• C + + disassembly – about function calling conventions


    Function must exist in any high-level language. Using functional programming can make the program more readable and give full play to the essence of modular design. Today, I will take you to explore the implementation mechanism of function, explore how the compiler implements the keyword function, and use assembly language to simulate the parameter transfer […]

  • IOS nsexception exception handling


    Why use nsexception In the ordinary development process, because the code is not rigorous or the parameters are not verified, the program crash will be caused. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the crash in the project and solve it in time. Nsexception is a set of mechanisms for OC class exception capture. How to […]

  • Explain the execution context and call stack in JavaScript


    catalogue 1、 What is the execution context 2、 What is the execution context stack 3、 Process details of executing context stack (1) Creation phase (2) Execution phase 1、 What is the execution context The code runs in a certain environment. This running environment becomes the execution environment, that is, the execution context. According to the […]

  • Note that the JVM monitors new tools


    Record the new skills you got in early 2022 Learn to use the jvisualvm tool. The boot service originally written by myself ran on the server and pretended to be dead, and could not respond to the interface. The great God on the Internet asked me to take out and analyze the stack information. I […]

  • Write thread safe JSP program


    Author: Xu Chunjin JSP is executed by multithreading by default, which is the difference between JSP and ASP, PHP, Perl and other scripting languages, and it is also one of its advantages. However, if you don’t pay attention to the synchronization problem in multithreading, the written JSP program will have errors that are difficult to […]

  • An in-depth analysis of stack () method in pytoch


    Torch.stack() 1. Concept Connect a tensor sequence on a new dimension   2. Parameters Tensors (sequence) are tensor sequences that need to be connected Dim (int) is connected on the dim dimension Note that the input tensor shape must be completely consistent, and dim must be less than len (tensors).   3. Examples 3.1 tensors […]

  • Node. JS “killer application” — event loop


    ####1、 Blocking event loopAny JavaScript code that takes too long to return control to the event loop will block the execution of any JavaScript code in the page, even the UI thread, and the user cannot click to browse, scroll the page, etc. Almost all I / O primitives in JavaScript are non blocking. Network […]

  • Secure java development: log injection is not that simple


    Summary:When the web project is relatively large and there are many historical codes, the ability of log4j2 framework should be used to modify the log injection problem, rather than according to the evolutionary parameters written in some blog posts. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Analysis of security issues in Java cloud service development […]

  • Explosive force of Apache log4j2 vulnerability


    On December 10, 2021, the national information security vulnerability sharing platform (cnvd) included Apache log4j2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, No. cve-2021-44228. [vulnerability description]Apache log4j2 is an open source Java logging tool, which rewrites the log4j framework and introduces a large number of rich features. It can control the destination of log information transmission to console, […]

  • Android custom URL uses scheme to evoke activity or app


    Android custom URL uses scheme to evoke activity or app Recently, due to the needs of work, we used scheme to customize the URL to call across applications. We stepped on some pits. Now record it. 1. Configure the activities that can be started in scheme mode in the scheme mode configuration manifest <intent-filter> <action […]

  • Idle fish how to build a technical public opinion management system (multi map and multi code)


    Introduction: an investigation system with logs and data is built from the aspects of logs, monitoring and performance detection Current situation and problems The public opinion management of idle fish, relying on the facilities construction of Alibaba group, has the following capabilities: Crash exception, performance online aggregation query; Local log: tlog; Online log: buried point […]

  • Memory allocation of C language in stm32


    01、preface No nonsense, let’s start with the sample code uint8_t num_byte[4]; uint32_t num_word; const uint32_t num_word_const = 0x1234; uint32_t *point_heap; int main(void) { uint8_t num_byte_stack; static uint8_t num_byte_static; point_heap = (uint32_t *)malloc(4); *point_heap = 0x3421; free(point_heap); num_byte_stack = 0x11; #pragma section = “CSTACK” char *pbeginstk = __section_begin(“CSTACK”); #pragma section = “HEAP” char *pbeginheap = __section_begin(“HEAP”); […]