• Thoughts on building SSH and solutions to several problems encountered


    SSH has been popular for a long time. I’ve seen official documents and online talk about how to integrate SSH and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various integrations. Today, I’m relatively free and try to integrate these three most popular frameworks with some of my ideas. The version used this time is struts   […]

  • Manage the permissions of users who log in to the Linux server remotely with SSH


    In order to meet the needs of “break Qiang”, it is very common to build a user who can log in SSH on a foreign Linux host (such as Dreamhost), and use SSH tunnel as an agent. However, the owner often wants to minimize user permissions to avoid impact on the system. The simplest way […]

  • Summary of skills for efficient use of SSH


    SSH has many cool features. How can it be your daily work partner? I think you need to understand the following 16 secrets for efficient use of SSH. They will certainly save you much more time than you use to configure them. 1. Multiple connections are shared If you need to open the connection to […]

  • Method for realizing secret handshake in SSH proxy


    Just today, I saw the SSH proxy service provider begin to deploy and test the obfuscation function on the server to enhance the ability to resist a monster interfering with users’ normal use of SSH proxy. 1. Principle Here are the instructions provided by the ISP:In cryptography, obfuscation refers to encoding the input data before […]

  • Method of port mapping using SSH under Linux system


    The remote server can be a port remote_ Port is bound to the local port port, where – C is for data compression and – F is for background operation. It turns to the foreground only when the user name and password are prompted- N is not to execute the remote command. This command is […]

  • Disable the method of remote host checking SSH public key


    SH public key check is an important security mechanism, which can prevent hacker attacks such as man in the middle hijacking. However, under certain circumstances, strict SSH public key check will destroy some automatic tasks that rely on SSH protocol, so a means is needed to bypass SSH public key check.First, let’s look at what […]

  • Key authentication through SSH and automatic login to Linux server


    The English full name of traditional network service program, SSH, is secure shell. By Using SSH, all transmitted data can be encrypted, which can prevent both attacks and IP spoofing. SSH provides two levels of security authentication 1. Password based security authentication, which is also commonly used. As long as you know the user name […]

  • Setting method of SSH key login to Linux system server


    When accessing the server through SSH, it is particularly important to use SSH key for authentication. This adds additional protection to the server, ensuring that only those who have the key can access the server. Run the following command on the local machine to generate the SSH key:     Copy code The code is as […]

  • Solve the problem that VMware 15 centos7 bridging mode SSH suddenly cannot be accessed


    Because I want the virtual machine to have its own LAN IP, I use bridging, which is convenient for testing Here comes the question: 1. SSH suddenly fails to connect, and the items on the virtual machine cannot be accessed 2. The virtual machine is networked as usual, and there is no problem pinging with […]

  • How to transfer SSH keys between different devices


    Some MAC need to transfer SSH keys between different devices, but I don’t know how to transfer SSH keys conveniently. Now Xiaobian will teach you the solution to this problem. resolvent: If both devices are in the same LAN, you can use finder to drag the key directly to the target location. However, the. SSH […]

  • Implementation of SSH command logging on host and executing shell command based on Java


    This article mainly introduces the implementation of SSH command Login Host Based on Java to execute shell command process analysis. The sample code introduced in this article is very detailed, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends who need it can refer to it 1. SSH command SSH is […]