized process management mechanism based on extension point 1. Expand to achieve the goal The design of the framework has been clearly described in the official documents. Currently, there is no stable. This […]