• Git switch branch development


    When developing under master, some files need to be submitted to the test branch 1. Git stash can save all uncommitted modifications (workspace and staging area) to the stack for subsequent recovery of the current working directory. 2. Git stash pop pops up the contents of the current stash and applies them to the working […]

  • Android nativecrash capture and parsing


    In Android development, NE has always been a problem that can not be ignored but is extremely difficult to solve. The reason is that it involves cross-end development and analysis. You need to be familiar with Java, C & C + + and NDK development at the same time, and the solution is not as […]

  • PHP print trace debugging information


    For most compiled languages, such as C, Java and C #, we can easily debug breakpoints, but PHP must install Xdebug and make complex configuration in the editor to realize the ability of breakpoint debugging. However, if you simply debug and view stack backtracking, PHP has prepared two functions for us, which can make it […]

  • Six methods of array multi dimension to one dimension (flattening)


    Flatten arrays flat() Using reduce and concat Use extended operators Using foreach Using stack stack Using the generator function ① flat() MDN definition:flat()Method recursively traverses the array according to a specified depth, and combines all elements with the elements in the traversed sub array into a new array. Syntax:var newArray = arr.flat([depth])Depth defaults to 1 […]

  • Homelauncher launch


    This article explains the relevant knowledge of launcher startup and corrects the mistakes in some articles on the Internet This article isChicken egg seriesThe fifth article, the last one, can finally end the series. Data reporting process of Linux input system Android inputmanager analysis AMS startActivity() Activity display process carding Homelauncher launch [Code: Android 11] […]

  • Java jfr folk Guide – event details – jdk.objectallocationoutsidetlab


    Re apply for TLAB allocation object event: jdk.objectallocationoutsidetlab Import version:Java 11 Related issues: JFR: RecordingStream leaks memory: enable jdk.objectallocationinnewtlab. It is found that there is a memory leak in recordingstream, affecting Java 14, 15 and 16. Fix it in jdk-16 + 36 (Java 16.0.1). Introduce JFR Event Throttling and new jdk.ObjectAllocationSample event (enabled by default): […]

  • React practice project (IV)


    React has nearly 70000 stars on GitHub, which is the most popular front-end framework at present. I have been learning react for some time, and now I start to use react + Redux for actual combat! Last time I talked about using Redux saga to manage asynchronous operations of Redux applications. The application still has […]

  • Android development technology weekly issue#298


    Journalism The three-year Android system update support of Google pixel 2 series comes to an end Why didn’t anyone tell me that Android phones still have wired internet access? Google outlined the Android application development and policy change plan in 2021 Google Android messages beta will launch RCS end-to-end encryption course Comprehensive analysis of navigation […]

  • Reactnative0.63 official release: logbox


    Today, reactnative released version 0.63 on its official website. It has been nearly four months since the last version of 0.62. I also mentioned the update of 0.62 in my last articleAn article takes you through the reactnative 0.62 update。The update of version 0.63 mainly provides a logbox (log box), a newly designed log system […]

  • How to extract custom entities from documents


    How to extract the text content from a paper document? Take photos and use optical character recognition (OCR) software to recognize photos, which can be easily done. However, how can a computer program understand the text on the same paper document? OCR alone is not enough. At this time, natural language processing and entity extraction […]

  • Record the dump file location lock once


    The quotation is closed and the K-line interface is stuck prelude Dump collection CLR runtime file collection Collect files and put them in the same directory. Vs opens View thread stack Problem restore The main thread stops at messenger.unregsitercore (caused by closing the K-line interface and calling the cleanup method of VM) Worker thread 1 […]

  • Operating system — privilege level switch


    There are four levels of privilege level, from high to low: level 0, level 1, level 2 and level 3. Switching privilege level refers to transferring from level 0 to level 1, or from level 1 to level 3. In short, it refers to the transfer from one privilege level to another different privilege level. […]