• Be careful of formurlencodecontent bug in httpclient


    Be careful of formurlencodecontent bug in httpclient Intro Recently, I found that there are sometimes problems with the uploaded pictures in the booking project of the activity room. I took time to test it at the weekend and found that there is no problem with the uploading of small pictures, but there will be problems […]

  • Basic knowledge of stack


    Stack What is stack Stack operation Implement a stack class Application of stack Privatization of stack properties What is stack The stack is a list of elements that can only be accessed from one end of the list (called the top). A common, real-life example is the tray stack in the cafeteria. Trays are always […]

  • Why? Response.Write After that, the view doesn’t render?


    1: Background 1. Tell a story A few days ago, a friend in the group talked about why I execute a sentence in actionResponse.WriteAfter that, the subsequent view will not be displayed. If there is no picture in your mind, test the code: public class HomeController : Controller { public IActionResult Index() { Response.WriteAsync(“hello world!”); […]

  • Responsive web design project 1 — distribute page to Kobe and Gigi — pay homage to Kobe and Gigi


    Responsive web design project – distribute page to Kobe and Gigi https://codepen.io/yiyunpan//   #Technology stack 1. Using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This is done with pure CSS   #Content 1. H5 semantic tags are used   #Layout Responsive layout: 1. The size of the picture should be adjusted according to the width of its parent […]

  • Flame graph: Linux performance analysis from a global perspective


    Background In our daily work, we will receive a lot of warning mail about high CPU utilization, and encounter some service failureThe CPU is fullAt this time, we need to see what process is taking up the CPU resources of the server. Usually we passtopperhapshtopTo quickly view the process that occupies the highest CPU, as […]

  • ThreadX porting — stm32h7 + mdk-ac6 platform


    1、 Preface After UCOS announced that it was open source, ThreadX, which was acquired by Microsoft, was also open source. It’s really great for us embedded industry practitioners to be able to learn these high-value code, which is very helpful for the development of vision and the improvement of ability. ThreadX also contains netx, guix, […]

  • Problems of starting S3C2440 from NAND flash and NOR Flash


    1. Why can’t NAND flash run the program directly    NAND flash itself is connected to the controller rather than the system bus.The CPU operation mechanism is: after the CPU starts, it needs to take instructions for executionIf it’s SROM, nor flash, etc., the CPU can get instructions and execute them by sending an address […]

  • Implementation of call stack in typescript


    This paper introduces the call stack of typescript and shares it with you class CallStackTool{ private static index:number = 0; public static printCallStack (count:number , simple: boolean = true):void { let caller:Function = arguments.callee.caller; let i:number = 0; count = count || 10; CallStackTool.index ++; if( CallStackTool.index > 500 ) CallStackTool.index = 1; console.log(`***—————–${CallStackTool.index}Start———————– **`); […]

  • The difference between StackFrame and stacktrace in unity and C ා


    This article takes a practical example to see the difference between StackFrame and stacktrace, which are tested in. Net and unity respectively. . net environment Test code using System; using System.Diagnostics; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { internal class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { MyFunc1(); MyFunc2(); Console.ReadKey(); } static void MyFunc1() { Console.WriteLine(new StackFrame(true)); } […]

  • Source code analysis of react fiber


    Photo by Artem sapegin, source: https://unsplash.com/photos/b… Author: Liu Peng preface In the version of react v16.13, the experimental concurrent mode was officially launched, especially a new mechanism suspend was provided, which naturally solved the asynchronous side effect problem. Combined with hooks, V16.0 infrastructure fiber and react introduced in the previous v16.8, the developer experience has […]

  • The RC version of react 17 has finally been released, and the official said that 17 is a transitional version!


    preface Half a month ago, Vue 3.0 just released the RC version, which was followed by react. However, compared with what Vue3 has done to Vue2.x’s awesome improvement, React17 seems to have little incentive to update React16.x. Reactjs on GitHub/ reactjs.org There is even such a sentence in the document:No new features! This year’s react […]

  • Use of Uber JVM profiler


    background uber jvm profilerIt is used to collect JVM related indicators in distributed monitoring, such as CPU / memory / Io / GC information install Make sure to install Maven and JDK > = 8, directly MVN clean package java application explain It can be used directly by Java agent deployment use java -javaagent:jvm-profiler-1.0.0.jar=reporter=com.uber.profiling.reporters.KafkaOutputReporter,brokerList=’kafka1:9092′,topicPrefix=demo_,tag=tag-demo,metricInterval=5000,sampleInterval=0 -cp […]