• Method for checking the installed SSH version on Linux system


    Secure shell (SSH) remotely logs in or executes commands through an encrypted secure communication channel. SSH is designed to replace insecure plaintext protocols such as Telnet, RSH and rlogin. SSH provides a large number of required features, such as authentication, encryption, data integrity, authorization and forwarding / channel.SSH1 vs. SSH2 There are some small version […]

  • Using SSH to execute commands remotely under Linux, batch export database to local


    I was debugging functions with my colleagues at the front end the day before yesterday. When the server is turned on and the simulated players log in, it’s the countdown. At this time, suddenly, the operation colleagues came and said that they should count the situation of several server players, that is, they need to […]

  • DC-4 target


    1、 Information collection of DC-4 1. Determine IP and port number; Command: nmap – SP It is detected that the IP of the host is Next, judge the port; Command: nmap – A – P — T4 Looking at the source code, we can collect the following information:1. The page is submitted […]

  • SSH Remote command execution method and shell script instance


    Before writing this blog, I googled a bunch of related articles, mostly about modifying / etc / sudoers, and then nopasswd: the specified CMD, but it really doesn’t work. There is no remote virtual terminal. This method is floating cloud, Ubuntu 10 04 Server Pro test!! SSH performs remote operations Command format Copy codeThe code […]

  • Explain how Mac and windows connect to the server through SSH!


    As we all know, I have a front-end friend who wants to know how to connect to the server. After typing the code for so long, he told me he wouldn’t. I have to teach him well. We can’t let him be despised by others outside. Just let me blow it to him and teach […]

  • Golang implements automatic SSH Remote Linux and executes shell commands


    Requirements: automatic SSH Remote Linux server patrol and screenshot. Implementation idea: win10 computer installs openssh client software for SSH Remote Linux, golang uses robotgo to simulate keyboard operation, input shell commands, and take screenshots. To install openssh on win10:     Golang Code: package main import ( “strings” “time” “github.com/go-vgo/robotgo” ) func main() { robotgo.KeyTap(`r`, […]

  • Some problems encountered in cpan installing net:: SSH:: Perl


    Installing net:: SSH:: Perl using cpan: cpan>install Net::SSH::Perl Some problems have been encountered during the period, which are recorded here for future reference. Because cpan depends on other software, the software version should not be too low, so upgrade these two modules first:   Copy codeThe code is as follows: cpan>upgrade Module::Build cpan>upgrade ExtUtils::Install Math:: […]

  • Pagoda panel + multiple green dragon panels + Ninja + pull script all-round tutorial in one step [updated on October 18, 2021]


    Because my friend also wants to hang Jingdou, but he has many numbers. In order to separate them, I decided to get him a new set of Qinglong panel. Here, the second set of Qinglong panel + Ninja is deployed under the original pagoda panel to record the whole process. 1. Pagoda panel I have […]

  • How does Linux use SSH to transfer files to FTP space for backup


    In Linux system, files can be transferred to FPT space through SSH to back up some important data. So how to realize file transfer? Xiaobian will introduce the method of transferring files to FTP space by Using SSH in Linux. Steps: Suppose the directory to be backed up is / home / wwwroot / AAA […]

  • SSH client management


    Linux SSH client information management Shell script usage method initial newly added delete Sign in View the list and log in using the index Shell script Please move to: https://github.com/yJason/ssha usage method initial Script home needs to be modified_ The path variable specifies the file storage path. For example: / users / root / sshaNote: […]